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February 2022

The February Issue

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Let's take this on together
$2000 raised in Bo's memory
ICYMI - Maurice Cowie, this is your life!
Something to Puzzle Over 
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The Weather that Was 
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...from the editor
Happy 2022 to all

The Omarama Gazette is celebrating the New Year with a new look and a new direction.
This year I will be taking a step back from the front line and the front page and encouraging all of you as citizen journalists to grab a notebook, pen a line, click off a pic and flick it into our community newspaper.
As you will see from this first issue in the new format the change is inspiring.
Thank you, guys, for your contributions – you have brought our place alive.
This year there will be more of a focus on the community group report and the Noticeboard sections - let us all know what you are up to and any little snippets such as congratulations or farewells.

There are some guidelines and the usual editorial standards will apply.
Contributions of up to 500 words with a minimum of one photo are welcome – as you know most of us have short attention spans.
Contributions must carry a byline, will be fact checked, must be fair and ethical; balancing opinion may be sought.
No promotional or corporate media 'manufactured' pieces,  will be accepted.
We want to read those ‘exclusives’.
Let’s read all about it and read it here first – let’s have news and more you’ve never heard before!
Go on, it’s time we all had some fun! 
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The Noticeboard 
To have your community notice included here email:

As from Monday,  February 7, 2022 
the Omarama Four Square trading hours will be:  8.30am – 7pm, 7 days.

Wishing a fond farewell to long-time resident Kath Dawson who has moved to Dunedin. Thank you, Kath, for all you have given to this community, especially through your music and to the Ōmārama Community Library.

And we wish those two smiling faces, always looking out for the locals - Matt and Molly - all the very best for their new life in that big smoke, Christchurch. We know you'll visit often :) 
(NB situations vacant below)

Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Bob Martin who died in a glider crash last month. A celebration of Bob's life was held at the Ōmārama Airfield Terminal.

Kurow Medical Centre  Ōmārama Clinic at the  Ōmārama Community Centre, is open Thursdays, 8.30am to 12.30pm. To make appointments for all clinics, order repeat scripts or make enquiries please contact Kurow Medical Centre 03 436 0760
(Monday to Thursdays).

The Ōmārama Community Library is open 9.30am to 11am,  Wednesdays and Saturdays. Library hours can change. Contact Yvonne: 027 476 7473.

St Thomas' Ōmārama Church Community: 
chairperson: Ven Dr Michael Godfrey, phone 022 342 9977 or  email; committee secretary (Presbyterian) : Lee Kearon, phone: 021 250 1060 or email:

The Ōmārama Golf Club  Saturdays cards in 12.30pm, tee-off 1pm. Club captain James Moynihan phone: 027 215 8266; email

The Upper Waitaki Young Farmers Club meets at 7.30pm on the first Monday of each month at the ‘Top Pub’ - the Blue and Gold pub, in Kurow. All welcome. Join the Facebook group.

Ōmārama Playgroup meets at 9.30am each Wednesday during the primary school term at the Ōmārama Community Centre.  For more information phone president Tarryn Benton 027 201 7065 or secretary Aimee Snelgrove 022 350 5536

Bridge Club - The Ōmārama  Bridge Club meets on a regular basis and would welcome new members. If you are interested please phone Sylvia Anderson 438 9784 or Ann Patterson 438 9493.

The Ōmārama Model Aircraft Club meets on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon at its flying ground at the Ōmārama airfield. All welcome - Contact Don Selbie on 027 435 5516.

FENZ Ōmārama Volunteer Fire Brigade meets 7pm each Wednesday and has its meeting at 7:30pm on the third Wednesday of the month. New members welcome. 

A gentle exercises and social afternoon group meets at the Otematata District Club at 1.30pm  Thursday afternoons. Gold coin donation and a cuppa after the exercises.

