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Welcome to the second Newsletter of ESN Finland with February news.
The main topics of this Newsletter are:



  • Board meetings
  • NP Lappeenranta
  • Annual General Meeting

  • Pirates of the Baltic Sea

  • International Updates

  • Mascot Name

  • Section of the month - ESN Vaasa
  • Open Calls


Board meetings


During February the National Board had 5 meetings via Skype. The board was going to meet in Jyväskylä but due to an illness had instead two working meetings via Skype in order to work on the official documents which were presented in the National Platform Lappeenranta. Topics during the meetings were:

  • NP preparations and NB’s proposals to change the Standing Orders and the Statutes

  • POBS preparations

  • AGM extra spot

  • General fund application and internal general fund guidelines

  • Working group for statutes & SOs

ESN Finland
ESN Finland


This year the Annual General Meeting is organised in Milan 3.4.-6.4.2014. We are happy to say that every section is sending a participant to the AGM! The official section delegates should stay tuned for all the information coming from the NR via e-mail and the official AGM FB group of the Finnish delegation. All the participants should read all the AGM documents carefully through. The official delegates should also make sure to go the AGM things through with their sections before the meeting.

Pirates of the Baltic Sea
Ahoy PIRATES! T' ship be ready and waitin' for you t' jump on t' board! On 16.3 – 18.3 around 1000 pirates from all over t' Finland be comin' t' T' Pirates o' t' Baltic Sea t' conquer Stockholm. A good pirate be an active pirate!! Don’t spend your time killin' rum in t' cabins, join t' costume contest, speed datin', dance lessons and many other activities! Don’t forget that pirates sin' a lot and come t' t' Karaoke.

Durin' this cruise you will be able t' buy a cool Pirate T-Shirt and become member o' t' crew! They be sold durin' Welcome and Second night show! Be quick as thar be limited amount o' them!

NP Lappeenranta


During 28.2.-2.3.2014 ESN Lappeenranta hosted the ESN Finland National Platform. 15 sections were present along with the National Board. ESN Finland is also working on establishing an Alumni network, and we were honoured to have previous NB member, Nina Ylöstalo, present to open the discussion about the Alumni network. In addition to her, there were also two international guests: Tolga Tatlıdede from ESN Turkey and Giulia Rosa D'Amico from ESN Italy. We also had the pleasure to have two guests from our partners, the Erasmus in Schools coordinator Stefano Da Luca and Vivian Maar from TimeTravels Ltd.


The program was intended to be informative for ESNers in Finland. It included presentations, interactive workshops, section fair and other activities for participants. The purpose of the National Platform is to share information and news with the participants, in addition to the statutory meeting issues.


The topics included for example International Projects, Section Questionnaire, ESN Finland Alumni, Erasmus in Schools -project, Corporate Identity, Partnerships and PoBS updates. Our international guests also presented their ESN countries through presentation and workshops. On Friday there was a Meet your colleagues session for and on Sunday the participants were able to practice their skills and discuss current matters in different workshops which treated topics such as AGM, SocialErasmus, Group dynamics, Presentation skills, General Fund and IT.

The proposed Standing Orders and Statutes changes caused a lot of discussion. The NB decided to postpone Statutes changes and instead establish a Working Group to work on both the SOs and the Statutes in order to find a stable solution. Standing Orders and updated General Fund guidelines, as well as the Action Plan and the Budget for the upcoming board term, were accepted. Three members for the new National Board  (1.6.14 - 31.5.15) were also elected: Heini Jyräkoski for NR, Matilda Vähäkangas for Treasurer and Mikko Hyvärinen for IT Manager. There were no candidates for the positions of President, Vice-President or National Section Coordinator and an open call for these positions will be launched shortly.
The sections were asked to provide the NB and the OC with feedback from the NP. The NB gathered from their feedback that overall, the sections were quite happy with the NP and considered the programme relevant and interesting. Some sections wished for more time and clarity for voting and more energisers during the plenaries. More time for workshops & interactive programme was also asked for. Chairing was generally considered good, although some sections felt that the comments could be restricted in order to succeed in time management. Some sections wished for more practical topics for presentations.


ESN Finland Mascot

ESN Finland mascot was finally given a name. Now her name is Aurora Lumia Poro. Very exotic and noble name, which she acquired during the Official Naming Ritual in NP Lappeenranta.


