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New World Law 

People are greatly fearing the potential chaos in the streets that may result from today’s virus threat; therefore, they are buying guns and ammo to protect themselves; people know that mankind can quickly turn ruthless. Also, they are stocking-up on various items, trying to protect themselves from infectious diseases. Mankind always seeks provision and protection, and men will always react in fear when either is threatened.

However, today’s real danger is not the threat of viral infection, or the potential, volatile reactions of violent men, or the lack of provision that may result. The real danger is the sinister plan of a New World Law that is quickly developing as the new world norm.

Throughout history, there are certain times that surface that change everything, such as the coronation of Charles the Great by the Pope which ushered in the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and the Jewish genocide of World War II that led to the establishment of Israel. In this current time, you are witnessing the establishment of a New World Law that is being authorized, accepted, and applied with all diligence and fervor: a voracious appetite to control everyone’s daily life. This is the beginnings of a new shift in the world that will increase in favor as the new default mechanism to handle the peoples of the nations. Everyone is becoming accustomed to the new oversight, watching over of every nation’s societal norms; all is promoted under the idealistic guise, “For the good of the people.”

This concept has been the same societal thrust for American leadership, who want to rule over the people. They promote the oversight under the guise of care and concern for the masses.  This nanny approach gains favor and fervor as many people just want to be kept safe and secure; the people want to be fed and led, entitled to do as they please without recompense. Hence, there is a constant flow of various laws, established to give each person the right to exercise their whining and pining without hindrance, and the primary hinderer are those Christians preaching and promoting the righteousness of the Lord God. Most churches are skirting the call to repent, attempting to avoid retribution. Their greater desire is to see their churches and ministries flourish in popularity among the people.

America has been seeing the progression of new laws as it pertains to environmental protection, gun control, reproductive rights, marriage rights, and in the national educational guidelines. There are so many laws being introduced, constantly promoted with the idea to protect you and provide the freedoms that you rightly deserve as Americans. So deceptive!

Liberty is not the product of law, rather, law is the product to protect liberty from evil people and workers of iniquity. When evil thinking men gain title and authority, then law becomes the tool to restrict freedom while loosening any restraints on sinful living and perverted lifestyles. Yet today, the very word perverted is equated to hate speech by those who hate righteousness, holiness, and the justice of truth to quell all lies.

Law has value when it is authorized, accepted and applied with power; laws have to be enforced with authorized power. This is true within a family, town, city, or nation. Laws must go beyond a declaration.  Any nation that rises to prominence must be set within the parameters of laws that are authorized, accepted, and applied with power. If there is no acceptance by the people, there will be rebellion and insurrection, thus requiring authorized power to suppress the infractions and eradicate the transgressors.

The American Forefathers based government on Christian Principles because a government by the people and for the people can only work when righteousness reigns in the hearts of its leaders, which would be the same desire of the people. The forefathers knew this well and framed the government accordingly; they knew well the self-centered nature of men and installed checks and balances to ward off the dangers of control from the few. The American form of government will only work well if moral beings are ruling and a moral people are desiring and accepting laws that keep the American way of Life in a righteous state, thus ending any influence that is causing chaos, disrupting righteous order, and stirring trouble for the land.

Today, many American leaders simply want title and authority, therefore, they succumb to every whim imaginable to gain popularity. Hence, they cater to every perverse notion so they can promote themselves as righteous in the eyes of the people. Laws are now passed to permit the perversion of truth and allow a warped life to be deemed righteous. American laws are caving into the lowest common denominator, trying to please the people, who are craving safety and security regardless of their lifestyle choice. This scenario is fueling the New World Law. The demand of the people is simply, “Keep Me Safe” and “Let Me Live My Life.”

Many laws have been passed in time past for the sake of someone’s safety and security; some are valid, but most are designed to empower authorities who desire to rule over others through their titles. People have accepted this notion of safety, as the authorities now try to outdo each other with continued restrictions. Evil is established and advanced through the use of laws. Scripture records, “Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law, have fellowship with You? (Psalm 94:20). Abortion is legal and it is the law, so was  slavery. Evil men used law to trap Jon Huss, Martin Luther and other reformers. Envious men used law to trap Daniel and his three Hebrew brethren. Law is for lawbreakers till evil men have titles and badges, then law is designed and devised to advance agendas, not hinder evil intent.

We are witnessing the development of a New World Law that will govern the societies of the world. This new environment is authorizing those with titles and badges to close any business or church, lock the doors of parks and playgrounds, order isolation, and arrest anyone deemed breaking the new law. Sadly, for the sake of safety, the people love it this way; they are sold on the idea that it is for their safety. Hence, everyone has now become a societal cop. They enforce the new law casting disdain upon perceived lawbreakers and are quick to confront anyone who does not comply with the New World Law. The Maasai tribesman who whipped several people who were gathered together too closely for his idea of safety, to the old mailwoman in Pittsfield NH who yelled across the street at two women out for a walk without facial masks. Everyone is falling into the allure of enforcing compliance to the new law. They fail to see the real danger. The sinister and seditious plan to create a world society of laws to govern everyone.

Some will say that I am being frivolous or foolish, maybe narrow in my thinking or unduly concerned, but I am seeing the spiritual posture of the world shifting as it ushers in the new order of world laws to govern everyone through their fears.

Some preachers are saying that this virus threat will move many to the Lord in a great revival, but that is not what will happen through this current threat. The times of this generation is not set to love God but themselves. Paul warned the church saying, “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! (2 Tim. 3:1–5). 

Though pastors and preachers are spouting revival, there will be no revival from this; the churches have not been preaching repentance nor practicing holiness; they are not equipped to handle true revival; there is no place for the repentant to turn; the churches are not set in a consecrated state. The churches want the revival that brings people to their churches, but this is not the Lord’s revival. His requires repentance, and the churches are deeply lacking to help anyone in the Spirit. Hopefully, through this the churches will be revived to holiness; as Paul admonished the church, “Awake to righteousness” (1 Cor. 15:34).

Know this, the foundation for end-time law is gaining its footings and the New World Law is set in its authorization, acceptance, and in application; hence, every person is now his neighbor’s cop. Oh my! Today, neighbors are calling on others to report wrongdoing in light of the new law; nations hold other nations in contempt over the new law and place demands and expectations on others. They are falling over each other trying to come up with new ways to demonstrate their care and concern for the people. Each trying to outdo the other.

This New World Law is a seditious plan of the devil, playing off the weak fears of man who are crying out for safety and security to live as thy please, unto themselves. This seditious movement has been brewing for some time and is now coming into a worldwide force. A seditious plan offers a seemingly harmless thought that actually carries a great weight of destruction. The same plan was used in the Garden of Eden, offering a seemingly harmless idea to Adam and Eve. You must not be ignorant of the devil’s ploy and plan. This is not about a virus threat or a fantastic remedy; this is about the establishment of a New World Law that is right now being laid out as a new grid for life on earth. The new paradigm can now ration everything as deemed necessary, order corporate closings, and decree occupational importance. This is not going away! This is the new “NEW!” This is the New Order of the Day. Christians Be Aware! Awake To Righteousness!

I encourage you to print this out and read it with others in the family of faith.

I urge you to share this message with others.

In the Service of Christ,
Dr. Gary H. Cote 
(#DrCote)  (#TruthBeKnown)



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