Learn to play Bridge Otematata, 7pm Thursdays at the Otematata District Club.
We have several persons learning at the present time. people can just sit in and watch to begin with if they prefer.  Contact Ethel Gray 03  438 7764 or just arrive. Non members of the club will need to be signed in by an existing member.

Plunket Line: 0800 933 922
Ōmārama Plunket Committee: phone Petrina Paton 027 345 6192 
Thank you to all who share your stories and
contribute in other ways to the Gazette.

We all really appreciate what you do.

If you find anything amiss in the Ōmārama  Gazette
please contact Ruth Grundy, 021 294 8002 or email
and I will do my very best to put it right.

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Let's take this on together
To our Omarama Community,

Let’s talk about Covid-19 Omicron.

We’re a small community well-used to looking out for each other.
A group of us have decided it would be good to have a bit of a plan in place ahead of this bugger hitting town because we are used to being self-sufficient, have unique needs and we are further away from usual resources.
So, we’re working on an Omarama-specific plan to support the professionals and agencies as they go about their good work.
Remember: this is not under action – we’re just putting a framework in place in case it is needed and so we can be quick off the mark.
We will update this as we go and if we don't need to use it, fantastic!
📌Below this is the pdf repeating this same material  – version one untested - which you can print to keep handy. 
What will happen if you or someone in your family tests positive for Covid-19?
[Find good info here:]
Most people who get Covid will be cared for at home, with medical care provided by phone or video consultation by a health provider - often your own general practice team.
Most people will not need to go to hospital.
🩺You will be contacted either daily or every second day by your doctor, nurse or other trusted health provider by video call or phone. (A patient who does not have a smart phone or data, will be provided with the support they require.)
🤒Everyone who tests positive and their household needs to stay at home and avoid contact with others. It is an idea to work out now what you will do if someone in your home gets sick or someone must go to hospital.
Remember: you might be the one who gets sick. Is there someone at home who knows how to fill in for you?

If you are a visitor to Ōmārama and test positive you will need to stay put until cleared to return to your home – the health provider will advise you of the measures you must take.
[Find good info here: Ministry of Health help sheet]
🛒Stock up on: masks, gloves, tissues, hand sanitiser, rubbish bags, cleaning products,
cough / throat / sinus treatments for your nose and throat-like nasal sprays, lozenges
and cough mixture, fever and pain relief.
It is recommended you have two days food and supplies, so if you or someone you live with has a Covid test you can safely self-isolate until you receive the result.
If possible, it’s a great idea to have two weeks’ supply of any medications, food and other necessities as well.
Here’s what we’d like you to do for our helpers
⚠️Work out how to let people know you are isolating, this could be a sign for your front door or fence. Set up a sanitising station at your door and let your support person know how they can best alert you to contactless drop-offs, have pen and paper for people to record their details if they are helping with contactless drop off. 
⚠️Write down any household instructions someone else can follow if you get sick; like feeding pets, paying bills and watering plants.


Right now Ōmārama volunteer coordinators are organising their teams to offer the following community support and support to professionals and agencies, in case of an outbreak in town.

🔸 Rural tasks (complementing the work of the Rural Support Trust)
Annabelle and Richard Subtil; 
Annabelle 027 406 9522, Richard 027 208 9096

 🔹A pop up ‘meals on wheels’ operations using the community centre commercial kitchen as base.
Carolynne Grant, 03 438 9742 and leave a message.
Georgie Robertson, 027 486 1525

🔸Keeping connected - this person will hold a list of vulnerable people.
Ruth Grundy, 021 294 8002
Adrienne Harper, 021 139 2817

🔹Taking care of visitors and hospitality industry advice
(If you accommodating guests in any way e.g. airbnb and have questions, give Megan a call)
Megan Talarico, 021 545 566

🔸 Deliveries and drop-offs (other than meals as above)
 Alona Shaw 027 773 4214

🔹Pets and plants and necessary chores. TBA

We need volunteers for each of these teams.
   Please contact the relevant coordinators.   
         All volunteers must be vaccinated.        


