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ESN Finland Newsletter 7 (September 2014)
1 Board updates

Topics that we’ve covered in the six meetings that we’ve had during August include:

  • ESNcards

  • NP Vaasa planning

  • Section questionnaire

  • NEP NBM Tartu. Mikael attended this meeting.

  • Summer Introduction Meeting in the Netherlands. Heini and Juho-Heikki attended the meeting with our cooperation National Board the Netherlands.

  • Pirates of the Baltic Sea practical arrangements

  • Financial matters

  • Finding a storage for ESN Finland stuff

  • SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting in Besançon

  • STORY Conference in Brussels

2 Important updates

2.1 The New Yorker vouchers

Hello, please inform your sections about this update from the IB. I will quote IB verbatim:

"I have some bad news unfortunately.

New Yorker has decided to recall the voucher that you recently received with your ESNcard order. They want to replace it with a new voucher which contains the added condition that the discount only applies to purchases of at least 25 EUR.

This means that you should not distribute the New Yorker vouchers to the students. If you have distributed some already, inform the students that they are invalid.

We are in the process of printing new vouchers. We cannot give an exact delivery date but we are aiming for end of October. It is obviously not an ideal situation to receive the vouchers so late but that's the best we can do.

NOTE: The NY vouchers that you distributed during the Spring with a validity date until 28/02/2015 are still valid

We will keep you updated"

2.2 Erasmus in Schools training in Jyväskylä

As this training is primarily meant for the exchange students, the travel expenses of the ESNers nor the accommodation aren’t covered. The costs for the sections are approx. 40 € per person plus travel expenses. The funding for this project only covers the expenses of the people who actually attend the project itself. That means if you’re an ESNer from another European country in Finland and you would like to attend the project and the training, your expenses will be covered.

Feel free to attend the meeting if you can join. There will be an evening program organized by the ESN Jyväskylä, but everything else has been organized by the Eurooppalainen Suomi and Stefano De Luca, the coordinator of the project. The training will include a visit to a Finnish school as well as trainings on Friday and Saturday.

Quoting Stefano:

For those who do not know it yet, the Erasmus in Schools project is meant for all the Erasmus students, European Degree students/researchers interested in visiting Finnish schools and thus getting to know Finnish culture and school system from the inside. More precise information on our website.
Anyone can participate to the info-events and is very welcome to take part; yet important information is also that only Erasmus students, European Degree students/researchers studying/working in Finland can fully participate to the project, receiving movie tickets as compensation and getting all travel expenses refunded, when the school is outside their municipality of residence.

3 International news

  • Section Questionnaire 2014 has been opened! Make sure to fill it in by the 31st of October! You can find the questionnaire in here:

  • The ESN 25th Anniversary events

    • There are two parts of the anniversary celebration:

      • 1) an online flash mob: Thunderclap

      • 2) a "physical" flash mob: Flag parades

    • SIGN UP now and on October 16th we will all share our message at the same time! Can you imagine that with so many ESNers? We can surely reach more than the maximum estimation of 500. We have 50 days to go, so let's start now!

    • We would like to raise the visibility of the whole network in the week of our anniversary: October 13th to 19th! Design your own flag parades.

  • Launch of the MapAbility Map to inform students with disabilities which Universities are accessible for them


    • Send the map to your International Relation Office and to your Disability Office/Unit

    • Include the Map on your website! If you have a part where you promote how to go abroad, you can simply include it there.

    • Post, tweet, share and retweet! Our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) will be actively promoting the launch of the map in the next days.

    • For any question you may have, please do not hesitate to contact your National ExchangeAbility Coordinator or your National Board.

  • has been launched

    • As a section you can promote the website to international but also local students. This benefits everyone!

      • 1. Students will be happy to hear more about the possibilities of spending a time abroad while doing an internship.

      • 2. Promoting the website will have a direct impact on the professional image of your section and thus will lead to a better relation with your University but also potential commercial partners.

      • 3. If you section doesn't host Erasmus Trainees themselves yet it is the perfect moment to start thinking about it.

    • There is many more possibilities and we will within the next week provide you with promotional material, instructions on how to take most advantage of the website as a section and will ensure that a wide range of companies will offer traineeships on the website.

  • For the moment you can use our promo-video: to make everyone aware of the platform.


4 The section questionnaire

This survey is organized by ESN Finland NB. Our aim in this survey is to see the strength and issues of each section and try to craft a solution accordingly. Also, if needed, the statistics can be used for helping to the sections or NB in the future. We are not giving you a deadline but please do it as fast and precisely as you can. The information is going to be kept confidential.

5 Section of the Month: ESN Metropolia

Baltic Countries Trip by ESN Metropolia

ESN Metropolia has organized for several years (once every semester) a trip to the Baltic Countries, since the beginning each edition has been slightly different from the previous ones. The trip has been organized to last one to two nights stays in each city. The event price (150 – 175 €) includes the transport by ferry and bus from Helsinki to all the visited cities, the accommodation (with breakfast included).

The programme has included the cities of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius providing visits to the Sigulda Castle, Saku beer factory and other interesting sites along the way. The programme in the visited cities we have delegated it to the ESN sections in the visited cities, which had organized city tours and social events for the night with the exchange students in their universities.
Upcoming sections

  • October: Jyväskylä
  • November: Uni Helsinki
  • December: Åbo Akademi
  • January: Oulu
  • February: Lappeenranta
  • March: Lapland
  • April: Uni Turku
  • May: Joensuu
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