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May 2021

A cache is the topmost level of your browser’s memory, where all of your most-used information is stored for fast and easy access. Think: the info you write on a Post-it and stick to your computer versus info you put in a Google Doc and can’t find later.

This newsletter aims to be your web-editing cache. Only the information you need to know; easy access. No deep-dive (or dictionary) required.

3 simple ways to keep social media accessible

Commencement is quickly approaching! Chances are you have posted, or will post, on your various social media channels. We'd like to remind you of some accessibility tips as you gear up for commencement season. 

  1. Use all-caps sparingly. All-caps styling often makes it much more difficult to read for accessibility purposes. Plus, all-caps can make it feel like someone is YELLING AT YOU. Not fun.
  2. Use emojis sparingly. Screen readers will read each occurrence of an emoji. Imagine hearing "slightly smiling face" and "person raising both hands in celebration" spoken aloud several times. That could certainly get overwhelming! 
  3. Add alternative text to any images you post. In this way, social media is just like standard websites: If there’s no alt text, folks using screen readers won’t know what’s there. Tell us of the emotion, purpose, and impact of the image so everyone can celebrate with you!

Please refer to our resource on social media accessibility for specific tips for the most common social media platforms.

Hoyas 2021 downloads

Celebrate wherever you are with lawn signs, cake toppers, banners, and other official downloads created by the GU communications team. Tag photos with #Hoyas2021, and don’t forget alt text. :)

Banner that says "Congrats" with the Georgetown seal on the left and "Hoya Saxa" to the right.

Departing students who are web editors

Most departments (present company included) rely on talented and dedicated student workers to edit their websites. If you are one such department, be sure to keep track of which students are graduating this month and email to have their editing rights removed (this will also help us to avoid spamming them with emails after graduation). Please be sure to include the student’s NetID and the URL of your website in the email.

Congratulations to the class of 2021!

WordPress tips and tricks: Links opening in a new window

Nick is a project manager on the Web Services team. In this column, he’ll share tips about how to get the most out of the GU WordPress platform and improve your website. You can email him at with topic ideas you’d like to see covered here!
You might have noticed that when you select the option for a link to open in a new window or new tab the phrase “(new window)” gets added to the link text on the front-end but is not visible in the back-end editor view. What’s up with that?

This text is automatically added by the template whenever a link is set to open in a new window or tab. This is an accessibility issue as links automatically opening in a new window can be confusing for some people, particularly those who have difficulty perceiving visual content. In general, it's typically preferable not to set links to open in a new window, but the "(new window)" phrase is automatically added by the template in order to provide users with advance notice.

The only way to remove the “(new window)” phrase is to set the link to not open in a new window by clicking the link in the editor and de-selecting that option. Most web users are familiar with the ways to intentionally open a link in a new window or tab and will choose to do so if this is their desired outcome. 

WordPress and Accessibility Office Hours

We will continue to hold both Accessibility and WordPress office hours every Tuesday afternoon over Zoom throughout the spring semester.

WordPress office hours appointments are every Tuesday, 2:30–3:30 p.m. via Zoom. You can sign up for an appointment slot (for any future office hours date!) here. Please note that we are unable to accommodate unscheduled appointments.

You can talk through accessibility-related questions with Kevin Andrews, electronic and information technology accessibility coordinator, on Zoom every Tuesday from 2–3 p.m. You can use this link to schedule an accessibility office hours appointment.

How did you get this number?

You’re receiving this email because you are listed as a primary or secondary contact for your website. If you believe you’re receiving this message in error, or you are no longer responsible for editing a website that uses a shared Georgetown template, please let us know by replying to this email.

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