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August 2015
Reflecting with Mayor Reynolds
As the beginning of another school year approaches, we are preparing for the fall activities of MYAC (Mayor's Youth in Action Council) including Rake-Up Eagle, Harvest Festival, Mad City Money, Trunk-or-Treat, and Country Christmas. MYAC plays an important role in bridging the gap between youth and adulthood providing an opportunity for students in grades 9-12 to be involved in improving their community, improving themselves and to have fun.  More specifically, by participating in MYAC students:
  • Learn about their City Government
  • Get the opportunity to interact with the Mayor
  • Participate in community service projects
  • Learn about real life financial situations
  • Have fun with their peers
  • Make a difference in their community
To facilitate this program, both myself and Police Chief Patrick Calley have dedicated time to mentor, guide, and support participants. However, a committed advisor is necessary to assist in the everyday tasks and organizing events.
With this plea, I ask a willing parent, teacher, coach or citizen to loyally devote their time to this worthy program and become the advisor. Time commitments are generally a few hours every other week (usually Mondays) for regular meetings and committing to the event itself.
If you are willing, please contact Tammy Gordon in my office and we can discuss MYAC in more detail. or 208-489-8790.
Warm Regards,
Mayor Jim Reynolds
Volunteer of the Month
Eagle Field of Honor Committee
The heart of the community is reflected in this annual event coordinated from inception by the Eagle Field of Honor Committee.  What better way to honor members of the United States Military than with a spectacular display of the stars and stripes.  Six hundred flags, the majority with yellow ribbons honoring current and past members of the Armed Services.  The Coburn Family leading the EFH Committee has invested their heart and soul in this event.  They are amazing ambassadors for our military men and women as well as the City.  Their richest reward year after year continues to be meeting service members and their families and having them share the joys and sorrows each has from their time while in service to our Country.  The Eagle Field of Honor Committee are heroes in their own right to the Eagle Community for without them, this annual event would not have the success it has enjoyed.  
The City of Eagle recognizes the importance of volunteerism and is taking a moment to thank those who selflessly give of themselves to the community.  A plaque will be displayed in the lobby recognizing these outstanding volunteers.  
Eagle Saturday Market

Every Saturday now through October 10th from 9am to 2pm with the exception of Eagle Fun Days weekend July 11.