Eramus+ is the new EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport for 2014-2020. Erasmus+ brings together seven (Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Jean Monnet, Comenius, Youth in Action, Grundtvig, Erasmus Mundus) existing EU programmes in the fields of Education, Training and Youth. Key actions of the Erasmus+ programme are: 1) mobility of individuals, 2) cooperation for innovation and the exchange or good practices and 3) support for policy reforms. More information can be found here:


Mov’in Europe is the Flagship project 2014 of ESN AISBL. It aims to promote mobility opportunities to students through ESN sections. Main objectives are proper provision about the new Erasmus+ programme, as well as ensuring the understanding and the preparation of ESNers to offer quality information towards local students.


Situation in Switzerland has been really concerning lately. The right-conservative party SVP/UDC made an initiative against mass immigration. It aims to restrain the amount of immigrant population in Switzerland by setting up quotas. ESN Switzerland has started to fight against this and the president of ESN AISBL, Stefan Jahnke is discussing with the European Commission how this will affect the new Erasmus+ programme.


New candidate section: During CNR Sofia it was voted if the network accepts St.Petersburg as a candidate section and the vote was positive and they are a candidate section now. There will be a study trip to St.Petersburg in the near future.


Open Call for the OC of NEP 2014: the Open Call of the next NEP OC was extended. The new deadline for the applications is 16th of April. If your section is interested in organising the next Northern European Platform, please be in contact with the NR of ESN Finland, Heini.


Alumni: There has been a lot of discussion about the Alumni Network. The Alumnis are aiming at getting more involved in the network than before.

A new intern at the ESN headquarters in Brussels: Monika Rešetar who will be responsible for research and proofreading. She will be supporting the following ESN projects: EVA, STORY/PRIME 2014, Erasmus Impact Study, MapAbility and ESN Survey 2014. You can reach her at   


ESN Finland's Section of the Month

To give a little insight into our amazing local sections, the NB randomly selects one section each month to share a little something about themself with all the ESNers in Finland in our monthly newsletter. This month it’s ESN Vaasa’s turn to have the spotlight:


It all started during year 1998 – ESN’s heart has been beating in Vaasa since that year. Several

years, ride in rollercoaster could be used as describing ESN’s journey in Vaasa. Until end of

year 2013 ESN was operating under the Student union of University of Vaasa but it was time

for new course!


In January 2014 ESN in Vaasa was reborn – like phoenix from the ashes providing registered

association called European Student Network Vaasa, familiarly known as ESN Vaasa. During

the past a few years ESN operations in Vaasa has been settled by motivated and hardworking

local ESNers. Currently ESN in Vaasa means visible and open, easy to approach, one way to

become internationalized and especially feeling to be part of a coherent community where all

international minded and interested to be international minded are more than welcome to



ESN Vaasa provides various cultural related events and activities as a purpose to promote

ESN in Vaasa, improve internationalization in Vaasa and gather Finnish and non-Finnish

academic students in Vaasa together to feel and enjoy international atmosphere.


As a city – Vaasa, The Pearl of West Coast, represents Finland and its culture, Finland’s multi

linguistic heritage and beautiful nature including The Kvarken Archipelago, which has a place

in UNESCO World Heritage List.


We in ESN Vaasa are open for different kind of suggestions. So please contact us in any

possible matter – want to have co-operation, learn more about ESN Vaasa or come and visit

“always sunny, partly windy” city of Vaasa (:


Waiting to meet you all in PoBS & AGM and the events to come!

Anna, Henrik, Matilda, Vilhelm, Sofia, Anniina, Sirja, Johan & Sally the Seal

ESN Vaasa board 2014


Open Call for the Communication and Media Internship in the ESN headquarters:

ESN hereby offers a Communication and Media Internship for students in higher education to work on our future communication projects in 2014. The main tasks are: Assisting in all communication-related tasks, such as working on the newsletter,, etc., the social media implementation, graphic designs and the ESN online tools, contribution to the release of our internal ESN eXpress magazine and various external publications. Deadline for the applications is the 15th of March 2014. Please send a short motivation letter, CV and examples of works related to communication and design to If you want more information, please ask Heini or your LR.

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