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March 2015
Reflecting with Mayor Reynolds

This year’s State of the City event was a great success. The Eagle High School Jazz Band performed the prelude for us and did an outstanding job. My compliments to band director Mr. TJ Eriksen and his students.
Gretchen with the Chamber of Commerce did a wonderful job with this event, many thanks.
The theme of this year’s address was working together for a common goal. As our city continues to grow, we must remember that not just one person is responsible for the city’s greatness. It is all of us working together that makes it so. I encourage you to get involved and to understand what is happening in your city. We have new programs and community events, you can also help with planning our community’s future growth. Hot topics such as cell towers and the four corners intersection are reaching the final stages of making a more cohesive community.
We must remember that without growth, a city dies, but by working together, we can thrive.

Enjoy the activities of our city and remember...Pass it on! 
Mayor Jim Reynolds
Volunteer of the Month
Susan Hooley
The City of Eagle recognizes the importance of volunteerism and is taking a moment to thank those who selflessly give of themselves to the community.  A plaque will be displayed in the lobby recognizing these outstanding volunteers. 
The Eagle Public Library has a wonderful team of volunteers who are essential to our day-to-day operation. Susan Hooley is an outstanding member of this team, and has been part of the Eagle Public Library’s Technical Services Department for nearly six years. Susan came to us with significant knowledge gained from volunteering at other public libraries, and her experience has been a wonderful asset. She uses her mending skills to keep the library’s books, movies, music cd’s and audiobooks in tip top shape, and to extend the life of our library collection, and consequently, our budget.  She tapes the pages of children’s books, painstakingly repairs broken spines, cleans dirty books, and performs the countless other time-consuming and meticulous tasks that keep our items able to be enjoyed.
Susan is an incredibly reliable volunteer, and can always be depended on to get the job done, and done well. She is an excellent worker, and is also patient and accepting of all tasks, even those that can sometimes be repetitive or tedious. She does a great service for library patrons and staff by polishing the scratches out of hundreds (if not thousands) of movie, music and audiobook discs, so that they will work properly for our patrons. Susan also was a member of the Library’s Strategic Plan Panel and was instrumental in the creation of the Library’s 2014-2017 Strategic Plan.  Susan is an exceptional volunteer, and the Eagle Public Library is very thankful for her time and her hard work. 
It's back! The iconic eagle above Eagle Road was removed for some much needed repair work. After the initial examination, it became clear that the sign would need to be replaced. Unfortunately, because the artist had to start from scratch, this took more time than originally thought. The good news is that a brand new, carved by hand eagle is back in his home and it is beautiful! 
New Playground Equipment
By the end of March Orval Krasen Park located on Stierman Way should have a new piece of play equipment similar to the one pictured above. You will be able to climb and spin on this colorful addition called the Apollo from Dynamo. 
The Apollo will be replacing the aging climbing equipment pictured above. This fun addition should be ready to be played on by the 1st week of April. 
Recreation Activities and Programs
Caitlin Straubinger 
Are you looking for fun spring break plans for your kids?  We will be offering two camps the week of Spring Break! Program offerings include a spring break mini-camp in the morning with games, crafts, field trips and other activities, followed by a multi-sport afternoon camp focusing on soccer, baseball and football.  These are sure to be tons of fun for your kids and a great way to spend Spring Break!

PRESCHOOL YOGA This program is $36 and will take place on Mondays in March (3/10-3/31) from 10:30-11:15 am.

PRESCHOOL NINJA TURTLE PARTY This program is $25 and will take place on Saturday, 3/21 from 10:00 am-12:00 pm.

PARENTS NIGHT OUT PRINCESS PJ PARTY This program is $24 and will take place on Saturday, 3/28 from 5:30-8:30 pm.
Also, it’s not too early to begin thinking about summer plans… The City of Eagle will be offering many fun summer programs, including day camps, tournaments, campouts and more!  Check out our website at for more information about all of our programs and registration!
A message from the Eagle Building Official Steve Nash
Spring is near and will soon be warm enough to start your additions and remodels, so I encourage you to get a building permit for your project. If you don’t know if you need a permit please contact the Eagle Building Dept. and
click here to visit our website or go to “Building Department” and click on “Do I need a permit?"
Visit Our Website
Open Boards, Committees, and Commissions - Ways to Serve in Your Community
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Industrial Development Corporation Board
  • Parks and Pathway Development Commission Opening
For complete details, click here:
Nominate your friends, family, or neighbor for the Eagle Soaring Citizen Award! 
We have such a great community full of acts of kindness and accomplishment. Nominate someone you know that deserves recognition for their great works! Email us today! The chosen person(s) will be invited to participate and receive a certificate from the Mayor at a City Council Meeting. Email us at:

March at the Library

There’s a lot going on at the Library in March.  Highlights include:
  • Tuesday, March 3, 6:30 pm, Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring -- Join Sandy Turpen as she explains how to get your seed bed ready for planting, what to plant early, and how to start seedlings indoors.
  • Wednesday, March 11 & 25, 6:30 pm, Eagle Writers Group -- Writer and Educator Priscilla Stone presents a series of classes about memoir writing, using a balance of lecture, writing exercises and feedback.
  • Monday, March 9, 6:00 pm, Makey-Makey and Tech Destruction – Teens, turn nearly anything into a keyboard while destroying technology, then create something new.
  • Tuesday, March 24, 2:00 until 5:00 pm, Builder Day – Kids of all ages are invited to create and build with a variety of materials including LEGOS, Straws and Connectors, Snap Circuits, erector sets, and more.
These are just a few of the many programs during March at your Eagle Public Library.  For a complete listing, see the Library’s calendar, the Library’s website (, and The Eagle Informer.
Missed something?
This monthly eLetter is archived on the City's website. Catch up on city news, staff publications, and Press Releases HERE.
The Eagle Arts Commission is pleased to announce the 2015 Artist of the Month at the Eagle City Hall Gallery and St. Luke's Eagle Gallery. These galleries are open to the public and may be viewed during regular business hours.
If you are interested in displaying your artwork, please contact
MARCH featured Artists
The Gallery at St. Luke's -
Eagle Camera Club

