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He Calls Me Son

Who is the Lord of glory who watches over me?
Who is this God Almighty who heard a man like me?
Who is this God of light who knew my darkened plight?
Who is this God of grace who cast His love upon my hidden face?
He is the Lord of mercy and He is the God of truth;
He is the One called Holy and Just, proven to be Faithful and True.
He is the One who saves the lost and He is the One who quells the boast.
God saw my soul and placed in me a simple truth to heal all my iniquity.
He put in my heart that Jesus is LORD; I humbly bent my knee and said, I agree!
He is the One who called out to me, telling me to live in His love and know His liberty.
I was a mere man of dust who housed a sinful soul.
Eternity saw no value in me, so Christ directed me to know Calvary’s tree.
Yes, the God of grace looked beyond my earthly state and lovingly said to me,
“Meet Me at Calvary’s tree.”
This dear Lord saw me as one to save, then sent His Spirit to beget a new son.
The second birth revived my soul; He healed my wounds and made me whole.
Now, this Lord tells me to believe, to receive and be just like He.
A special worth was placed in me, now to live as one in Christ, truly a son forever free.
Once lost and blind, a miserable, aimless soul; one deeply trapped in caverns of chaos and filled with oppressive pride; one who daily groped for purpose and plagued by inner fright.
Then, the favor of God opened the eyes of my heart; faith came alive and grace gave life.
God ordered peace for my anarchy and joy for my hard heart.
He became my trust and my soul was free; all was gained by simply surrendering, me.
Belief stirred hope, love gained my attention, and truth secured my soul.
The old ways of sin passed away as the new life in Christ found its way;
His praise now flowed freely and His life sprang forth deeply.
O the life of praise that gave me His joy; O the peace that settled this turbulent soul.
The God of order placed me in His presence; forever set before His face of grace.
Soon comes the glory for all eternity, I eagerly wait for it, to bear His nature for all to see.
Surely, the Lord has been good to me:
The one who had no place and no worth has been looked upon by God who now calls me,
His son.

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I encourage you to print this out and read it with others in the family of faith.

I urge you to share this message with others.

In the Service of Christ,
Dr. Gary H. Cote 
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