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March 2022

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Sophie's choice - Food for thought
ICYMI - ECan land, discussions continue
The Community Reports 
Something to Puzzle Over 
And then there's the Covid-19 stuff

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Thank you, guys, for your contributions to this March issue

This year the Ōmārama Gazette has a focus on community group reports and our 'Noticeboard' section.
Let us all know what you are up to, and any little snippets such as congratulations or farewells.
There are some guidelines and the usual editorial standards will apply.
Contributions of up to 500 words with a minimum of one photo are welcome – as you know most of us have short attention spans.
Contributions must carry a byline, will be fact checked, must be fair and ethical; balancing opinion may be sought.
No promotional or corporate media 'manufactured' pieces,  will be accepted.
We want to read those ‘exclusives’.
Let’s read all about it, and read it here first – let’s have news and more you’ve never heard before!
Go on, let's all have some fun! 
Contact the Ōmārama Gazette
The Noticeboard 
To have your community notice included here email:

Very happy belated birthdays to Lex Perriam, Malcolm Cameron and Blair Shaw - our February birthday boys!!
And very happy March birthdays to Ross Tangey (65) and Shona Smith (70).
(see photos below by Julie Dyson and Ruth Grundy)
A special milestone birthday - 80 years was celebrated by our gentle matriarch of Ōhau (see below).

Congratulations to Upper Waitaki Young Farmer Club member Tom Adkins, 23, who has won the reginal final and will go on to compete in the FMG Young Farmer of the Year Grand Final. Tom is a block manager on Caberfeidh Station.

Our sincere condolences to family and friends of Kathleen Sutherland, formerly of Benmore Station.

Our condolences to family and friends of Dr Joe Chambers, of Kurow. Our respected Upper Waitaki  GP for many years.

The Upper Waitaki Returned and Services Association will hold its annual meeting at 2pm, Saturday, March 19, at the Back Bar of the Kurow Hotel.
Contact Karen Hofman 027 208 2669

Kurow Medical Centre  Ōmārama Clinic at the  Ōmārama Community Centre, is open Thursdays, 8.30am to 12.30pm. To make appointments for all clinics, order repeat scripts or make enquiries please contact Kurow Medical Centre 03 436 0760
(Monday to Thursdays).

The Ōmārama Community Library is open 9.30am to 11am,  Wednesdays and Saturdays. Library hours can change. Contact Yvonne: 027 476 7473.

St Thomas' Ōmārama Church Community: 
chairperson: Ven Dr Michael Godfrey, phone 022 342 9977 or  email; committee secretary (Presbyterian) : Lee Kearon, phone: 021 250 1060 or email:

The Ōmārama Golf Club  Saturdays cards in 12.30pm, tee-off 1pm. Club captain James Moynihan phone: 027 215 8266; email

The Upper Waitaki Young Farmers Club meets at 7.30pm on the first Monday of each month at the ‘Top Pub’ - the Blue and Gold pub, in Kurow. All welcome. Join the Facebook group.

Ōmārama Playgroup meets at 9.30am each Wednesday during the primary school term at the Ōmārama Community Centre.  For more information phone president Tarryn Benton 027 201 7065 or secretary Aimee Snelgrove 022 350 5536

Bridge Club - The Ōmārama  Bridge Club meets on a regular basis and would welcome new members. If you are interested please phone Sylvia Anderson 438 9784 or Ann Patterson 438 9493.

The Ōmārama Model Aircraft Club meets on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon at its flying ground at the Ōmārama airfield. All welcome - Contact Don Selbie on 027 435 5516.

FENZ Ōmārama Volunteer Fire Brigade meets 7pm each Wednesday and has its meeting at 7:30pm on the third Wednesday of the month. New members welcome. 

A gentle exercises and social afternoon group meets at the Otematata District Club at 1.30pm  Thursday afternoons. Gold coin donation and a cuppa after the exercises.

Learn to play Bridge Otematata, 7pm Thursdays at the Otematata District Club.
We have several persons learning at the present time. people can just sit in and watch to begin with if they prefer.  Contact Ethel Gray 03  438 7764 or just arrive. Non members of the club will need to be signed in by an existing member.