In an emergency call 111 and ask for the service you require – ambulance, police, fire.
Staying mentally well: We are all feeling anxious or stressed about this, it’s normal. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. You can call or text 1737 to talk with a trained counsellor for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
COVID-19 Healthline: 0800 358 5453
Healthline: 0800 611 116
Health advice about babies or children: Plunket Line: 0800 933 922; Family Services: 0800 211 211
Work and Income: 0800 559 009
Alcohol Drug Helpline: 0800 787 797
Rural Support Trust: 0800 787 254
Business support: South Island 0800 505 096
Kurow Medical Centre 03 436 0760 or Mackenzie Health Centre Twizel 03 976 0503
Twizel Medical centre 03 435 0777
Mackenzie Pharmacy: 03 435 0883
Four Square Omarama
🔴 An order form will be emailed to residents when applicable
Omarama School 03 438 9815

Because Facebook is unreliable and some people do not run a social media account, all important or urgent messages will be emailed to you, posted on the noticeboard and/or posted as flyers in your mailbox.
To make certain you are on the list to receive these local notices email and put 'local list' in the
subject box. We'll do our level best to get the messages to you.

The volunteers involved in the development of this community plan include Omarama Police, FENZ Omarama, Otago Rural Support Trust, Omarama Resident's Association and Omarama business representatives.
Outside agencies - emergency services, medical practices, health and welfare will be able to 'feed into' this plan.
Is your household ready if someone gets Covid 19? Here is a checklist.
$2000 raised for youth in Bo's memory
Family and friends of Omarama pilot Bo Nilsson have raised $2000 in his memory.
The money is to be used for local youth gliding in Omarama.
Bo died in a plane crash on Labour Day.
Bo’s daughter Birgitta said she was very appreciative of people's generous donations.
“It makes me feel dad was very loved and respected.
“As you know flying was dad's passion and he loved seeing that same passion and excitement in young people so this is where we will spend the donation money.”
The Omarama Gliding Club will put money into the youth gliders’ flying account, pay their entry fees and also contributions towards tow costs, and where applicable glider costs for those participating in competitions, furthering their flying training or to support their participation in upskilling mountain flying courses.
Spokeswoman for the Omarama Gliding Club Yvonne Loader said the donation money raised in Bo’s memory for Youth Glide flying truly reflected the high esteem in which Bo was held in the gliding community, in particular for his cross country and mountain flying soaring skills. 
“He loved his micro light aircraft flying and often took off to quietly enjoy a day in the valleys and mountains landing on riverbeds and small strips.   Bo was very experienced in this type of flying so his accident and passing came as a huge shock with his cheery presence around the airfield being sadly missed.”   
Bo took a great interest in young people learning to fly through the 10-day Youth Soaring Development camp held annually at Omarama, Youth Glide Omarama (previously run by Glide Omarama) and the Youth Glide programme run by the Omarama Gliding Club which raises funds to support Youth Glide members through their organisation of the South Island Gliding Championship Regionals.  
A flight experience and learn to fly programme is run throughout the year in conjunction with the Twizel school in addition to encouraging youth from elsewhere. 
It was nearly always Bo’s microlight which flew Father Christmas much to the delight of the children.  
“Yvonne wished to convey that the Omarama Gliding Club, on behalf of its Youth Glide members, gratefully acknowledged the generosity of those who contributed to this donation in Bo’s name.   “Thank you so much.”
 Twizel Area School pupil Fred Grant is congratulated on his first solo flight. Photo: Supllied
ICYMI - Maurice Cowie, this is your life!
Maurice James Cowie (70) – this is your life – and one hellava surprise, mate!
In what was engineered over very many months to be a massive surprise by those closest to him [and we did think about dialling 111 to get you there!!! 🤣], about 40 friends, colleagues, and associates gathered at Oasis Café Bar and Grill in December to pay tribute to Maurice and the more than 50 years of service he has given to the Ōmārama community.
Ōmārama Kuia Sharon Herd, of Ngāti Raukawa, wearing her family korowai, greeted Maurice, who is of Ngai Tahu heritage, and presented him with a photobook about his life of service compiled and written by local historian and ‘partner in crime’ Lex Perriam.
“So, Maurice from the north to the south on behalf of the people of Ōmārama Community
I would like you to accept this book with the highest blessings,” Sharon said.
“[Maurice is a] highly respected local, always in the background, encouraging, sharing his wisdom,” Mrs Herd said.
There was not a dry eye in the house, including Maurice’s, and that man of few words was speechless.
The book is a photographic history of a long-time friendship, Lex and Maurice’s many adventures and community service.
Lex described Maurice as the ‘Last of the Mohicans’ and listed the many ways Maurice has served the community over the years.
Next year Maurice, who is Fenz Ōmārama Station Officer, celebrates 50 years of service with the fire brigade.
He followed in the footsteps of older brother Graeme who was one of the group of six locals instrumental in setting up a ‘fire party’ under the Waitaki Catchment Board in 1966, and he has watched the Ōmārama emergency service change and grow to where it is today.
Plus, he has added Land Search and Rescue volunteer to his resume.
It’s only fitting. Maurice knows the reaches of the valleys and mountains like the back of his hand and more than one tramper whose plans have gone awry has Maurice to thank for conquering the elements to reach them.
Lex first met Maurice when he moved to Ōmārama in 1975 and said he had always been an “unselfish and committed volunteer…a dedicated community man with a supportive family.”
At present a respected employee of the Patterson family, Maurice’s day jobs have lined up alongside his great love of the outdoors.
He has worked variously as a machine operator, mechanic, hunting guide and builder – most of all an all round “trouble shooter”.
And during his career has worked for the New Zealand Forest Service and later the
Department of Conservation.
Lex would like to thank the following sponsors:
Michelle and Todd Hancox, Oasis restaurant;
Ann Patterson and family;
Mat Bayliss;
Lindsay and Bev Purvis;
Kingsley and Dewlyn Timpson
Ōmārama Land Search and Recue;
Bruce and Julie Dyson, Boots and Jandals Hotel;
Fenz Ōmārama, Greg and Adrienne Harper
And thanks to Simon Reeves, of White Bus Company Productions who compiled the book and assisted with publication.
Below: Maurice Cowie and author Lex Perriam sign copies of Maurice's biography at the launch at the Oasis, in December. Photo: Wendy Parsons
Something to puzzle over

