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ESN Finland Newsletter 10 (December 2014)


  • 1 Board updates
  • 2 Updates about events
    • 2.1 NP Skype III
    • 2.2 NP Skype IV
    • 2.3 MooseCup
    • 2.4 Council of National Delegates Vilnus 2014
    • 2.5 Annual General Meeting Ankara 2015
    • 2.6 ESN Survey 2015
  • 3 International news
  • 4 Section of the Month: ESN Åbo Akademi

1 Board updates

There have been a lot of things on the table during the last month and the news on the newsletter are both good and bad. Due to the improvements in our communication with the coordinators and the resignations of the NB positions, sitting the board has had nine quorate meetings since the last newsletter a month ago.

It’s sad to see that since the last ESN Finland Newsletter, two of our board has left their position due to personal reasons. Juho-Heikki Ollikainen from the Vice-President's position and Yigit Zorlutuna from the National Section Coordinator position. We immediately opened the open calls for the vacant positions and we’ve so far gained a new person in the board, Sanna Hakala from ESN IAC Turku, as the NSC. Currently there’s an open call for the new Vice-President position who will be chosen in the Skype NP IV on the 21st of December 2014.

What have we been discussing in the 7 regular board meetings:

  • Mov’in Europe conference participation: Jasmine Malla, our National Coordinator
  • MooseCup preparations & aftermath: buses, feedback & expenses
  • NEP participants & preparations
  • PoBS preparations & aftermath
  • Allianssi annual meeting
  • Seinäjoki section study trip
  • Gift exchange
  • Allianssi committee of international affairs applications
  • Presidents and Education Officers meeting in Brussels in November
  • Gadgets from the ESN Webshop
  • The new open calls for VP, NSC, ExchangeAbility Coordinator, National Magazine Team and Pirates of the Baltic Sea team
  • ESN Finland & Mov’in Europe rollups
  • Resignations of the VP & NSC
  • Treasurers’ and Partnership Managers’ meeting in Brussels in November
  • Extraordinary Skype NPs III & IV

And 2 special meetings which were national coordinators & PoBS team meetings this month:

  • PoBS team feedback meeting
    • The communication of the NB and the PoBS team should be better
    • The PoBS team should meet before the event physically
    • The task division was good
    • Everything went well in the harbour
    • The program on the board was good in general and no need to add more program, but make the existing ones better
    • The Hard Rock Cafe was a new partner, but we would like to get more new partners for this event
  • National Project Coordinators & Education Officers steering meeting
    • NSEC (National SocialErasmus Coordinator): More and more SocialErasmus events have been held due to promotion of the project
    • NRPC (National Responsible Party Coordinator): 4 Responsible Party events have been organized this semester and 2 have been ordered for the next
    • NEO (National Education Officer): ESN’s role in the EU research on studying has been acknowledged. The NEO has been in contact with the HEIs (Higher Education Institutes) and the NA (National Agency CIMO)
    • NMEC (National Mov’in Europe Coordinator): Mov’in Europe has had a slow start. Jasmine attended the Mov’in Europe conference in Brussels in November. ESN Finland is preparing a social media campaign and other physical events to promote the project.
If you have any questions regarding the topics or other matters, please don’t hesitate to contact the board by sending email to us: You can also send email to us by our name or position: or president/vice-president/treasurer/nr/sectioncoordinator/

2 Important updates

2.1 NP Skype III

The first of the extraordinary Skype NPs was already known due to the fact that we didn’t get applications for the OC of the Spring NP 2015. The added topics on top of that were the NSC election and the PoBS dates for the spring semester.