Plunket Line: 0800 933 922
Ōmārama Plunket Committee: phone Petrina Paton 027 345 6192 
Many Happy Returns to Rae Spiers, of Lake Ōhau Alpine Village,
who turned 80 last month. Photo: Louis Campbell, The Village Collie
Thank you to all who share your stories and
contribute in other ways to the Gazette.

We all really appreciate what you do.

If you find anything amiss in the Ōmārama  Gazette
please contact Ruth Grundy, 021 294 8002 or email
and I will do my very best to put it right.

To receive email alerts between monthly editions of the Ōmārama Gazette sign up to our 'Local List'.
and put 'Local List' in the subject line.
Sophie's choice ... food for thought
A cropped in view of how Ōmārama's town centre could look
taken from a design plan by  landscape architect Sophie Strachan

By Ruth Grundy

Sometimes it can really spark the imagination to see ourselves as others see us.
Back in 2009 a young Sophie Gilchrist had Ōmārama on her mind.
Into the fourth and final year of her  Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons) degree at Lincoln University the townscape of Ōmārama was front and centre of her thoughts.
Her task for her final year was to complete a major design project to demonstrate she had grasped all the skills taught to her throughout the course and show she was ready to move on out into the world of landscape architecture.
Sophie, who grew up in Otematata, chose Ōmārama as her final design study.
The tutor urged the students to choose a place they knew well which might have a “number of issues or challenges” ahead of it as it grew in size.
The final concept was just that, broad-brush in scope,  ideas to inspire, she said.
Quite by chance the design work has found its way back to Ōmārama – but she is happy for it to be published as a “good way to spark people’s ideas” and encourage people to “think a little more big picture”.


Back in 2009 in the course of her work, she received input from Waitaki District Council planners, including then planning manager David Campbell, who has recently returned to the council as heritage and planning manager. Much of the task involved looking at the “planning level challenges” of the concept, she said.
She remembers the key to the plan was to work through the issue of the two state highways  running through town, to create a town centre that was pedestrian and people friendly but “not be a hassle for vehicles to get through”; to make it more of a “stopping point”.
It was about creating a “gateway” – “to create a location that will become a base for exploration…to make Omarama a memorable part of the journey for all those who pass”.
“I think that's one of the biggest challenges that plenty of small towns around the country have to deal with.”
The project earned her an A- grade.
Sophie, who has since married, is now Sophie Strachan and lives in Christchurch.
She is still a regular visitor to Otematata and much of her time away from the office is spent as a rowing coach. 
Sophie became involved in rowing at school when she was at Craighead Diocesan in Timaru, where she later became involved as a coach.
This year she is coaching Rangi Ruru Girls School having coached Christchurch Boys High since 2018 and will be spending the next few weekends in Twizel.
Sophie still works as a commercial landscape architect in contract/consultancy-type roles which has involved varying work .
Below: Green spaces are a focus of the town centre
To see the full size graphics and design concept, in particular the detail which was difficult to reproduce here check out these pdfs here and here.
Or links:
Play Bridge the fun and simple way
A great opportunity right here in Omarama

 (Begins this afternoon, Wednesday)
 Mini-Bridge Lessons 
at the Omarama Community Centre
Wednesday, March 2 and Thursday March 3
1.30pm start  $2.00 per session.
Welcome to play either or both days.      
Mini Bridge is a simplified version of Bridge. 
Fun to play, easy to learn, enjoyed by children and adults.  
There is the possibility of setting up weekly sessions. 
 ph Ann 027 201 2312 for further info.
ICYMI - ECan land, discussions continue
This story is brought to you by; the anonymous resident who posted the sign above (the old fashioned way), our roving reporter Michelle Kitchen, and with the assistance of Ahuriri  Community Board chairperson Vicky Munro and several others!

Last month, Environment Canterbury councillor Peter Scott met with the Omarama Residents’ Association to discuss the status of the parcel of land – the old Rabbit Board Land - and houses that ECan has been maintaining on behalf of LINZ. (See minutes of the meeting below)
Fenz Omarama Volunteer Fire Brigade chief Greg Harper said Fenz had also raised concerns with ECan (see Greg’s report below).


The Residents’ Association had written to ECan in December to ask for answers.
ECan replied that it had begun a new maintenance contract for these properties to ensure they are well-kept.
Some were tenanted, and some were used by field staff on occasion, instead of using motels, it said in it's Facebook post.
"The reason why there hasn’t been any major upgrades or development is that Environment Canterbury has instigated the process to dispose of this land, which will involve a report from to the Commissioner of Crown Lands and right of refusal to Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu."