The Camera Club of Eagle was established in 2008 by a handful of community minded photographers as a not-for-profit organization with its sole purpose being to educate, encourage and expand a photographer's knowledge and capabilities of its members.
Along with all the educational topics we also provide access to private pages and group space where members can share photos, video presentations, special interest topics and tutorials to further increase our membership's knowledge of photography. 
The Gallery at Eagle City Hall - 
Chi E Shenim Westin

I have been an Artist all my life. I am now working with oil painting because of its rich, sensuous nature which helps convey the deep thick tapestries of the land unfolding around us. I paint on location (plein air) and then do larger pieces in my studio. The open skies and flat plains, canyons and mountains hold a silence and stillness that I try to convey in my art. Traveling to the coast I found large open spaces, big skies with mountains popping up, the same qualities that our desert holds.


FREE Family Fun

The Eagle History Museum is open Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm
Admission is always free! Discover the history of Eagle.
Visit their website here and Like them on Facebook 
Alana's Angle
Learn some history with Historical Museum Coordinator Alana Dunn

            As spring is gaining a foothold in Treasure Valley, we look forward to planting flowers and gardens.  And as we turn our thoughts to green sprouts and fertile soil, we are reminded that Eagle was never famous for logging or mining, but that we have a strong agricultural heritage.
The Quong strawberry farm says almost more about Eagle’s role as an agricultural community than just about any other.  The story starts in 1897, when Louie Quong and his brothers arrived in Boise from a small village in southern China.  Instead of mining or working for the railroad, it was the common of the Chinese immigrants of the time to go into vegetable farming.  Unfortunately, Chinese were not allowed to buy property at that time, so the Quong brothers rented land in Garden City from a local family.  After a few years of farming in Garden City, Louie Quong brought his wife over from China and together the family continued to work the rented land; selling vegetables door to door in Boise.
            By 1936, the property ownership ban had been lifted and the family was able to purchase acreage in Eagle.  Although the Quong’s background was not originally in farming, they quickly realized that they needed to diversify to be successful so, the operation branched out to include milk cows, chickens, and finally, strawberries.  Strawberries ended up being the most lucrative crop for the Quong’s and their family name soon become synonymous with the little red berry. 
            As recognition of the Quong strawberries grew, the family increased their acreage.  After World War II, they added an additional 100 acres by renting adjacent land.  During the picking season they also hired many of the local kids to help harvest the berries, some local teens will still remember picking Quong strawberries as their first summer job.  Although back-breaking and sweaty, the money was good for a summer job and many kids would return year after year.  
            After almost 70 years, Quong’s strawberry farm was sold out of the family and is now awaiting a new fate.  But for the family and the local kids who worked the land, this is a piece of history that will not soon be forgot.

The Eagle Historical Society and the Eagle Historical Museum presents the “Community Cabinet.”

Do you have a collection that you would like to display?

The Community Cabinet is a City maintained display in the lobby at Eagle City Hall that allows you to become a museum curator for a month!

Every month, members of the community have a chance to share with the public their personal collections of memorabilia or personal artifacts.

If you would like to participate in this fun and educational project, please contact:

Helen Fisher, Eagle Historical Society
Alana Dunn, Museum Coordinator
Visit:  for details! 
Watch City Meetings Live/Archives

Visit to explore this new feature.

This program allows live streaming to watch a meeting from the comfort of your own home or on the go! 

Missed a discussion and want to know what happened? Visit the archives! Simply follow the same link above, find the name and date of the meeting you wish to view, and click "Video". Next, you can review the agenda, find the item you wish to view, and the program will take you directly to that discussion! 
Public Hearings
To review these documents, please visit the City's website.
March 2, 2015 - Planning and Zoning
  • A-06-14/RZ-07-14/PP-03-14 – Eaglefield Village Subdivision – Coleman Homes, LLC
March 10, 2015 - City Council
  • New Recreation Program Fees
  • Library Computer Pass and Room Rental Fees
  • RZ-06-14/PP-08-14 – Predico EP Subdivision - Eagle M. F. Partners, LLC
March 16, 2015 - Planning and Zoning
  • CU-04-14 – Personal Wireless Facility - Doug Kofford/TAEC
*Please note: Public Hearing testimony must be submitted 5 days prior to the hearing date. (Ord 1-8-3)

Getting involved:
The public is encouraged to attend any and all meetings. Agendas are posted on our website calendar or can be sent to you directly by opting-into our Email Notifications or requesting a fax to (208) 939-6827.
Visit our site often for updates and the 
Latest News on our Home Page. Weekly meetings are also posted to our Facebook account here: 


Public Comment: 
Your input and engagement is encouraged. If you cannot attend the meetings and have an opinion, please submit your comments via email to All comments will be entered into public record and reviewed by the Mayor and Council.
*Please note Public Hearing testimony must be submitted 5 days prior to the hearing date. (Ord 1-8-3)
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