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The Neat and Out of Scope Newsletter, Issue #5


Hey everybody, welcome back to this week's installment of The Neat and Out of Scope Newsletter. I have a lot of interesting articles for you this week, so I hope you enjoy them!
Excellent, excellent article by Sam Dogen at Financial Samurai with what will be, to some, a hard-hitting realization of who the top 1% really are. You know, the people so many like to demonstrate against and say should pay more in taxes on the money they work just as hard as you to make? They aren't so different from you and me, really. Why begrudge them their hard-earned success?

Who Are The Top 1% Income Earners?

It's been quite a while since I read J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, but I remember them fondly; I loved the series--everything about it, from the characters to the world they were set in and everything in between. Although it has become cliché to say this, these are some of the best books I have ever read. So when I saw an article attempting to explain such an important aspect of this incredible story, love, in the context of the Wizarding world, I didn't even try to resist. Alyssa Rosenberg had some great insights into this topic, J.K. Rowling's motivations, subtext, and the results of her decisions throughout the series.

I think it's time for me to dust those books off my shelf again, and then spend some time watching this amazing story unfold on the big screen. It gets better every single time.

What J.K. Rowling’s Ron And Hermione Bombshell Tells Us About True Love And ‘Harry Potter’

Conversations involving skeuomorphism almost invariably devolve to a discussion of iOS between version six and seven. However, outside of the mobile phone industry--as well as inside it, although that argument is not a discussion for today--this practice of making something new more widely acceptable by likening it to something familiar has great value and could, potentially, prove a very important factor in the next generation of automobiles. Don Norman writing for MIT's Technology Review takes an interesting look at the future of this oft-used term, putting it into the new, more complimentary light it deserves.

What Noise Does the Electric Car Make?

Last Sunday HBO aired a fifteen minute preview for the fourth season of Game of Thrones, set to premiere on April sixth. The way things look right now, season four is shaping up to be the greatest--by any measure--season to date. I can't wait.

The 5 Big Promises of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4

Apparently "urban photography" has become a "thing" in what used to be the USSR, wherein photographers climb old abandoned structures or descend deep into the group and take pictures of the unlikeliest of places. Very, very cool.

The urban explorers of the ex-USSR

Great article from Financial Samurai explaining how much it would cost you to buy your kid's way into some of the nation's top universities. Unsurprisingly, it's more money than I will likely see in the next decade. 

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Your Kid’s Way Into The Best Private Universities?

Another really great post from Financial Samurai, this time explaining stock portfolios. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to read. Fascinating.

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Investing In The Stock Market

Get past the annoying pre-roll ad and you will find a story about an interesting London-based startup panning to farm underground beneath one of the world's largest cities. From what admittedly little I can tell from their promo video, it looks like they have a great plan in place. Hopefully they will be able to expand to other major cities in the future.

There Is A Huge Underground Farm Hiding 100 Feet Beneath London's Streets

There is nothing sensational about this headline: these must truly be some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Incredible.

10 Of The World’s Most Unbelievable Places

TwimeMachine is a great alternative to Twitter's terrible search, or trying to find an old tweet with Google. Grant it access to your account, give it a few seconds to index your tweets, and you're off to the races. Great service, and it's free to boot.


Probably my favorite feature of Marked is its ability to highlight complex, overused words in my writing. Hemingway takes this one step further in highlighting difficult to read sentences, undesirable parts of speech, and poor sentence construction. Awesome. Now if they would only make it available as a desktop application... Thankfully, you can cast your vote in favor of this release by heading over to the site and hitting the "Desktop Version" button. I'm not sure Hemingway would replace Sublime Text as my main writing app, but I would definitely find a place for it in my editing workflow.


Sublimall is a neat, open-source Sublime Text plugin for syncing settings across multiple devices. I only have Sublime Text on one computer, but if I used it across more I would definitely find this extremely useful. There's nothing more annoying than an inconsistent work environment.



Until next week, thanks for reading.
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