Vicky referred the matter to Peter.
Cr Scott said it was his understanding ECan had no further use for the land and he would follow up the two issues; future maintenance and land ownership, and report back to the next meeting of the Residents’ Association.

Here is the background to Peter's visit, published on the Omarama Gazette Facebook page, February 11, 2022, in response to issues raised  by Michelle Kitchen and the anonymous signwriter!

Maintenance issue also addressed

The posts on the Omarama Gazette Facebook page regarding ownership and maintenance of the property in central Omarama have motivated some new action.
Environment Canterbury's South Canterbury councillor Peter Scott contacted the Omarama Gazette this morning with this message.
He would like the community to know that he is most unhappy about the situation and has spoken to - Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand- who are charged with actioning the disposal of the properties about the matter "a number of times".
He is following up the maintenance issue to ensure it is being addressed.
Plus, he has sent the following email, which he has allowed me share, to: ECan Councillor John Sunckell, who is the ECan Audit, Finance and Risk Committee chairperson. (This committee deals with property.); ECan chairperson Jenny Hughey; Waitaki District councillor Bill Kingan, who is the WDC Assets Committee chairperson and interim Ahuriri Ward co-councillor; and Ahuriri Community Board chairperson Vicky Munro, among others.

The text is below;
"Subject: Omarama Properties
Mōrena John
As discussed with you I have been contacted by Vicky Munro (Cc) regarding the ex rabbiters accommodation in Omarama.
The issue about their future has been previously discussed with Miles McConway [former Ecan director of finance and corporate services], and Bronwyn Simmonds [ECan asset services manager].
The properties are legacy properties from the changes made when Regional Councils were established.
ECan has no further use for these properties and so their future sits with LINZ.
I have had a similar discussion about a property at St Andrews that is bare land.
LINZ have to my knowledge yet to respond to ECan about the future of these properties.
The Omarama properties are within the village and are in a sad state. FENZ (neighbour) are concerned about fire risk as the properties are untended and a fire risk.
The grass has since been trimmed and some risk lessened.
I would hold out little hope of any speedy response to this issue as any process with LINZ is glacial in movement.
My suggestion would be to put a proposal to LINZ that the properties be put in the care of Waitaki District Council and or the local community board.
I have spoken the local Waitaki Councillor Bill Kingan and he is happy.
My suggestion is that you take this forward as Chair of PARC and see if we can gain some resolution.
These properties are not ours to sell but could we on lease them.
Could LINZ allow a 50 year lease to the community,
Other opportunities ??
Peter Scott."

Peter said people are welcome to contact him:
027 491 6413

An earlier post:


Gaining expressions of interest for boot camp sessions and other fitness classes of 45 minutes in the community hall.
These sessions are for all levels of fitness!
At this stage, it is to be confirmed of exact days and times, but will be a range of mornings, day times and evenings.
Please email me, if you're interested, and your preferable times/days.
Once I've had some interest, I will put together a timetable and more details of what the classes look like. 
These will begin, end of March/ early April.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Time to start thinking about winter sports.
Soccer is a great team sport for kids and your local club is Riverside Football providing teams for kids aged 4yrs to 13yrs from Twizel to Papakaio.
Information about registration day will be coming soon and posted on the RFC FB page (link below) head on over and like and keep informed about Soccer for the Waitaki Valley.

The Otematata Sports Club is looking for a person/people to help volunteer to run the community gym. Duties include signing up new clients, re-signing existing clients, and cleaning of the gym area. A full gym membership will be thrown in for the right person. There is also an opportunity for this person to set them selves up as a PT and run fitness classes. Contact Nick Chapman 021 355 681 or
Omarama junior tennis - in the news
Last week's Oamaru Mail captured all the action at the Town vs Country Junior Tennis tournament in Oamaru.
Omarama coach Becky Martin said, for our young tennis stars it was their first real match and they did us all proud.
They have all entered into the Oamaru closed champs next weekend - will keep you posted.

Photos: Oamaru Mail, Kayla Hodge
Something to puzzle over

Omarama Lamb Sale 2022
The April issue of the Ōmārama Gazette
is Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The close-off for this is Thursday, March 31.