The happiest day of the year - Spud in a bucket 2020
The March issue of the Ōmārama Gazette
is Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The close-off for this is Thursday, February 24.

Office hours are between 8am and 10am, Monday to Friday
Advertising pays for
production and distribution
To find out about publication and close-off dates,
and how much it costs to place your advertisment, 
 phone 021 294 8002, 03 438 9766 or email
The Community Reports
 Ōmārama Volunteer Fire Brigade
Happy New Year to all,
I hope you all had a nice relaxing break. Unbelievable, here we are in February already.
Things have got very dry very fast. We are now in a Prohibited fire season which means no fires. You can still fire up the BBQ but please make sure it is a safe place away from anything that could ignite. The fuel loading is very high everywhere. If you notice anybody lighting campfires etc. please dial 111 so it can be dealt with straight away.
It looks like Omicron (Covid 19) is on its way so let’s take all the precautions we can to keep ourselves safe. If you are unfortunate enough to require our help we will be asking some questions around Covid exposures and symptoms before we start any assistance. We will also be donning some extra PPE i.e. gowns, goggles etc. We must look after ourselves as well as our patients’ because, if one or more of us gets infected, help may have to come from out of town.
I know these are trying times for a lot of us so please check in with your friends and neighbours regularly. Nothing like a chat to keep you going.
Stay Safe
Greg Harper and the team at the Omarama Volunteer Fire Brigade      

