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Personal Wireless Facility at the Eagle Hills Golf Course
The City of Eagle recognizes the need for additional wireless facilities within the City. On March 10, 2015, the Eagle City Council approved a conditional use permit for Skyway Towers, LLC, to construct a 110-foot high monopole and equipment storage area for a personal wireless facility (cell tower) located on the bluff on Hole #2 of the Eagle Hills Golf Course. On June 25, 2015, Skyway Towers, LLC, received design review approval to move forward with an alternate pole design, creating a tree-like disguise. As you have likely seen, the monopole has been constructed, however, Dan Behuniak with Skyway Towers has told the City that they are still a ways out on having the pole activated. Verizon submitted for a building permit to install their antennas on the tower in February of this year. The City of Eagle issued the building permit to Verizon Wireless for the antennas, a steel platform, and communication equipment located at the base of the personal wireless facility in March. After coordinating with Verizon personnel, Mr. Behuniak has told the City that installation of the antennas and equipment is expected to be completed with 60-days.

Stan Ridgeway, Mayor
What to Know About Door to Door Solicitors 

The City of Eagle requires that all solicitors obtain a permit prior to engaging in door to door sales. The permit process requires a permit fee, background checks on ALL individuals and a surety bond. If approved, individuals will receive a City issued photo identification that lists their business name, the name of the individual, as well as the permit number and expiration date. All residents are encouraged to ask solicitors to produce this ID. If they cannot provide it, more than likely they have not gone through the City’s approval process. 
Keep in mind that even if a permit through the City has been obtained, it does not guarantee the quality of work or product. As with all purchases, you should thoroughly investigate the business and ask for referrals. For more information regarding solicitorsinformation released by the Better Business Bureau of Southwest Idaho:
Residents always have the right to ask people to leave their property. If the individuals resist or if you feel threatened, contact City of Eagle Police and report the incident immediately.   
All residents have the right to post a “No Soliciting” sign on their home or have their Homeowner Association added to the “No Soliciting” list that is maintained at City Hall. For more information contact City Hall at 939-6813.

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The Parks and Recreation Winter/Spring Activity Guide is now available with activities for Families, Adults and Children.
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Volunteer of the Month
The City of Eagle recognizes the importance of volunteerism and is taking a moment to thank those who selflessly give of themselves to the community.
Gunnar Dietsch
On the behalf of Eagle Public Library’s Teen Volunteers I would like to nominate Gunnar Dietsch as volunteer of the month. Gunnar has been a teen volunteer since November 2013. Since then he has become a leader in the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) and is currently serving as president.
          Since Gunnar has been a teen volunteer he has dedicated his time to making the teen program a success. He is consistently at TAB meetings and makes himself available for the set-up, execution, and tear-down of events.
          During the summer months, while the library is hosting a large number of events for children, Gunnar has stepped in to help in any capacity necessary. He can be found with his hands covered in tie-die ink, scooping ice for a snow cone, or helping a child make a US flag on a paper plate.
          In addition to summer events, there are a large variety of children’s events during the rest of the year. Gunnar will see a children’s event in the calendar and ask if he can be a part of it. His favorite event to help with is the building day. The teens are given the opportunity to sign-up for hour long shifts. Gunnar will volunteer for all the available hours.
          Perhaps the most noteworthy example of Gunnar’s giving heart is demonstrated during the quarterly Red Cross Blood drive. He eagerly takes part in greeting the donors and helping the Red Cross staff, but the most giving thing that Gunnar does is donate blood himself. A donor must be 16-years-old in order to give. I can recall how excited Gunnar was the first time he was going to donate. He had forgotten his permission slip to donate, but he went out of his way to assure that he could take part. Just like every other way that Gunnar gives, his enthusiasm was clear. During the last two blood drives, Gunnar has also stepped up to be a Double Red Cell donor.
          Gunnar is an exemplary example of the type of volunteers that Eagle Public Library wants. It is common for a staff member to mention to me how eager Gunnar is to help, the growth that he has shown since he began volunteering, and positive impact that he has had on the success of the library.
          In consideration of his exemplary and model characteristics in mind, I would like to nominate Gunnar Dietsch for Volunteer of the Month.
Become a Market Vendor! 

Now accepting applications for vending at the Saturday Market or the Gazebo Concert Series-Night Market! 

or visit the Eagle Saturday Market page at
Eagle Community Fund Applications Now Available to Charities
            Applications are available to participate in the distribution of charitable funds from the Eagle Community Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation.  Distributions from the fund must benefit charitable organizations, projects and/or activities in Eagle.  Beneficiaries must hold tax- exempt status under IRS Code 501(c)3 or be a publicly supported school or government agency.
            Developed in 1994 by the City of Eagle, contributions to the Fund at the ICF have created a permanent endowment that has grown to a size that now allows distribution from interest earned to support charitable needs in the community on an annual basis. 
            Applications to share in the 2016 distribution from the Eagle Community Fund are available at or at Eagle City Hall to any non-profit organization providing services within the City of Eagle.  The submittal deadline for grant applications is April 15, 2016.  Recipients of grants from the Fund will be announced in early May.
The Daughters of the American Revolution, Mayor Ridgeway, and staff were able to participate in the ceremony of the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. Read the Proclamation here.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Collection takes place at the south end of the Eagle Library parking lot (100 N. Stierman Way) hours of operation are 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.  Hazardous waste such as used electronics, pesticides, cleaning supplies, paint, solvents and used motor oil will be collected.  The City of Eagle provides Household Hazardous Waste Collection for Eagle residents quarterly the second Wednesday of January, April, July and October.  For more information contact City Hall at 939-6813.

