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Why the Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin Was Formed
Imagine you are a small business owner, with no employees, or perhaps just one or two.  You have what you think is a great new idea, but have no one around to discuss it with. You rack your brain day after day not knowing what to do, so you don’t do anything and push the idea to the backburner. Or perhaps you have a frustrating problem and need to talk through a solution, but are the lone employee and have no one to talk to. This is a familiar situation for many animal trainers.

In early 2013, Laura Holder, a trainer at BehaviorWorks, and Holly Lewis, owner of Cold Nose Canine, were talking about a few training cases they were struggling with. After brainstorming together, they both saw the power of having each other as a sounding board and an idea arose. What if they started a network of like-minded trainers to share ideas with, talk about challenges and offer support to one another? More discussion led to the reminder that there can be power in numbers and as a group, with a unified message, we would have more opportunity to reach clients, veterinarians, groomers, animal rescues and the public.

There was clearly a need for this type of group and the idea for the Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin (FFTW) was born. A few weeks later, we invited a select group of over 25 trainers throughout the state to join us in our passion and goal. This list included not only dog trainers, but cat trainers, horse trainers and even bird trainers!

FFTW offers members the opportunity to share information, problem solve and promote a humane training message. Members often refer clients to each other and offer support when needed through our members-only Facebook group and at our quarterly meeting. Membership to the FFTW is by approval only and once welcomed to the group, members have access to logo’d educational materials and information and often times get group discounts on local continuing education seminars.

We are thrilled to be combining efforts in Wisconsin as a group of independent professionals to spread the common message of training without pain and building the relationships between people and their pets. No ego, no competition, just providing knowledge to empower each other, our clients and their animals.
The Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin has 31 current members and is guided by the Steering Committee members: Laura Holder, Holly Lewis and Eric Richardson (owner of BehaviorWorks Dog Training & Behavior Specialists). Click the picture to the left to see a complete list of our current members!  
If you are an active trainer interested in joining our group, please fill out the application form on our website (click the Join Us tab):
How Long Have Our Members Been
Training Animals Professionally? 
Survey Says:
53% - 10+ Years
24% - 5-10 Years
18% - 3-5 Years
5% - Less than 3 Years
Upcoming Education Opportunities
Want to learn more about force-free training methods?
Check out some of these upcoming events right here in Wisconsin!
Taste of Clicker Expo

Saturday, March 29th
Fox Valley Technical College - Appleton, WI

CLICK HERE for full event details & registration!
Host: Compassionate Canines, Inc.
Pat Miller Seminar
Real Solutions to Canine Behavior Problems

Saturday, March 29th & Sunday, March 30th
Howard Johnson Hotel - Madison, WI

CLICK HERE for full event details & registration!
Host: Blue Dog Training & Behavior
Nicole Wilde Seminar
Separation Anxiety and Dog-Dog Play

Sunday, April 13th
Radisson Hotel - Wauwatosa, WI

CLICK HERE for full event details & registration!
Host: Wisconsin Humane Society
Alexandra Kurland Seminar
The Joy of Clicker Training

Thursday, May 15th
Wisconsin Humane Society - Milwaukee, WI

CLICK HERE for full event details & registration!
Host: Wisconsin Humane Society
Kay Laurence Seminar
Clicker Revolution Seminar

Saturday, July 26th &  Sunday, July 27th
Ixonia, WI

CLICK HERE for full event details & registration!
Host: BehaviorWorks Dog Training
Coming Up In Our Next Issue...
The Dog Trainer's Teaching Pyramid 
Written by FFTW Member Kim Waugus fo Dodge County Canine

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