Greg Harper
Chief Fire Officer 
021 293 1171
Facebook: /Omaramafirebrigade
 Ōmārama Golf Club 
By Christine Bowman

It’s been wonderful to see the golf course being well utilised over the last couple of months.  We have had approx. 200 green fee players from across country enjoying our course.  Due to the early summer rain the course was green, and we received numerous compliments on our local community course. Now summer has kicked in the fairways have dried out, so its impressive watching the big hitters golf balls fly for metres through the air (or sometimes into trees!!).
On Saturday 22nd January John Anderson scored two eagles (2 under par). First was on our par 5-hole number 8 and repeated it again same hole second time round (number 17). A great achievement.  
Our New Year tournament, held on 8th January, was a huge success with 85 entries.  Each year, we enjoy catching up with our regular visitors and we also welcome new visitors who have never played at Omarama.  The day was run with a morning and afternoon session, to ensure the play flowed.  A big thanks to our many sponsors for prizes/raffles and all our volunteers for mowing, cooking, cleaning, spraying, cutting trees, weed eating, doing dishes etc etc .  Without our sponsors/volunteers the day wouldn’t be the huge success it was.

The main results follow:
Overall winner: Paula Goodman (Geraldine), 42 stablefords   (Millbrook Golf voucher) 
Senior Men: Scott Kitto (Omarama) 40 stablefords, 1   (Terrace Downs Golf Voucher);
(0 –15) Pete Trusler (Omarama) 38 stablefords, 2; Richard Kitto (North Otago) 38 stablefords 3.
Junior Men:Paul Bowman (Omarama) 40 stablefords 1 (Terrace Downs Golf Voucher);
(15 and above) Mark Black (Ben Ohau) 40 stablefords 2; Phil Kennard (Omarama) 39 stablefords 3.
Ladies: Paula Goodman as above 1; Juliet McLeod (Mayfield) 40 stablefords 2; Patsy Milne (Gleniti) 38 stablefords, 3; Rebecca Best (Omarama) 38 stablefords, 4.
The club was fortunate to receive a grant from NZ Community Trust Net Proceeds Committee in December. This money will go towards our project of putting new carpet tiles in the clubrooms and upgrading the lady’s toilet.  Our current carpet is heavily stained and sun damaged. The lady’s toilet floor has been water damaged, so we will be laying new vinyl in the area. This project will ensure the clubrooms remains fit for purpose for years to come.
During January on Thursday’s at 5 p.m. we have been playing twilight golf (9 holes), which had good turn outs to enjoy our summer weather in Omarama.
Summer golf club day is Saturdays, 12.30 p.m. cards in and tee off 1.00 p.m. ALL WELCOME.
PHOTOS:  Paul Bowman, winners Junior men.  Ladies playing overall winner Paula Goodman (middle). Christine Bowman (right) and Diane Jellyman (left). Men playing all modes of transport - Cart, Ian Niles; Dave Allan, James McIlraith walking and Trevor MacDonald sidecar. (Supplied) 

 Ōmārama Gliding Club 
'Outlanding' practice at the Clearburn airstrip. Photo: supplied
By Omarama Gliding Club president Brian Savage

