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Eagle is Home - A Letter from Mayor Ridgeway
     Time really flies when you are having fun, is an old adage that really describes how fast time has gone since my January 12th swearing in ceremony. 
     Working full-time after a twelve year “try” at retirement has been an adjustment but one I have really enjoyed. I have been keeping track of the number of hours in the office and to my surprise the number of hours worked far exceeds the 40-hours per week considered a full-time job even taking into account time off.
     The city staff and I have just completed our recommended budget for Fiscal Year 16/17 which starts October 1st. In an effort to be more transparent we opened up the budget process by creating line items for programs rather than bundling functions and categories together into combined departmental and program budgets. As an example, the new Parks & Grounds budget and the new Facilities budget were previously expenditures included in a very broad Parks and Recreation budget. The two budgets are now in separate departments and making these expenditures more transparent to the public. As the budget is referred to as the Mayor’s budget it was myself who presented the budget to the Council for all departments.     
     Here are some of the changes I discussed with the Council:
  • City vehicles are now in departmental budgets with a replacement fund (deprecation schedule) established to replace vehicles after the expected life cycle of the vehicle. This allows the city to budget and save each year for future replacement rather than having to fund vehicles in one fiscal year. 
  • Our plan is to request quotes/bids for city services and supplies and over the next two years, we expect to re-bid all of the city’s major contracts.
  • Enterprise fund departments, like water, will be charged for their portion of city expenses such as, facilities and support services. Currently, these expenses have been covered under the general fund paid by all tax payers rather than the individuals receiving services from the enterprise fund departments.
     As we move forward we will continue to focus on efficiency, cost management, and providing needed services to our citizens and companies doing business with the City of Eagle.
     At the meeting August 16th, we had a Special City Council Public Hearing to review and approve the FY 16/17 budget there was testimony given in support and in opposition to the budget as presented. Citizen testimony was heard and the vote to approve the budget as presented was one of our few split decisions as a council. Council members Kunz and Preston voted against the budget stating that they did not support the 3% taxes increase, while Council members Bastian and Soelberg voted in favor of the budget and I cast the tie breaker in support of the budget.
     I understand the budget can be somewhat confusing. Although we increased property tax by 3% the levy rate is lower than last year. Therefore, a home valued at $350,000 will actually see their tax go down by $1.03 a month. The levy rate is calculated based on an Idaho State Statute. In addition, we had an increase in revenue from building permits, plan reviews, land use planning fees with an average of  approximately 24%, please keep in mind that these are fees the city charges and not taxes. 
     As many of you know, the City Council also serves as the Eagle Urban Renewal Agency (URA) Board. Just a few weeks ago the URA approved their FY2016-17 budget with a 4 to 1 vote that equates to 130% budget increase, including a 3% tax increase, and a 60% increase in expenses. I was the opposing vote.  My vote in opposition was not because of the work being done, but because I feel that the budget document did not follow budget guidelines from the State of Idaho and the document lacks transparency with only three broad expense line categories. It is hard to serve two separate entities that are comprised of the same representative board and have such varied approaches to public transparency and governmental budgeting practices. The Idaho Legislature agreed and due to changes in the URA legislation that took effect this year the URA Board will be reformatted and appointed to ensure that the City Council and the URA Board are not comprised of the same members. 
     During the next few weeks the city will be busy with the Eagle Saturday Market, the Thursday Night Market, and an Eagle High School Homecoming event on September 15th which is funded in part by the City Council.
     Our Community Enhancement Coordinator Jenessa Hanson has done a wonderful job reviving the Saturday Market. She has worked with an advisory group made up of market vendors to bring back many of the items to the market that Eagle residents had enjoyed. The attendance and number of sales/transactions have risen weekly. 
Eagle is HOME!

Stan Ridgeway, Mayor
Volunteer of the Month - Mike Olsen
The City of Eagle recognizes the importance of volunteerism and is taking a moment to thank those who selflessly give of themselves to the community.

The City of Eagle is pleased to recognize Mike Olsen as the Volunteer of the Month for August 2016. Mike offers his time and expertise at City events to take professional quality photographs and gifts the use of his pictures to the City of Eagle. Recently, Mike attended Eagle Fun Days and has allowed the City’s use of over 200 photographs. We appreciate the time and skill Mike dedicates to improving the quality of life in our community.
Nominate Your Neighbor!
The city of Eagle would like to express our appreciation to the exceptional people in our community that make our city a great place to live and work. Do you know someone that enhances our quality of life? Helps those in need? Performs good deeds or acts of kindness? Please take the time to nominate your neighbors, friends, teachers, and volunteers in our community for one of our awards!
All nominations are accepted year-round. To nominate someone you know, please fill out the Nomination Form located on our website and return it to: City Hall, C/O Tammy Gordon, 660 E Civic Ln, Eagle, ID 83616 OR  
E-bike Eagle - Steve Noyes, Trails Coordinator, City of Eagle 
Alternative transportation is about getting from A to B in smarter ways and I may have a fun one for you.
Walking, ride-sharing and public transit all take cars off the road, and that’s a good thing for reasons that have been well documented by those more informed. But in Eagle we find ourselves with fewer alternative choices and our destinations seem farther between. It’s not like living in the Northend where you can buy most of what you need, take in a movie or find five restaurants within a mile of your couch. Walking and biking to major shopping and business centers isn’t something most of us would consider because we chose to live far away from major shopping and business centers.

Consider a pedal assist e-bike. It’s just like riding a bike because, well, it is a bike. All the controls are where they’ve always been. Everything feels the same except for one thing.