For a full list of accepted materials visit

Eagle Parks & Recreation
The City of Eagle Parks and Recreation 2015 Annual Report is now available! It can be found on our website Hard copies are available at Eagle City Hall (660 E. Civic Lane). 
Nominate Your Neighbor!
The city of Eagle would like to express our appreciation to the exceptional people in our community that make our city a great place to live and work. Do you know someone that enhances our quality of life? Helps those in need? Preforms good deeds or acts of kindness? Please take the time to nominate your neighbors, friends, teachers, and volunteers in our community for one of our awards!
All nominations are accepted year-round. To nominate someone you know, please fill out the Nomination Form located on our website and return it to: City Hall, C/O Tammy Gordon, 660 E Civic Ln, Eagle, ID 83616 OR  
Eagle Public Library
100 N. Stierman Way
Eagle, Idaho 83616
 (208) 939-6814
Over the past few years, your Eagle Public Library introduced a number of services that bring the library to you.  Ebooks, emagazines, homebound service, and emusic -- all bring library resources to your home. 
The Library’s digital collections continue to grow, and with mobile devices, you’re able to take the library with you.  The Library’s ebook collection is always expanding. To borrow an ebook, start at then click on the E-Books button, then choose from one of the services (Overdrive or Hoopla).  You’ll find thousands of ebooks to borrow.  Ebooks are never overdue and there are never fines.
The Library’s subscription to Zinio offers digital downloads of your favorite magazines.  To use the collection of over 160 magazine titles, start at then click on the E-Magazines button.  Once checked-out, the magazine never has to be returned – it’s yours forever. 
Do you download music but haven't tried Freegal?  If so, you're missing a great resource.  You have access to over 9,000,000 downloadable songs, and once you download a song, it's yours to keep forever. One of the great things about Freegal is that the database gives library patrons access to the major releases in its catalog on the same day the albums are released commercially  To access the collection, start at and look for the Music link.  Once you enter the site, all you'll need is your library account number (it's on the back of your card).
The Eagle Historical Society and the Eagle Historical Museum presents the “Community Cabinet.”
This collection of handmaidens, napkin dolls, and salt and pepper shakers was on display for the month of March thanks to Don and Kathy Lopez. 
If you would like to participate in this fun and educational project, please contact:
Helen Fisher, Eagle Museum
Alana Dunn, Museum Coordinator
Visit:  for details! 
Eagle green-lights and routes transportation recommendations to ACHD
By Jeff Kunz, Eagle City Council President
At the March 8 city council meeting, Planner III Nichoel Baird Spencer presented transportation recommendations on the city’s future roadway and intersection projects, economic development projects and community projects. The recommendations, driven by the Transportation Committee with input from citizens, the police chief and city staff, were green-lighted by the city council and routed to the Ada County Highway District (ACHD).
The roadway and intersection projects include signalizing the Beacon Light Road/State Highway 16 (SH-16) intersection (scheduled for 2017); extending Palmetto Avenue from Plaza Drive to SH-44, with a right-in/right-out access at SH-44; implementing the quadrant alternative at the Eagle Road/State Street intersection to improve traffic flow; adding bike lanes on both sides of Eagle Road from Floating Feather Road to Beacon Light Road, with curbs, gutters and sidewalks as feasible; evaluating the Floating Feather Road corridor from Eagle Middle School to Linder Road with emphasis on expansion to three travel lanes, bike lakes, detached sidewalks and intersection improvements; widening Linder Road to a five-lane road section with curbs, gutters, sidewalks and bike facilities between SH-44 and Floating Feather Road; preserving right-of-way on Beacon Light Road between SH-16 and SH-55 for up to three lanes; aligning Floating Feather Road by removing the Palmer Lane offset and installing curbs, gutters and sidewalks since this road serves as a connecting route for multiple-area schools; and preserving right-of-way for and pursuing construction of the Three Cities River Crossing Project.
The economic development projects include extending Plaza Drive east from 2nd Street to the Rocky Mountain Business Park (scheduled for 2017); and extending Aikens Street (from its current terminus) east to 2nd Street to enhance downtown traffic circulation.
The community projects include adding a pedestrian signal and lighting at the existing pedestrian crossing for Eagle High School at Park Lane and Cardon Street; adding a pedestrian crossing and warning signs at the Horseshoe Bend Road/Floating Feather Road intersection; constructing pedestrian and bike facilities on Horseshoe Bend Road from SH-44 north to Hill Road and on Hill Road from Horsehoe Bend Road west to SH-55; constructing pedestrian improvements on SH-44 from Edgewood Lane to Horseshoe Bend Road; adding sidewalks and bike facilities on Beacon Light Road from SH-55 to SH-16; constructing a pedestrian signal on Eagle Road at Ranch Drive to improve safety for students walking or biking to the Eagle Elementary School of the Arts; implementing the two phases of the Dry Creek pedestrian underpass; designing and constructing a grade-separated pedestrian/bike crossing of the SH-44 bypass between Eagle Road and the Palmetto Avenue extension; and installing a HAWK signal (similar to the one at Iron Eagle Way and Edgewood Lane) at State Street and Stierman Way to increase pedestrian visibility at this crossing.
The ACHD Commission will meet on May 11 and August 10 to merge and prioritize each city’s transportation recommendations into the 2017-2021 Integrated Five-Year Work Plan (IFYWP). An initial draft plan will be released on August 10. Comments on the draft plan will be due by September 9. A public hearing on the draft plan will tentatively be held on October 26.
The Eagle Arts Commission is pleased to announce the Artist of the Month at the Eagle City Hall Gallery and St. Luke's Eagle Gallery. These galleries are open to the public and may be viewed during regular business hours.
APRIL featured Artists
The Gallery at Eagle City Hall - Ian Smith
Born in Honolulu and raised in Washington state, Ian Smith spent much of his childhood practicing to be a comic strip artist (such as with his superhero series “Guk-man and Pong,” created in fourth grade). He later expanded to political cartoons for the high school paper and developed the odd hobby of penciling interpretations of black-and-white news photographs. During his junior year in high school, his art teacher encouraged him to try painting.