A message from Eagle Police Officer Marlon McCowan 
Hello all.  The first Tuesday night of August has been designated National Night Out for the past several years.  This is an event where neighborhoods come together, usually in the form of a block party, with the intent of fighting crime by getting to know your neighbors and interacting with local law enforcement.  The Ada County Sheriff's Office is a big supporter of this event and I've been participating in it for as long as I can remember.
National Night Out this year will be Tuesday, August 4th.  If your neighborhood is participating with a gathering of some type, please let me know.  Even if you are not in the Sheriff's Office jurisdiction, I will pass the info along to your respective LE agency so they know unless you've already informed them.
Unfortunately, for the last couple of years, we've seen dwindling participation in the event.  So far there have been only a couple of neighborhoods in Eagle doing a gathering that night (that we're aware of), so we have decided to host our own event at the Eagle Police Department.  We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, but we also understand the importance of the event.  Please see the attached flyer and plan on coming down and hanging out with the police and fire department for an evening (in a good way!).  If you or your neighborhood is hosting an event, we'll be there, as well.
We will be having a free hot dog barbeque with bottled water, a kids obstacle course, police equipment on display, our community booths where you can learn about crime prevention, neighborhood watch, and meet our Eagle Police Greenbelt Volunteers.  Idaho Fish and Game will be out with their BB gun shooting lanes where you can challenge the Chief and I to see who is the better shot! 
Please pass this on to anyone who you think would like to come down and bring the kids!  See you there!
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August at the Library
Check out all of the summer fun activities at your library! There is something for everyone! CLICK HERE
In the Spotlight
Home Spa Recipes
Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 2:00 PM
Age: Adult
Learn how to mix your own spa recipes for those days you need a little "alone" time.
Our next Gazebo Concert Series will be featuring Naomi Pslam. "Psalm's creations can be somber, poignant and even reverent, her talents akin to Sarah McLachlan" ~Andrew Crisp BOISE WEEKLY. Mr. Crsip couldn’t have said it any better, Naomi Pslam is and award winning artist that has toured all over the world. Her band features Dave John, Jeff Poole, Rob Hill and Matt Gambrell. Although Naomi has been compared to Sarah McLachlan you will see sprinkles of Sheryl Crow, Carole King and Shania Twain in her music. She has similarities to other artist however her music will speak for itself that she has a voice of her own. Come enjoy the wonderful Naomi Pslam on August 27th, 6PM-9PM!
Job Openings and RFPs
For more information: 
Recreation Leader
Open Boards, Committees, and Commissions - Ways to Serve in Your Community
  • Transportation Committee
  • Eagle Arts Commission
  • Industrial Development Corporation Board
  • Historic Preservation Commission
For complete details, click here:
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This monthly eLetter is archived on the City's website. Catch up on city news, staff publications, and Press Releases HERE.
The Eagle Arts Commission is pleased to announce the 2015 Artist of the Month at the Eagle City Hall Gallery and St. Luke's Eagle Gallery. These galleries are open to the public and may be viewed during regular business hours.
If you are interested in displaying your artwork, please contact
AUGUST featured Artists
The Gallery at St. Luke's - Michael Rusnack
A degreed engineer, Michael Rusnack finds his creative outlet through painting. Experiences in stage set design set him on a path of study in England, where he discovered oil and watercolor painting, and Italy, where he immersed himself in sculpting, rooting his future development as an artist in a trust of the senses and a deep appreciation of art history. His work is influenced by water colorist Dwight Williams, plein air painter Fred Choate, and the painterly philosophy of John Carlson. Value, mass, color temperature, and perspective form the foundations of Michael's interpretive realism, while he draws inspiration from the sweeping vistas, contemplative moods, and sensual pleasures of the Western landscape. His high-key palette celebrates the light, freshness, and continual change each season brings to mountain and field, sea and sky. "Don't be afraid of putting on color...paint generously and unhesitatingly, for it is best not to lose the first impression." -Camille Pissarro
Michael Rusnack
Note to Viewers
Thank you for taking the time to view my artwork. When viewing these works, I encourage you to step away when viewing these works. Up close, you will see the texture, color layering and forms made by the brush strokes; by viewing from a distance, your mind will be allowed to integrate all these features into the shapes, shadows, reflections that will make up the work as a whole.
The Gallery at Eagle City Hall - Carla Copeland
Carla, free spirited and people loving.  She uses Art as an outlet for her self-expression. As a teenager Carla began with pencil drawings. Her quirky high school art teacher gave her the first taste of the joys of artistic expression. In early adulthood she was able to dig further into her creative skills. She began working in watercolors 15 years ago and progressed to oil, acrylic, and chalk/pastel mediums throughout the years. Her style is very diverse, colorful and imaginative; everything from impressionistic to modern contemporary. Her talents are natural and self-taught like everything she learns in life she is not one to follow conformity or rule. She enjoys facial and impressionistic art. But just as often loves the color, shape and texture of a vibrant abstract. 
Her inspiration is entirely subconscious and internal. Although she can remember many childhood trips to the shops and galleries of Ojai and Santa Barbara it would be remiss if not to admit that the artistic communities did not bode some influence on her future vision.
She is not a “Connoisseur of Art” herself. Nor is she educated in the history and biography of popularized artists. She does not even have a favorite style or artist or influence. She does her own thing, which has formed her own individual, natural style.
Over the years Carla has blossomed in her ability and growth as an artist. Her style changes rapidly that one never knows what will come out of her next as she continues to evolve.
Carla was born in Van Nuys Ca, on November 5th 1976. She is one of six children. After a short stint in Nevada in her teenage years Carla returned to California at the age of 19 to seek her independence. Moving to San Diego she was able to be more expressive and free with her thoughts and actions. Carla lived in beautiful sunny San Diego until 2005. Carla and her partner and small infant son then moved to Boise and have resided there since. She and her partner of 17 years now have 4 children.
Eagle Soaring Citizen Award
This award seeks to identify and honor Eagle residents who embody the spirit of community by recognizing those who are making a meaningful difference in our community and who typically seek or receive no recognition for their efforts.
Nominations will be accepted year-round and recognized on a quarterly basis at the last City Council meeting per quarter. A selection committee will review the nominees and select one individual as Eagle’s Soaring Citizen.
While there are many businesses, companies and professionals who make a difference in our community, this award is intended for citizens who are not compensated in any way for their efforts. 
To nominate, email:

FREE Family Fun

The Eagle History Museum is open Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm
Admission is always free! Discover the history of Eagle.
Visit their website here and Like them on Facebook
Alana's Angle
Learn some history with Eagle Historical Museum Coordinator, Alana Dunn
A New Old Mystery in Eagle
If you take frequent walks on the Greenbelt alongside the Boise River, you may have noticed an unusual sight here in Eagle.  If you’re walking west on the left side of the river, when you look across, you can see old rusted cars lining the banks of the river. I personally have been able to count 10 of them, but I have been told by locals they have seen as many as twenty! Why are they there?  Who put them there and what are they for? I did a little digging and found some answers.   
First of all, you need to become familiar with the term “rip-rap”.  This is a catch-all term to describe materials used for river bank stabilization. Common materials used today include rock, dirt, and chunks of concrete.  However, that hasn’t always been the case.  In earlier years, some rip-rip consisted of old appliances, balls of barbed wire, and yes, cars!  Although not very pretty to look at and was a potential hazard for wildlife, the rip-rap did its job and held the river bank in place.  
Across the U.S., you can find “Detroit Rip-rap” scattered along the banks and bottoms of rivers. These are remnants of a time when rivers were less regulated and people were trying to figure out how to battle the escalating problem of erosion.  Adding the name “Detroit” refers to the home of car production in the U.S.  These cars ended up being relics from a 1950s erosion control experiment, when cars were taken from wrecking yards and dumped into the river. The cars would have been completely stripped and left with just their metal shells.  For a while, it was a popular way to put old cars to use; and while car bodies might be cheaper than manufactured materials for rip-rap, abandoned cars carried with them residues of grease, paint, oil, and rust.  Placing them in waterways was not environmentally safe nor sound. The practice is now rare.
My question to you, the community, is this:  Does anyone remember when this happened here in Eagle?  I gather from research it would have happened in the 1950s or so?  Please contact the museum and let me hear your stories!  

The Eagle Historical Society and the Eagle Historical Museum presents the “Community Cabinet.”
In honor of our Country's birthday, many individuals contributed to this month's cabinet. 
Do you have a collection that you would like to display?
The Community Cabinet is a City maintained display in the lobby at Eagle City Hall that allows you to become a museum curator for a month!
Every month, members of the community have a chance to share with the public their personal collections of memorabilia or personal artifacts.
If you would like to participate in this fun and educational project, please contact:
Helen Fisher, Eagle Historical Society
Alana Dunn, Museum Coordinator
Visit:  for details! 
Public Hearings
To review these documents, please visit the City's website.
August 11 - City Council
  • RZ-28-06 MOD/CU-08-15/PPUD-03-15/PP-02-15 - Crossley Park Subdivision - Greg Hall
August 17 - Planning and Zoning
  • A-03-15/RZ-06-15 & PP-05-15 - Springhouse Subdivision - CBH Homes, Inc.
  • CU-05-15/PPUD-02-15/PP-06-15 - Shadowbluff Planned Unit Development - Envision Homes, Inc.
  • CPA-01-15/A-01-15/RZ-04-15 – Linder Crossing – LR5, LLC.
August 31 - Planning and Zoning 
  • RZ-12-06 MOD & PP-10-15 – Eaglefield Commons Subdivision – The Preserve, LLC
  • CU-06-15 – Cabinet Shop – Cameron Luff

*Please note: Public Hearing testimony must be submitted 5 days prior to the hearing date. (Ord 1-8-3)

Getting involved:
The public is encouraged to attend any and all meetings. Agendas are posted on our website calendar or can be sent to you directly by opting-into our Email Notifications or requesting a fax to (208) 939-6827.
Visit our site often for updates and the 
Latest News on our Home Page. Weekly meetings are also posted to our Facebook account here: 


Public Comment: 
Your input and engagement is encouraged. If you cannot attend the meetings and have an opinion, please submit your comments via email to All comments will be entered into public record and reviewed by the Mayor and Council.
*Please note Public Hearing testimony must be submitted 5 days prior to the hearing date. (Ord 1-8-3)
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