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ESN Finland Newsletter 9 (November 2014)


  • 1 Board updates
  • 2 Updates about events
    • 2.1 NP Vaasa
    • 2.2 Pirates of the Baltic Sea
    • 2.3 MooseCup & ESN Finland
    • 2.4 NEP Stockholm
    • 2.5 SocialErasmus Week Autumn 2014
  • 3 International news
  • 4 Section of the Month: ESN Uni Helsinki

1 Board updates

What have we been discussing the meetings this month
  • Extra spots for Finland for NEP were decided based on the applications that were sent. Luckily at the end we got even more spots, and we were able to approve all the people who had sent an application.
  • Seinäjoki as a possible new section has been in the discussions again. They’ve been contacted and we invited them to join the NP Vaasa.
  • Route ferry trip for the NEP participants on the Wednesday 5th of Nov and the practical arragements
  • National hoodie order & ESNcard order handling have been taken care of. Unfortunately the pink hoodies were forgotten to be sent to us, and they will be be distributed on PoBS.
  • Finances: a summary of our finances have been delivered to the LRs and shown during the NP. A various other stuff and the presentation of the previous boards.
  • NP Vaasa preparations
  • Pirates of the Baltic sea practical arragenment and official desicions. Decisions on the performers reimbursements, GL arragements, PoBS t-shirts, condoms, etc.
  • MooseCup preparations: meetings with the organizers, querying the bus companies
  • EiS Steering meeting: Funding from European Commission will discontinue in December
  • Meetings: NEP, Treasurers and Partnership Managers Meeting, Presidents and Education Officers Meeting, CND Vilnus
  • An attempt to get a new partner TransferWise: Their contract wasn't satisfactory and we've sent a counterproposal. There's a possibility to get more funding for our operations, but if the conditions have to be good and binding both parties.
The NB would like to thank all the participants at the NP Vaasa for being awesome and giving us feedback. The NB after the NP Vaasa Fall 2014 in the picture.

2 Updates about events

2.1 NP Vaasa summary

The National Platform fall 2014 of ESN Finland was held in Western Finland, in our lovely sea side city Vaasa from the 17th to 19th of October. ESN Finland had one National Platform on Skype during the summer but this was the first physical National Platform of the National Board 2014/2015.

We had 57 ESNers present in our NP, including one international guest – Jaume Alonso, the NR of ESN Spain.

All of the 16 sections were present:
  • ESN Jyväskylä, ESN Aalto, ESN INTO, ESN Kisa, ESN ISYY Joensuu, ESN Fint, ESN OYY Oulu, ESN Uni Turku, ESN IAC, ESN Åbo Akademi, ESN HYY, ESN Metropolia, ESN Helga, ESN Lappeenranta, ESN Lapland, ESN Vaasa
What was on the agenda
  • Presenting the financial statement of the NB 2013
  • Presenting the auditors report of the NB 2013
  • Choosing the auditors for the NB 2014-2015
  • Resignation of the ESN HYY Helsinki & ESN OYY Oulu
  • Joining of the sections ESN Uni Helsinki and Erasmus Student Network - University of Oulu ry
  • Releasing of the liability from all different parts of the NB 2013
  • NP Spring 2015 wasn’t decided
What workshops were held
  • National Events
  • Mov’in Europe
  • Satellite 4
  • Graphics
  • Social interaction
  • PoBS
  • International level of ESN
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Partners
  • ExchangeAbility
  • Erasmus+
  • Intersection cooperation
  • Eduk8
  • Responsible Party
  • SocialErasmus
What was the overall satisfaction and what kind of feedback did we get
  • Not enough time for workshops
  • More coffee breaks
  • More workshops
  • Arrival earlier, and workshops on Friday
  • Excellent financial matters explanations
  • Not too much moving from place to place because it was all in a hotel
  • Overall satisfaction was good
  • Communication of the NB during & before the NP was criticized
NP Vaasa participants on the ESN 25th Anniversary flag parade.Thank you OC for organizing a great event!

2.2 Pirates of the Baltic Sea

The Pirates of the Baltic Sea cruise was between the 9th and 11th of November. The route was from Helsinki on Sunday, one day in Stockholm on Monday and back to Helsinki on Tuesday. This was the biggest national cruise so far and we got a lot of positive feedback. The performers were great and the participants behaved well according to the staff of the ship. This was great to hear.