Office hours are from 8am to 10am, Monday to Friday
Advertising pays for
production and distribution
To find out about publication and close-off dates,
and how much it costs to place your advertisment, 
 phone 021 294 8002, 03 438 9766 or email
The Community Reports
 Ōmārama Volunteer Fire Brigade
Hello again,

Here we are in March already. Time to tick off the pre-winter check list. If not already done get the chimney cleaned. Make sure there is plenty of dry firewood, have a metal container for ashes.
If you use an electric blanket please get it checked by an electrician.

Omicron is moving throughout the country at a great pace now. Let's try to keep ourselves as safe as we can. Masks and sanitiser are our primary defence and remember if you are unfortunate enough to need our assistance we will be asking some question around Covid and wearing extra PPE to protect ourselves before we start assisting any patients.

On a brighter note isn’t it great the grass in the land adjacent to the Fire Station has finally had some attention. The squeaky wheel finally got some action. Well done to the Residents' Association. I believe a letter was sent to ECan. Fenz has also had our risk reduction team dealing with the situation I had a call to check if there had been any action.

Let’s look out for each other over the next few months.
The stress will be high for some of us so chat or a phone call may be all that is needed.

Stay Safe
Greg Harper and the team at the Omarama Volunteer Fire Brigade      

Greg Harper
Chief Fire Officer 
021 293 1171
Facebook: /Omaramafirebrigade
Ōmārama Collie Dog Club
The Omarama Collie Dog Club trials begin on Sunday, March 6, at its grounds on Dalrachney Station,  2180 Omarama/Tarras Lindis Pass Hwy. They continue Monday, March 7.
Secretary: Carla Hunter P O Box 53, Omarama 9448; email:
Entries close 10am on the second day.
Ōmārama Shed
The Ōmārama Shed group meets at 10am each Saturday 

and at other times, too.

For further information contact: Murray Stuart 027 432 7537

Boots and Jandals Hotel Omarama Social Club
By Philip Jannink

A great day was had for the annual Boots and Jandals, Omarama Hotel Social Club Spud 🥔 in a Bucket 🪣 function.

A special thank you goes to Bruce and Julie and the great team at the Boots and Jandals Omarama Hotel for their great support and assistance throughout the day.
Also, to Laurie and Ross for judging the overall winners of the spud in the bucket and to Ricky and Malcolm for taking care of the barbeque duties.

In the child category for most potatoes, Isabella was the winner, Balin second and Paige third 
For the adults Jenni was the winner, Malcolm second and Simon third.
Tracy won the prize for the best-looking potatoes and in a very tough category Laurie won the prize for the least potatoes. 🪣😩

And no prizes for Paddy, those little blue pills didn’t help with your potato growing.

There was a great turn out and a special thank you to all who attended so a fun filled day was had by all 

Photos: Julie Dyson
Ōmārama Community Library 
Two urgent requests from our dedicated volunteers

- could could you have a check around for any summer reading books that maybe pining for their library home now their borrowers are back at school. There's a few still to be returned after the holiday reading programme. 
- volunteers are needed, numbers have dropped again which means our dedicated few do not get necessary time off. Please consider giving a couple of hours a month to help run this important community asset.

Please contact Georgie  027 486 1525 or Yvonne  027 476 7473
The  Ōmārama Community Library  
is open 9.30am to 11am, 
Wednesdays and Saturdays, 
at the Ōmārama Community Centre.
Ōmārama Residents' Association 
The next meeting of the 

Ōmārama Residents' Association is
7.30 pm Thursday, March 17, 2022

at the Ōmārama Community Centre

An invitation is extended to all

Lindsay Purvis, chairperson, 027 438 9630
Yvonne Jones, secretary, 027 476 7473 

The minutes of the last meeting are here
Could those who want to contact the association by mail, send accounts to be paid, or have correspondence considered at the monthly meetings ensure it is addressed to: 
The Secretary,  P O Box 93, Ōmārama 9448.
The association's email address is


To make a booking for an upcoming event or for more
information about hall hire and availability
please  contact  Michelle Kitchen, 027 280 5446

or email

‘The Community Reports' is
dedicated to news
from clubs, groups and sports teams.

