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May 2015
Reflecting with Mayor Reynolds
This time of year, volunteers in the city are hard at work planning a very special event that is close to my heart. The Eagle Field of Honor begs for reverence and reflection of all who gaze upon row after row of flags in support or remembrance of our country's veterans. If you choose to sponsor a flag, after the event, it is yours to keep. I encourage you and everyone to walk the rows and remember the patriotism that these flags represent.
Enjoy the activities of our city and remember...Pass it on! 
Mayor Jim Reynolds
The Eagle Field of Honor flags will stand proudly from May 16-26, 2015 
at Merrill Park, 637 E Shore Dr, Eagle Id. They will start flying on Armed Forces Day and continue through the Memorial Day holiday. The opening ceremony is on Saturday, May 16 at four o’clock in the afternoon. It is an opportunity to publicly voice our gratitude to the military that has so bravely protected our freedoms. We are able to recognize the individuals that each flag represents. With the help of sponsors, we are able to present this family friendly event to the public for free. There are no admission costs. There will be a free BBQ for veterans and currently serving military personel immediately following the opening ceremony. A $5 donation is requested for non-military

To order flags or for more details visit or call (208) 861-7309
Volunteer of the Month
Keron Privon
The City of Eagle recognizes the importance of volunteerism and is taking a moment to thank those who selflessly give of themselves to the community.  A plaque will be displayed in the lobby recognizing these outstanding volunteers. 
The Eagle Public Library has a wonderful team of volunteers who are essential to our day-to-day operation.  Keron Privon is an indispensable member of this team, and has been a volunteer with the Eagle Public library for almost 17 years.  Mrs. Privon began volunteering at the library in 1998, before the current building was constructed, and is an incredibly reliable and dedicated volunteer for the Technical Services Department. Keron is exceedingly dependable, and as the longest working volunteer at the Eagle Public Library, she is an obvious asset to the staff.  Mrs. Privon is consistently able to complete tasks quickly, efficiently and accurately, and has completed an impressive amount of work for the library.  In fact, in her time volunteering at the library, Keron has covered more than 13,000 books!
Mrs. Privon is a pleasure to work with, and approaches all tasks with enthusiasm and interest. She has great attention to detail and obvious pride in her work.  Keron regularly covers books and processes audiovisual materials, but has also performed more diverse tasks such as processing board games, video games, and other more unusual library materials. She also is always happy to fill in as needed, and has helped package and mail interlibrary loans when other volunteers are absent. Mrs. Privon is always open to learning new skills, and cheerfully and capably completes any task she is given. The library staff sincerely appreciates Mrs. Privon’s time, her positive attitude, and the consistently excellent quality of her work.
Door to Door Solicitors 
The City of Eagle requires that all solicitors obtain a permit prior to engaging in door to door sales.  The permit process requires a permit fee, background checks on ALL individuals and a surety bond.  If approved, individuals will receive a City issued photo identification that lists their business name, the name of the individual, as well as the permit number and expiration date.  All residents are encouraged to ask solicitors to produce this ID.  If they cannot provide it, more than likely they have not gone through the City’s approval process. 
Keep in mind that even if a permit through the City has been obtained, it does not guarantee the quality of work or product.  As with all purchases, you should thoroughly investigate the business and ask for referrals.  For more information regarding solicitors, review the recent article produced by the Better Business Bureau of Southwest Idaho. 
Residents always have the right to ask people to leave their property.  If the individuals resist or if you feel threatened, contact City of Eagle Police and report the incident immediately.   
All residents have the right to post a “No Soliciting” sign on their home or have their Homeowner Association added to the “No Soliciting” list that is maintained at City Hall.  For more information contact City Hall at 939-6813.  
Nominate your friends, family, or neighbor for the Eagle Soaring Citizen Award! 
We have such a great community full of acts of kindness and accomplishment. Nominate someone you know that deserves recognition for their great works! Email us today! The chosen person(s) will be invited to participate and receive a certificate from the Mayor at a City Council Meeting. Email us at:
Eagle Saturday Market

Every Saturday from April 18th through October 10th from 9am to 2pm with the exception of Eagle Fun Days weekend in July.