Emboldened by some modest success in local shows, he entered college considering a career as a painter but eventually majored in English. After a decade working as a business editor in Seattle, he moved with his family to the arid sunshine of Meridian, Idaho, in 2007. Ian continues to work as an editor and writer for organizations worldwide, and is pursuing a graduate degree in technical communication at Boise State University. After a 20-year hiatus, he recently picked up his brushes once more to rediscover this beautiful, neglected passion of his youth.
The Gallery at St. Luke's - Debra Bonsack
Raised with art, Debra finds painting in her blood. She has been painting all her life. Bonsack's mother and aunts were artists. She picked her easel in their studio at an early age. As a young mother Debra put herself through school and received a bachelor of Arts degree in fine arts with a painting concentration. While holding down three jobs to support her family, she received a teaching credential. From here, Bonsack went on to teach art the next twenty five years as at the high school level while perusing her own professional art career. She has exhibited in as many as thirty five shows a year while running her own gallery and teaching full time. Her work is not only unique and salable she is extremely prolific. Debra has been known to create as many as a dozen pieces in one week.
Bonsack paints in a unique blend of mediums. Her mixed medium is a self invented combination that has not been seen anywhere else. The paintings have the fluidness of watercolor yet the thick texture of oils done with a pallet knife. The subject matter of her unique pieces have focused on the simple pleasures of life. Her most recent series, called "My Happy Place" depicts childhood memories of sweet times and pleasures. Bonsack has owned her own gallery for many years and currently travels between her gallery/vacation rental in California and her studio in Boise while exhibiting in many places in between.
Bonsack has sold paintings and exhibited across the United States. Her work is in collections as for away as Asia and some of her patrons own as many as twenty of her originals.
This veteran art teacher now finds herself free to paint anytime day or night and continues to teach semi private art lessons in her Boise studio as well as art retreats in her California vacation home/gallery also known as  "Affirmation Cottage."
Bonsack Gallery
Public Hearings: 
To review these documents, please visit the City's website.

April 4 – Planning and Zoning
  • CU-02-16 – Rear Yard Setback Waiver – Kristin Ranney
April 12 – City Council
  • CU-01-16 – Establish Conforming Use Status of an Existing Single-Family Dwelling Unit Located in a MU (Mixed Use) Zoning District – Tim and Debi Shaklee
  • RZ-08-15/PP-08-15 – Redstone Ranch Subdivision – A Team Consultants
*Please note: Public Hearing testimony must be submitted 5 days prior to the hearing date. (Ord 1-8-3)
Getting involved:
The public is encouraged to attend any and all meetings. Agendas are posted on our website calendar or can be sent to you directly by opting-into our Email Notifications or requesting a fax to (208) 939-6827.
Visit our site often for updates and the Latest News on our Home Page. Weekly meetings are also posted to our Facebook account here: 
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Your input and engagement is encouraged. If you cannot attend the meetings and have an opinion, please submit your comments via email to All comments will be entered into public record and reviewed by the Mayor and Council.
*Please note Public Hearing testimony must be submitted 5 days prior to the hearing date. (Ord 1-8-3)