Contributions are welcome 
And now for the Covid stuff 😀

Let's take this on together
A message from Nurse Tracy 

Hi all, 
With Covid-19 now in our community I know you are all doing your best to reduce any risk of spread if you are a close contact or have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.
It is also really important that you seek medical guidance/advice from either your medical centre (MacKenzie Health Centre - 03 976 0503) or Healthline (0800 611 116).

Please DO NOT come to my home for advice as you are putting me at risk (remember that some people can carry the virus without having any symptoms) but also when I am at home I am not in work mode/I do not have medical equipment nor do I have Personal Protective Equipment to be interacting with at risk people. I also need time to switch off from work and recharge.

I’m sure you can all respect this is a time of increased stress for all and we all need to take care of each other. 


Here's an brief update on the work of the Community Care Group 

Last week, Hana Halalele, one of  our Waitaki 'community connectors', dropped off a range of personal hygiene gear including masks for us to hand out as required,  with a lovely thank you card. (See photo above).

We plan to distribute this gear to our volunteers as and when required, especially for those working in the kitchen, plus it will be popped into the care packs which we deliver to households affected by isolation rules.
We are also to be sent some rapid antigen tests - we'll update you further about this process when these arrive.

Fingers crossed things stay quiet on the Covid front - but for now, at least, we are as ready as we can be.

Thank you to all for the thought you have put into this
and all the work behind the scenes.


Our volunteers are here to help - just give anyone of us a call.

If you must self-isolate and there's a few things you've not had a chance to do or get in, or you need to put your mind at rest over something, please feel free to call any of the numbers listed above.
We're a bunch of volunteers able to help with most things.
BUT  we will not approach you unless invited to by yourself or a friend. 
And your privacy and confidentiality will be respected.

🔸Keeping connected - keeping in touch and getting the info
Ruth Grundy, 021 294 8002
Adrienne Harper, 021 139 2817
 🔹‘Meals on wheels’  and deliveries
Carolynne Grant, 03 438 9742 and leave a message.
Georgie Robertson, 027 486 1525

 🔸 Rural tasks (complementing the work of the Rural Support Trust)
Annabelle and Richard Subtil; 
Annabelle 027 406 9522, Richard 027 208 9096
🔹Taking care of visitors and hospitality industry advice
(If you are accommodating guests in any way eg airbnb and have questions, give Megan a call) Megan Talarico, 021 545 566
🔸 Drop-offs and deliveries (other than meals above)
 Alona Shaw, 027 773 4214
🔹Pets and plants and necessary chores.
Tanya Humphreys 022 611 7099

Staying mentally well: This bugger takes its toll. We are all feeling anxious or stressed about this, it’s normal. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. You can call or text 1737 to talk with a trained counsellor for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
COVID-19 Healthline: 0800 358 5453
Healthline: 0800 611 116
Health advice about babies or children:
Plunket Line: 0800 933 922; Family Services: 0800 211 211
Work and Income: 0800 559 009
Alcohol Drug Helpline: 0800 787 797
Rural Support Trust: 0800 787 254
Business support: South Island 0800 505 096
Kurow Medical Centre: 03 436 0760 or Mackenzie Health Centre Twizel: 03 976 0503
Twizel Medical Centre: 03 435 0777
Mackenzie Pharmacy: 03 435 0883
Four Square Omarama:

Our Waitaki Community Connectors
These people are available to help with non-health-related welfare matters.
 Mafa Alaloto 021 107 8163 8.30 to 1pm
Oamaru Pacific Island Community Group Inc
Lauao Havili 027 213 8939 1pm to 5pm
Oamaru Pacific Island Community Group Inc
A dedicated 0800 COVID-19 welfare support helpline (0800 512 337) is also available to those who need to self-isolate.

Help for businesses
Free business helpline: 0800 505 096
Here is the latest news from MBIE  

Because Facebook is unreliable and some people do not run a social media account, all important or urgent messages will be emailed to you, posted on the noticeboard and/or posted as flyers in your mailbox.
To make certain you are on the list to receive these local notices email and put 'local list' in the
subject box. We'll do our level best to get the messages to you.

The volunteers involved in the development of this community plan include Omarama Police, FENZ Omarama, Otago Rural Support Trust, Omarama Resident's Association and Omarama business representatives.
Outside agencies - emergency services, medical practices, health and welfare will be able to 'feed into' this plan.
Is your household ready if someone gets Covid 19? Here is a checklist.
Links you might find useful

So you've had a positive Covid-19 test result - what happens next

If you take a PCR test and return a positive result for COVID-19, you will be notified of your result by text message from the official 2328 number.