December and January saw several events in Omarama. First was a Mountain Flying Course where pilots come from all over NZ to learn and experience flying in the mountains around Omarama.
This was followed by the South Island Regional competition, then In January Youth Glide NZ held a camp (see report below). Key for Omarama Gliding Club was two of our members, Jack McLellan and Fred Grant went solo, and Tuulianna Laukkanen achieved her 50km certificate. All are members of our Twizel School Juniors group.
We had 11 people on the Mountain Flying course, as many as we ever had, and we experienced two of the best days flying so far this year, with flights ranging from Mt Aspiring to Mt Cook. Not bad for an aeroplane without an engine!
A new feature of this year’s course was outlanding training on two local strips – Riverside and Clearburn. Outlanding is an experience all glider pilots must learn how to perform, when the lift disappears, we have to land somewhere, so we carry maps showing all the farm strips throughout the region.
Although they had just had two fantastic days of flying, outlanding training all agreed was great fun, we had ground teams on both to shepherd the gliders and tow planes shuttling between the two strips relaunching the gliders.
Big thanks to Riverside and Clearburn stations for allowing us to do this, we have donated to the Omarama First Responders as a thank you.
The second event was the South Island Regional Gliding Competition, which was attempted during the worst week of flying weather we could have picked. Entries were also down due to Covid. 22 pilots entered, about 2/3 a normal entry, from South Island and Wellington; Auckland and Australia being blocked from travelling.
Desperation showed us pushing to fly on only two days out of the week in very difficult conditions, with many gliders failing to make the courses and outlanding or returning to Omarama early.
So, two days flying doesn’t make a competition, so for the first time in most pilot’s memories we had to abandon the competition, better luck next year!
January has seen weather much improved, and flying has taken place on most days.
Youth Glide New Zealand
The winch driving parents; known as “The Wuthering Winchies”...
Geoff Owen, Alan Grant, Andrew Colby and Thom Watson. Photo: supplied

By Youth Glide New Zealand director of operations Roger Read

Twenty-two keen young pilots from around the country gathered at the Omarama Airfield terminal building on the evening of January 5th to meet, greet and hear what was install for them over the next 10 days as the annual Youth Soaring Development Camp got underway. Helped by 26 volunteer instructors, tow pilots, winch drivers, caterers, cleaners, engineers and general helpers, mostly from the “local” area, the next 10 days were challenging but packed with action and fun. Favourable weather, generous support, enthusiastic participants and a lack of Covid hassles allowed the camp to be a huge success.
Omarama, our gliding Mecca, turned on a fantastic mix of wave, ridge, thermal and convergence soaring with some having wave flights up to 20,000 ft and thermals to 10,000 ft. 439 flights were flown with 229 of them being off the resident Skylaunch winch. This mighty bit of machinery regularly saw them get to over 2000 feet above the airfield from their launch and this then allowed them to head off to the nearby lift sources of Mt Horrible. Parents of students provided the winch driving expertise and it was a special occasion half way through the camp when the 1000th launch since the winch arrived in Jan 2000 was done.
Over 400 hours were flown and early starts saw launching often underway before 8am as the pre-solo students took advantage of the calm morning conditions for training. Eight students made their First Solos and enjoyed the ritual celebratory dousing with buckets of cool Omarama water provided by instructors, family and fellow YG pilots. Four of the eight new solo pilots are from the Omarama Gliding Club so this bodes well for the continuing growth of the club.
More advanced students honed their soaring skills with longer duration flights and cross country soaring adventures that saw them going hundreds of kilometres from the field…all powered by the atmospheric energy provided by mother nature. Many reported some of the best conditions they had seen for many years and on a few days, flying only finished just before darkness fell.
While the focus of the camp is developing our young pilots, the camp is renowned for providing opportunities for all pilots involved to grow their experience and qualifications and this camp lived up to expectations with instructors, tow pilots and winch drivers all coming away with their own achievements to have them smiling. The final night awards dinner, held in the terminal building, was a delicious three- course meal, all created and served from the Soaring Centre camp kitchen. Attended by 86 camp participants and parents, all enjoyed celebrating the achievements of the YG participants, all of whom were noticeably buzzing and beaming with pride after what had been a fun filled 10 days at Omarama…the best gliding site in NZ, and arguably the best in the whole world.

Photos below (supplied):
The catering team; Wendy Foster, Kim Read, Helena Larsen-Allen, Denise Erikson and Sarah Dodson.
Holly Dodson, down from Tauranga, receives her traditional dousing after her first solo.
The students lift one of the gliders many of them went soaring in.
It’s two thumbs up from Fred Grant of Twizel after a perfect first solo flight. 