The important topics discussed and voted on were:
  • Election of the National Section Coordinator for National Board 2014/2015
  • Electing the Organizing Committee for National Platform for Spring 2015
  • Choosing the Pirates of the Baltic Sea dates for Spring 2015
  • CND votings: ESN Russia, CND OC 2015, flagship project of ESN International

2.2 NP Skype IV

The next Skype NP IV will be held on Skype on the 21st of December. More information available is for the Local Representatives.
The agenda:

  • Electing the new Vice-President for the NB 2014-2015

2.3 Moose Cup

MooseCup is over and the event was great. Three sections from ESN Finland participated in the event: ESN Joensuu, ESN Uni Helsinki and ESN Aalto. All the section arrived to Jyväskylä in the morning for the tournament which started at 9:30 at Monitoimitalo, Jyväskylä. There were about 20 teams in total, most of which were formed from Jyväskylä’s exchange and international degree students. The tournament went on the whole day and we had an after party in the evening at a local Club called Escape. Overall the feedback was good, but there’s always room for improvement and since the whole arrangements were on the NB, we felt like there wasn’t enough preparations done. Based on the feedback though, there’s definitely a demand for a sporty ESN Finland national event.

ESN Joensuu, ESN Uni Helsinki & ESN Aalto participants <3

Heini, Mikko and Matilda from the National Board are attending the CND in Vilnius from the 11th of December till the 15th of December. You have received a separate e-mail about CND Vilnius but if you still have something to comment on, please send your comments via e-mail to Heini: If you don't have any comments, just wait for Heini's report that will follow after the meeting :)


  • The registration for the AGM Ankara is open now! Please register at least one person from your section for the AGM in here.
  • Every section can send 1 participant for sure. In case there are extra spots, you should register the people interested in joining as if we get extra spots and you have not registered for the event by the deadline 16.2.2015 there is no chance to get a spot anymore.
  • AGM is the main decision-making body of ESN International. All the official sections of our network are invited to the AGM to decide about how the network should be run the following year. The AGM usually takes place in March or April and lasts for four days. The program begins on Thursday evening and the official meeting is scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • More information about AGM you can find here.
2.6 ESNSURVEY 2015
  • The deadline to fill in the ESNSurvey has been extended until the 15th of January 2015.
  • It is really important to promote this survey so please do share it everywhere you can!
  • The survey is aimed at people who already have been on exchange or done a traineeship abroad.
  • This time the topic is about Local Integration, Economic Impact and Accompanying Measures in International Mobility.

3 International news

  • Open Call for the International Responsible Party Team - deadline extended until the 14th of December.
  • Open Call for the NEP 2015 OC. Deadline to apply: 9.1.2015.
  • Open Call for the CNR May 2015 OC. Deadline to apply: 9.1.2015.
  • Open Call for the ESN Spring Training OC. Deadline to apply: 30.12.2014.
  • EUCIS-LLL is organising its 4th Lifelong Learning Week in the European Parliament in Brussels from 2 to 11 December 2014. More information can be found here.
  • Gift Exchange has sent the participating sections an e-mail of the paired sections. If you have registered for this and haven't received an e-mail, please contact Heini.

4 Section of the Month: ESN Åbo Akademi

ESN Åbo Akademi, founded already in 1994, is one of the three ESN sections located in Turku. We’re a relatively small group and university, only taking on 200-300 exchange students per year, but we organize a lot of joint activities and parties with the other sections in Turku. Aside from participating in the trips to Lapland and Russia, the Pirates of the Baltic Trips and other programs in cooperation with other ESN sections, we have our own social gatherings, like our movie evenings, where we introduce our foreign student to the Nordic movie-scene. Our next event will be a joint ESN event in Turku, the Farewell Party, which will also be a Responsible party.

This year we also had the pleasure of introducing our new mascot and updating our logos. Aura, our beautiful Finnish swan, has been enjoying her new role so far, and is looking forward to attending events within Turku and Finland, maybe even going abroad, if she gets the chance? Aura is an active user of social media, so you can find her and our section on Facebook, Instagram (@ESNTurkuAbo) and our own webpage; Since we’re heading for a new year with a new board, the old board would like to thank everyone within the ESN family for an awesome year, and we’re looking forward to working with you in the future.

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