You can find pictures and a video later from our Facebook page:

A huge thanks for all the group leaders on board and of course the PoBS team who made this happen in the first place. Juho-Heikki Ollikainen, Salli Soini, Šarlot Šmýdová, Rodolfo Rubio and Susan Lehtinen.
The PoBS team & the NB: Susan, Mikko, Juho-Heikki, Mikael, Matilda, Kiril, Rodolfo, Heini, Yigit, Salli (and Šarlot)


2.3 MooseCup & ESN Finland

The MooseCup is nearing and we have 5 teams participating from other sections in Finland They’ve been signed up for the tournament and the tournament will also include a lot of international students only from Jyväskylä. This is going to be a great event in Jyväskylä and the exchange students will like it!

WHAT? A floorball tournament as ESN Finland's 2nd National Event
WHERE? In Jyväskylä, in Monitoimitalo
WHEN? On Tuesday the 25th of November 2014
WHY? Because we want to have fun together and play sports!
HOW? By gathering a team in your city, coming to Jyväskylä and playing floorball and having fun in the after party!

More information was released in the last newsletter and by email to the ESN Finland mailing list.    


2.4 NEP Stockholm

The event was organised by ESN Sweden under the leadership of Safi Sabuni. The event took place November 6.-9.11.2014. There were 98 participants, including delegates from the NEP countries’ sections and some internationa guests. Composition of the Chairing Team: Emanuel Alfranseder, ESN Sweden (Main Chair), Matthew Clemo, ESN UK (Vice-Chair), Idriss Maghiouzi, ESN The Netherlands (Facilitator). You can find all the presentations from the Wiki under Regional Platforms. Ask the NB if you can’t find them.
Here are some of the presentations & workshops that were held there:
  • Meet your colleagues in the Nordics
  • Mov’in Europe
  • Eduk8
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership
  • Recruitment
  • Committees Small sessions: IT, FiCo, ICE, NEC, ComCom
  • Section Questionnaire Results
  • Make your website visible
  • Effective Feedback
  • ExchangeAbility
The event is really good for newbies and the workshops were held by the Eduk8 trainers. This raised the quality of the content of the event a lot. There were couple of delegates from each section in the NEP area: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia & Sweden. On top of those, there were some international guests and of course Jonathan from the ESN International Board.

finland_delegation copy.jpg
The Finnish delegation at NEP Stockholm 2014.

2.5 SocialErasmus Week Autumn 2014

From November 10th till November 16th 2014, Europe will once again be the domain of the SocialErasmus Week.

Join our Facebook event now and we will update you on the steps of preparation, the immense diversity of activities that will conquer the network and most of all to share the impact that we create throughout Europe! Have a look at our Media Kit that includes a press release, promotion guidelines, banners and graphics that we encourage you to use.
Don't forget pre-register your activity. With the data you contribute, we together, will be able to inspire the network and spread the word of the SocialErasmus Week.

3 International news

  • The new ExchangeAblity team for the year 2014/2015 consists of:
    • Main Coordinator: Joao Costa (Portugal)
    • Vice Coordinator: Joanna Ciesielska (Poland)
    • PR & communication: Karolina Ásgeirsdóttir (Iceland)
    • PR & promotion coordinator: Piotr Kargul (Poland)
  • The new Network Care Team 2014/2015 consists of:
    • Alicia Oberhauser (Germany)
    • Carlo Bitetto (Italy)
    • Dorina Hilcz (Hungary)
    • Nadine Häusler (Germany)
    • Prokop Teper (Slovakia)
    • Sarah Hippold (Germany)
  • SitS Winner October: ESN Debrecen
  • Jovana Stankovic (NR of Serbia) will be chairing the CND Vilnius
  • A STORY ESN wiki page has been established
  • Strategy and Action Plan for ExchangeAbility has been published
  • Discounts on the flights to AGM Ankara 2015 - more information can be found in Heini's international news e-mails!
  • ESNSurvey has been published!

4 Section of the Month: ESN Uni Helsinki

ESN Uni Helsinki is a brand new, refreshed version of the first Finnish ESN section, ESN-HYY Helsinki. We have recently become an independent association and are now functioning better than ever! We welcome around 1200 exchange students to Helsinki University each year, and try to make their experience unforgettable.  We have a big bunch of actives, who have become like a big (and crazy)  family and are hanging out together most of their free time. The good connection within our section is in many cases reflected in the spirit of our events. Besides all the usual events such as the monthly parties, sports events and excursions, we also try to do new things: our newest invention is the knitting workshop, which the students seem to enjoy more than we expected. Since the students are also very eager to meet Finnish students, we organize the Buddy Project, in which international students can find local students who share the same interests with them. Our office is in the heart of Helsinki, and that is where the magic happens. Join us to make it real!
esn uni helsinki.jpg
esn uni helsinki_1.jpg
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