Eagle Resident Jimmy Koch brought his son Trace to the Eagle PD to celebrate his 4th Birthday. Trace was given the opportunity to serve as Chief for the Day.  His oath included a commitment to having others first on his mind and a promise to eat his green veggies. 
Police Chief Calley just might be the most community oriented person ever!  
Recreation Activities and Programs
Caitlin Straubinger 
Many new programs are also beginning in April, including preschool Spanish classes, preschool dance class, family art projects, adult Pilates, adult DIY classes, and a new Frozen-themed preschool party.  Check them out at the Eagle Parks & Recreation website.
Have you started thinking about your summer plans?  Eagle Parks & Recreation is offering a wide variety of summer camps and programs for the whole family… sign up early to secure your spot!
Other summer programs to look forward to include a family campout in Guerber Park and Eagle Fun Days, which will include a 5K/10K race and a family cornhhole (beanbag toss) tournament.
By now, you should have received our Parks & Recreation Activity Guide in your mailbox.  If you are looking for more information about any of the programs mentioned above, check out the guide for details and descriptions!  You can also visit our website at or come see us in City Hall.  We hope you join us for some playtime!
Click on the link below and help shape the future of our parks! Pass the link on to your friends!
This survey will close June 1st. 
Happy Trails - Trails Coordinator Steve Noyes

Like riding bikes in the dirt?  Staff and volunteers at Sports Complex Bike Park (on North Horseshoe Bend Road) are finishing an all new freeride jump line and it should be open soon.  This yet-to-be-named jewel features many advanced elements that are new to the park.  A “sharks fin” jump and two sage gap jumps are just the beginning. 

The Four Cross Trail, accessed near the water tower, is getting a facelift.  The new curving jumps at the top section makes it friendlier to mid-level riders.  Changes downstream will make this the fastest rollercoaster ride found in the valley.
The lower half of the Flow Trail is now open because the long awaited bridge is now complete.  This bridge provides a downhill rush that must be experienced to believe.  Our thanks to Ada County for the incredible effort they put into making this thrill ride a reality.

A new connection to Eagle’s beautiful greenbelt has opened at the south end of South Edgewood Lane.  Public parking and bike lanes makes access easy for those looking to get to the river, Garden City, Merrill Park and more. 

From a peaceful outing along the river, to an exciting workout, Eagle is working hard to improve our quality of life.
Visit Our Website
May at the Library
  • Container Gardening, May 5, 5:30 pm.  Sandy Turpen of Pioneer Gardens returns to the Library to explain the proper techniques for planting in containers – get ideas for building your own beautiful container for Mother’s Day.
  • Spring Flower Pot, May 18, 6:00 pm.  This teen-oriented program allows participants to customize flower pots for their summer garden.
  • After-School Adventures: Mexican Inspired Treats, May 12, 4:15 pm.  Kids! Learn all about festive Mexican-inspired treats.
These are just a few of the events occurring at your Eagle Public Library during May.  For a complete listing, see the Library's calendar,
April was Child Abuse Prevention Month! It is during that time that we concentrated our efforts to make meaningful connections that support healthy families throughout the year! Our community came together at the Idaho State Capitol to promote this great cause! Pictured with this group are three Eagle Police Chiefs: Patrick Calley (current), Steve Bartlett, and Dana Borgquist. 
Open Boards, Committees, and Commissions - Ways to Serve in Your Community
  • Eagle Arts Commission
  • Industrial Development Corporation Board
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Public Library Board of Trustees 
For complete details, click here:
Job Openings and RFPs
For more information: 
City Planner II
Recreation Leader- Camps (part-time seasonal)
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The Eagle Arts Commission is pleased to announce the 2015 Artist of the Month at the Eagle City Hall Gallery and St. Luke's Eagle Gallery. These galleries are open to the public and may be viewed during regular business hours.
If you are interested in displaying your artwork, please contact
MAY featured Artists
The Gallery at St. Luke's - G. Leslie Manlove
There is nothing more remarkable to me than the beauty that is found everywhere on this Earth, in nature, and the creatures that inhabit it. This is why I am passionate about capturing Mother Nature’s true character and incredible diversity. Burning desert sands and mossy riverbanks… Brilliant sunbeams and fading alpenglow… Silent snowfall and raging summer storms… Each offers an opportunity to create an image that sustains our connection. It is a joy to journey off the beaten path, an escape, if you will. These opportunities are powerful, thus one must have the craft and passion to capture these images to share with others. The reward is the artists’ expression through photography, an image that captures the essence of the Earth and all her beauty. 
The Gallery at Eagle City Hall - Jessica Tookey
I grew up on a farm in New Plymouth, Idaho. My grandfather said that I would write him letters before I knew how to write by sending pictures. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember but life has kept me from sharing my work beyond friends and family. 
Just as Louis L’Amour stated, “I feel I was put on this earth to find beauty in lonely places.” I draw and paint to share the gift I was given to show the beauty that God has placed on this earth. We are overwhelmed with images every day –many of them very ugly images – with my art, I hope to uplift spirits and give a feeling of peace, hope, or happiness to those who need it.