[Congratulations, Fred from all of us! - Ed]
"Time Flies"...but so do opportunities!

Gavin Wrigley is offering Microlight Flying Lessons from Omarama Airfield during January and February 2022. These will not be available again until much later in the year, after his return from the UK.
Try it and see if you like it? The most economical way to enjoy flying in our wonderful playground...or anywhere!
Enquiries: or (+61)418844014.
Ōmārama Shed
The Ōmārama Shed group meets at 10am each Saturday 

and at other times, too.

For further information contact: Murray Stuart 027 432 7537

Ōmārama Community Garden
All interested in this project are invited to meet behind
the Omarama community Centre
at 10am on Saturday, February 5, 2022

For further information contact: Heather Smith 027 330 0249

Boots and Jandals Hotel Omarama Social Club

The Boots and Jandals Omarama Hotel Social Club annual spud in the bucket competition will be held on Sunday, February 13, 2022, 2pm start followed later in the afternoon by a free of charge barbeque for social club members. Prizes will be awarded in various categories, best spud etc.

Always a great day out, so hope to see you there for a fun filled day.
For further information please contact Philip on 0274106524.
Ōmārama Community Library 
The  Ōmārama Community Library  
is open 9.30am to 11am, 
Wednesdays and Saturdays, 
at the Ōmārama Community Centre.
Ōmārama Residents' Association
The next meeting of the 

Ōmārama Residents' Association is
7.30 pm Thursday, February 17, 2022

at the Ōmārama Community Centre

An invitation is extended to all

Lindsay Purvis, chairperson, 027 438 9630
Yvonne Jones, secretary, 027 476 7473 

The minutes of the December meeting are here
Could those who want to contact the association by mail, send accounts to be paid, or have correspondence considered at the monthly meetings ensure it is addressed to: 
The Secretary,  P O Box 93, Ōmārama 9448.
The association's email address is


To make a booking for an upcoming event or for more
information about hall hire and availability
please  contact  Michelle Kitchen, 027 280 5446

or email

‘The Community Reports' is
dedicated to news
from clubs, groups and sports teams.

Contributions are welcome 
Learning to use your Smart Phone – Build Confidence and Skills!
Jody Macdonald, Age Concern Otago
Are you thinking about getting a smart phone?   Do you have a smart phone that you don’t really use much?  Want to have video calls with family overseas, or send them photos of your latest adventures?  Does your phone go to sleep every 10 seconds?   With cheques disappearing and Apps appearing everywhere (what is an App, anyway?!), this is a great time to learn some smart phone skills! 
Age Concern Otago has developed a carefully structured “SilverTech” curriculum, starting with the absolute basics, to help our clients get the most out of their smart phones, and to feel confident using them in many daily activities. 
Running for four consecutive weeks, each session is two hours long and very interactive.  Class size is limited to eight.  Participants bring their own phone to class, and learn the different functions hands-on, assisted by the instructor and volunteers.  There is separate course material for Android versus iPhone.
New sessions will start in early February in Kurow. 
We will add locations based on demand.

Please email us to register your interest in joining a smartphone class (4 weekly sessions), including your name, age, phone number, location, and type of smart phone.   We also welcome new volunteers keen to be class assistants in the new year.  /  021 0293 2844

The Waitaki Newcomers Network 
For more information about this group and to subscribe to regular updates send contact details to

Contact: Christine Dorsey
027 242 8643
Abacus House
102 Thames Street
03 434 7544
The Directory
Church services in Omarama
7pm to 8pm each Sunday
at the Omarama Community Centre.

phone 021 294 8002 or email


Building since 1939 - available for your all of your construction projects in the Upper Waitaki and Mackenzie districts.
Contact our area manager Jason Pryde on 021 340 694
or email
The weather that was - December, January
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