If you take a rapid antigen test (RAT), you will have your result in person at the time. If you did this yourself at home, you should upload the positive result to your My COVID Record page. (See tips below) If you cannot do this, you can call 0800 222 478 for assistance. Once you have done this, you will receive a text message from the official 2328 number.

This text will include a link to a data free online form that you will need to fill out. This form will help with notification of your household contacts, and will provide information to your health team about any health needs you may have, such as if you are pregnant or have diabetes. 

Read more here:

How to take a Rapid Antigen Test

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for your Rapid Antigen Test kit.
But if your eight year-old inner child doesn't kick in with advice, here's a demonstration by an expert  from New South Wales Health.
And here's how to upload the result to your Covid health record
If you need help with uploading the result please call one of the community connectors (see above) or the 0800 COVID-19 welfare support helpline (0800 512 337)
The Waitaki Newcomers Network 
For more information about this group and to subscribe to regular updates send contact details to

Contact: Christine Dorsey
027 242 8643
Abacus House
102 Thames Street
03 434 7544
The Directory

Get your winter wood order in and win with Hot Tubs Omarama
Order your winter wood now and every metre ordered goes into the draw to win a Hot Tub and platter for two at Hot Tubs Omarama. The more you order the more chances you have to win.
Orders must be in before March 13 to enter. 
You do not need to receive or pay for your wood to enter, just simply put in your order with email, phone number and delivery address and desired delivery date.
Delivery date must be before April 17 and winner will be drawn once all the wood for this competition has been delivered.
Hot mix - blend of larch and pine $100pm 027 635 5664
of firewood logs.
Larch/Corsican pine mix
$1750 per load includes delivery to Omarama.
2 loads available. Call Andy 029 526 6673

phone 021 294 8002 or email


Building since 1939 - available for your all of your construction projects in the Upper Waitaki and Mackenzie districts.
Contact our area manager Jason Pryde on 021 340 694
or email
Public notice - Meridian Energy
Ōhau River – Planned Maintenance of sediment basin.

As part of our ongoing maintenance programme of the Upper Ōhau hydro sites, we will be undertaking maintenance work on the sediment basin, near where the Ōhau River enters Lake Ruataniwha.
Works will commence on 21 February 2022 and will be completed by 8 May 2022. The area of land around the work areas will be closed to the public for this period.
For public safety, please follow all signage and keep out of the area whilst the works are in progress. Non-powered watercraft will also be excluded from this section of the Ōhau River during this time. The works will not restrict any boating activity on Lake Ruataniwha.
We apologise for any inconvenience.
Public notice - LINZ

Aerial and boat based aquatic weed spraying is scheduled to be carried out at Lake Benmore from Tuesday, 1st March and may be carried out intermittently until Friday, 29th April. This will exclude weekends and public holidays.
The following sites may be targeted for treatment:
*Ahuriri Delta and Arm
*The Neck
Diquat in gel form will be used to treat aquatic weeds. This work is dependent on suitable weed, water and weather conditions and therefore the timing is subject to change.
Advertisements have been placed in the Timaru Herald and The Press to notify the public of this operation.
We recommend a 24 hour stand-down on swimming, fishing or taking water for irrigation or domestic supply once the spraying is complete.
If you have any questions in relation to this work, please feel free to call us on 0800 638 943 or keep up to date with treatment progress nearer to the time on the LINZ website.

FAQs about Diquat
The weather that was - February
         For Ukraine 

Evening on the land - by Chris Trotter

Take my hand, beloved. Come.

The day is almost done.

Be at my side, behold the sight,

Of evening on the land.

Our life, my love’s, been hard

And heavy is my heart.

How should I live, if you should leave,

And we should be apart?

Let’s hold each other tight

Upon the edge of night.

As shadows fall, and nightmares crawl,

The sun sinks out of sight.

The world hangs by a thread.

And all the heroes fled.

Like weathered stone, we stand alone,

And watch the east in dread.

Be with me in the storm

When angry gods are born.

When flesh is rent, and love is spent,

And bloody is the dawn.


Take my hand, beloved. Come.

The day is almost done.

Be at my side, behold the sight,

Of evening on the land.

- Chris Trotter

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