FREE Family Fun

The Eagle History Museum is open Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm
Admission is always free! Discover the history of Eagle.
Visit their website here and Like them on Facebook 
Alana's Angle - Learn some history with the Museum Coordinator
Looking for a great summer activity that involves treasure hunting, hiking and stamping?  Try letterboxing!
According to legend, letterboxing began in England in the mid-1800s when a Victorian gentleman hid his calling card in a bottle. Today, the nearby area is the Dartmoor National Park, and there are several thousand letterboxes hidden there! The hobby came to the U.S. in 1998, following the publication of an article in Smithsonian magazine about Dartmoor. Soon, several groups of letterboxers began to plant boxes in the U.S., using the Internet to exchange information and clues.
You may be asking yourself at this point, “yes, but what is letterboxing?”  Letterboxes are small boxes hidden all over the world that have been planted for letterboxers to find.  The boxes contain the following materials: an ink pad, a rubber stamp and a small journal.
Via the internet, clues are left about where you can find these letterboxes. What do you do when you find the boxes?  You record your find!  You carry with you your own stamp, journal and pen or pencil.  Once you find the letterbox you are looking for, you stamp the journal in the box with your stamp, then you take the stamp out of the box and stamp your own journal.  The letterbox now has a record of you finding it and you have your own journal full of stamps from all the boxes you have found.   
The best place on the internet to start looking for clues is  It’s free to join, but if you would rather just search for clues by city, you are welcome to do that to.  Here’s a hint to get you started.  The Eagle Historical Museum has a hidden letterbox.  If you search this webpage:, you can get all the information you need to find the letterbox in the museum!
Happy Hunting!!
The Eagle Historical Society and the Eagle Historical Museum presents the “Community Cabinet.”

Do you have a collection that you would like to display?

The Community Cabinet is a City maintained display in the lobby at Eagle City Hall that allows you to become a museum curator for a month!

Every month, members of the community have a chance to share with the public their personal collections of memorabilia or personal artifacts.

Betty Fisher’s angel collection was on display for the month of April.

If you would like to participate in this fun and educational project, please contact:

Helen Fisher, Eagle Historical Society
Alana Dunn, Museum Coordinator
Visit:  for details! 
Public Hearings
To review these documents, please visit the City's website.
Planning and Zoning Public Hearings
May 18, 2015:
  • CU-01-15 – Contractor’s Yard – Chris Lombardo
  • RZ-28-06 MOD & PP-02-15 – Crossley Park Subdivision – Greg Hall
City Council Public Hearings
May 26, 2015:
  • RZ-01-15 & PP-01-15 – Liberty Park Subdivision – Liberty Park, LLC
  • RZ-02-15 – Rezone from R-4 (Residential) to CBD (Central Business District) – Shawn Nickel
*Please note: Public Hearing testimony must be submitted 5 days prior to the hearing date. (Ord 1-8-3)

Getting involved:
The public is encouraged to attend any and all meetings. Agendas are posted on our website calendar or can be sent to you directly by opting-into our Email Notifications or requesting a fax to (208) 939-6827.
Visit our site often for updates and the 
Latest News on our Home Page. Weekly meetings are also posted to our Facebook account here: 


Public Comment: 
Your input and engagement is encouraged. If you cannot attend the meetings and have an opinion, please submit your comments via email to All comments will be entered into public record and reviewed by the Mayor and Council.
*Please note Public Hearing testimony must be submitted 5 days prior to the hearing date. (Ord 1-8-3)
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