Unplug it from the wall and switch it on. When you begin to pedal the darn thing senses your effort and matches it. It feels like you’re steering a bicycle-built-for-three and Kristin Armstrong and Lance Armstrong are on the back seats trying to impress each other. But they won’t let you just steer -- if they sense you’re slacking, they back off.  You feel like you could ride all day.

And then you smile. People always smile the first time they feel that push. 

Go ahead and imagine riding the greenbelt to the Shakespeare Festival. Or just showing up for a meeting in Boise and not smelling like an Armstrong.  How about riding right up to the edge of the blue turf, locking this magic carpet to the fence, trotting upstairs to your seats, and then beating the traffic home after the Broncos win?

For some of us the vision is more practical.  An e-bike will add miles to your usual playground.  It can take the pressure off a sore leg or back or allow you to keep up with the grandkids or an overachieving spouse. It can allow you to tow a trailer full dogs or drag two frozen turkeys home from the store. (It could happen.)

There is an e-bike in my future because it’ll help me live a longer, healthier, and happier life.  It blurs the line between bicycles and motorcycles.  There’s even a little “midlife crisis convertible” in one and I qualify.
Become a Market Vendor! 

Now accepting applications for vending at the Saturday Market or the Gazebo Concert Series-Night Market! 
or visit the Eagle Saturday Market page at

Eagle Public Library
100 N. Stierman Way
Eagle, Idaho 83616
 (208) 939-6814
Over 1,000 children read 20,022 books during the Library’s Summer Reading Program.  To celebrate their accomplishment, hundreds of readers and their families enjoyed the Library’s end of the Summer Reading Program’s Family night, an evening of games, programs, and treats.  If you missed this year’s summer reading program, you’ll have another chance to participate -- watch for it next spring.
Just a reminder, the Library has numerous great services; here’s a sampling of three:
  • Downloadable audiobooks – the Library subscribes to OneClickdigital, a collection of over 5,000 downloadable audiobooks.  Access this collection by visiting the Library’s website ( and clickon on the “E-Books  & E-Audiobooks” button.
  • Streaming movies – thousands of independent films are available through Hoopla and IndieFlix.  These film festival favorites are available by visiting the Library’s website ( and clicking on the “Movies” button.
  • Downloadable music --  you can now download five (5!) songs per week and stream music for three hours daily per library card through the Library’s Freegal subscription.  Build your music collection by downloading songs – they’re yours forever (just be sure to download to a PC or Mac) – by visiting the Library’s web page ( and clicking on the “Music” button.
Library programs are in full swing this September, including:
  • Jar Full of Dreams – Tuesday, September 13, 4:30 pm.  Celebrate children’s author Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday   with a BFG dream recipe jar and a fountain of chocolate!  Intended age: Elementary School.
  • Board Games – Tuesday, September 6, 6:00 pm.  Bring your friends for an afternoon of gaming at the Library.  Games from the Library’s collection will be available.  Intended age: Teen
  • Soldering for Adults – Saturday, September 17, 2:00 pm.  Learn what soldering is about and then create your own masterpiece.  Intended audience: adult.
For a complete listing of library programs, pick up a copy of the Library’s Classes and Evens or visit 
Eagle Historical Museum
67 E. State St.
Eagle, Idaho
(208) 939-2669 
The Eagle Historical Museum presents the “Community Cabinet.”
This collection of beer through the years was on display for the month of August thanks to the Joe Prin and includes fascinating facts about the revolution of beer. If you are interested in collecting cans, you can contact him at (208) 573-1082
If you would like to participate in this fun and educational project, please contact:
Helen Fisher, Eagle Museum
Alana Dunn, Museum Coordinator
Visit:  for details! 
The Eagle Arts Commission is pleased to announce the Artist of the Month at the Eagle City Hall Gallery and St. Luke's Eagle Gallery. These galleries are open to the public and may be viewed during regular business hours.
If you are interested in displaying your artwork, please contact
SEPTEMBER featured Artist
I was part of a family with varied creative talents, but became interested in testing my creative ability late in life.  While I was a full-time working mom, I took part in classes in oil painting and pastel portraits.  I also dabbled in pencil portraits and colored pencil drawings.
After I retired from working outside my home, I became more active in watercolor painting and became a member of Idaho Watercolor Society.  I have studied with groups headed by Joyce Green during the last three years and enjoy working with other watercolor groups.  I like working with watercolor because of the flexibility it allows in its application.  Patience was never one of my virtues, so the drying speed of watercolor fits my personality. 
I paint from things within my own experience.  I paint from photos I’ve taken and saved over my lifetime waiting until I had the ability to turn them into a painting.  I hope to continue learning and developing my skill in watercolor painting.
My first artistic work was painting landscapes in the late 1970s. Then I purchased my first camera to assist me in painting remote locations where the painting materials could not go. I would photograph the scene, print the image and paint the picture from the photo. It didn't take long before I got hooked into photography. I soon put painting aside.
Most of my photography concentrated on black and white of varied subjects. I built a darkroom and processed my own prints.
As things go when you are younger, I slowly turned my image making attention to the world of motion pictures. With a college degree in film production, the still camera was put away, making way for a 30 year career in film and video.
A few years before retirement, around 2008, I reintroduced myself to the still camera. This time, instead of film, the medium was digital. Other than the fundamentals of composition, I had to learn an entire new system of making images. It didn't take long before I became nearly obsessed with the world of digital photography, learning all I could from books, extended education classes, workshops and just plain doing it.
I moved to Eagle in 2012 and became an active member in the Camera Club of Eagle as well as the Boise Camera Club where I served as President in 2014.
Out and about - Mayor Ridgeway visits Firebird Raceway
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