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Poking The Bear

November 12, 2016

Why are we witnessing so much lawlessness, riotous behavior, and various forms of turmoil in this current situation? Because the bear has been poked! The phrase, “poking the bear,” is often used to describe an aggressive reaction from someone that was once deemed calm and peaceful. In this day, the status quo of go-along and get-along has been poked by the president-elect over the past year, which has now culminated in his election, thus giving him the power to make good on the ideas he presented. Therefore, attitudes of defiance and belligerence that were hidden behind masks of politeness, niceness, compassion, understanding, or sympathy have now been exposed. Regardless of the category or classification in life, their fears have surfaced as each party thinks they are losing their self-serving rights. Every established mindset that claimed rightness regardless of truth has been poked; those who pursued elitism without considering responsibility have been poked; and those who desired their positions based on traditionalism at the expense of service have been poked. Those who opted to take their advantages without regard of others or considering the benefit of the nation have become angry, concerned, or defensive in some way; many are highly enraged with a self-righteous indignation, pointing out errors in an attempt to justify their behavior, attitude, and opinion. They want to maintain and strengthen the present parameters for their selfish lives.
All of these have erupted to claim offense, then, they proceed to profess their own personal form of righteousness. This includes the political parties and their respective norms; this includes the immoral elite, the so-called progressive thinkers, the intolerant “tolerance movement,” the highminded politicians, and the thin-skinned, hard-hearted, superficially-minded general public. Everyone is demanding something from someone, while demonstrating their complete lack of godliness.
American weaknesses have been exposed and the self-serving ways have surfaced into riots, lawlessness, and a corporate outcry of offense. All of this provides the evidence that America is void of humility or thankfulness. We have everything, yet are thankful for nothing. The highminded are demanding, but they will not give respect unless it suits them personally; they would rather cry foul at the slightest look of offense, thus revealing their self-serving heart; regardless of their wealth, fame, or education, their fears are exposed and it is not a fear for the Holy One.
Even those who think that things are finally going the right way must be warned. Why? Because the brokenness that leads to true humility is absent and few are turning from their wicked ways. Many are claiming victory today, including the church, but there is no true victory, and success will be short-lived, unless brokenness comes forth to finally end self’s need to be recognized, reputed, and rewarded. Be aware, the president-elect has not given evidence of true brokenness, contrition, or humility, yet many hear that he prayed, so they conclude that he is now a Christian. This shallow thinking lacks the biblical mindset, but it does display the church’s inability to see with the eyes of the Spirit and it does reflect the lack in the church’s present-day definition of salvation and faith.
Perhaps this short newsletter has poked the bear in a few places as well. Deception is everywhere and at every level and avenue in America, therefore, I encourage you to, “Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love” (1 Cor. 16:13–14).
Dr. Gary H. Cote
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