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Feeding the Hungry

October 1, 2015
Dear Philoptochos Sisters,


Another successful evening in NYC!  The Philoptochos Center of Philanthropy was all abuzz yesterday.  From the sweet smell of meatballs & rice cooking in the kitchen, to the coordinated assembly line preparing the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, to the excitement over all the special “gifts” we would be distributing!

With all the preparations for yesterday, the concern all day was – were we going to be able get into the closed street where we usually set up?  Again, we were blessed!  As we drove around the block – Yes! We were able to get in from 8th Avenue!

As we were setting up, are guests began lining up, excited to see us. 

Thank you to Kalli for the delicious meatballs & rice, to Evellyn for the generous gift bags containing winter gear, hygiene items and a first aid kit, in honor of her father’s 80th birthday, to Maria V and Maria K & Kimisis Theotokou, Brooklyn, for the socks & underwear, to Café Metro for the ever popular wraps,  to Despina for the tee shirts and Marcia & Cathy from West Babylon PB & J sandwiches.  Thank you to Lily K, Maria S, Catherine M, Tina Marie and to our special guests from Westfield, NJ, William, Christina and their mom, Jeannie, for the 300 tote bags, toothbrushes & toothpaste as part of their Alpha Omega Orthodox Scouting Project. And as usual, His Grace Bishop Sevastianos was there for support, prayers, and inspiration. Even as he was getting in the car, a guests was tapping on the window to thank him for always being there.

We are truly blessed to get so many donations and hardworking volunteers.  By the end of the evening we had distributed over 120 meals, more than 150 sandwiches, hundreds of snacks, and bottles of water & juice.

This outreach program causes mixed emotions – happiness to see that we make a difference, yet sadness knowing that so many people need it.

Jennifer and Georgia

Would you like to be involved with this joint Philoptochos Feed the Hungry program in Manhattan on the last Tuesday of every month? Please reach out to us and we will put you on the schedule.

National and District Commitments for 2015, please check with your Chapter Treasurer to see if you are up to date.

Don’t forget to add me to your mail and email lists as though I were one of your chapters’ members!

Your Sister in Christ,

Jennifer Constantin
Direct Archdiocesan District
Philoptochos President
914-325-5091 |

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