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ESN Finland Newsletter 6 (August 2014)
1 Board updates

There hasn’t happened much in the last month when it comes to international events or news. However, the NB has covered a lot of topics in the four meetings during July, e.g.:

  • Selecting the national coordinators for SocialErasmus, Mov’in Europe, Responsible Party and Education Officer.

  • Selecting the PoBS team for the next cruise

  • Negotiating with TallinkSilja about the possible dates for the PoBS as well as deciding the only possibility after a long discussion

  • Negotiating with DNA and presenting the new contract to the Skype NP II of 2014

  • Preparations for the NP Vaasa have already started

You can contact us through the or the personal email addresses

2 Skype NP II

The NB held it’s first National Platform on 16th of July. The official and most important matter discussed was the acceptance of the DNA contract for the next year. The new contract is now valid from 1.8.2014 – 31.7.2015.
Other than this matter, we informed the sections of the dates of the next Pirates of the Baltic Sea cruise, which will be held on 9th of November - 11th of November. We also discussed the National Platform in Vaasa and answered some of your questions relating to it.

3 International news

  • Section Questionnaire 2014 has been opened! Make sure to fill it in by the 31st of October! You can find the questionnaire in here:

  • Communication Committee is looking for new members and the deadline to apply is the 1st of September. For further information please contact Heini and/or check the international news from your mailbox.

  • The International SocialErasmus Team has new PR managers: Alexandra Bigotte de Almeida (Portugal) and Willem Beks (the Netherlands).

  • The new PR manager of Eduk8 is Pawel Pankowicz (Poland).

  • The National Board has decided to send Saniya Giniatullina as the NSEC to the SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting to Besancon. In addition to her the NB is willing to send 1-2 local SE coordinators too, if possible. Check the e-mail sent by Heini/NR for further information.

  • The International Board has established two new partnerships: Fiat and Jooble.

  • Reminder: The Northern European Platform (NEP) will be organised in Stockholm 7.11.-9.11.2014. Make sure to write it down in your calendars!

4 Newly elected members in ESN Finland

  • National SocialErasmus Coordinator: Saniya Giniatullina (ESN Kisa)

  • National Responsible Party Coordinator: Tomas Sandberg (ESN Metropolia)

  • National Mov’in Europe Coordinator: Jasmine Malla (ESN Åbo Akademi)

  • National Education Officer: Matleena Heikkinen (ESN Jyväskylä)

  • Pirates of the Baltic Sea Team:

    • Team coordinator: Iris Kivimäki (ESN HELGA)

    • Section coordinator: Salli Soini (ESN Uni Turku),

    • Program planners: Sarlot Smydova (ESN active?), Susan Lehtinen (ESN Uni Turku)

    • Sponsorships: Rodolfo Rubio (ESN active?)

5 Section of the Month Explained

We will start with the Section of the Month in September. To alleviate the pressure to come up with something last minute, we’ve decided to specify the months for sections in advance. This way everyone knows that they have to have a good story to tell to the other sections when their turn comes. The idea remains the same. Each section should tell about their section and their best events with some pictures.

We kindly ask Metropolia to start the round by being the first in line. Some of the sections don’t have a set month, but they can participate if they wish as the second Section of the Month.

Share the best that you have with the other sections so they can learn from you. Every section is unique and this way we’ll know in what way.


  • September: Metropolia
  • October: Jyväskylä
  • November: Uni Helsinki
  • December: Åbo Akademi
  • January: Oulu
  • February: Lappeenranta
  • March: Lapland
  • April: Uni Turku
  • May: Joensuu
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