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Wednesday, April 15, 2020
In this issue...

Let's count out week three with a big noise, a note from Dr Tim,
some notices that matter, more fun and today's diary entry.
Hi everyone

Tonight, we're counting out week three - LET'S MAKE A BIG NOISE! -  7pm Wednesday, when the fire siren goes.
Here is the link to the Government's one stop shop
for all things Covid-19- related

(There are daily updates, check it out.)

*Changes are coming soon as we transition to level three 
Radio New Zealand is the best radio station to tune to for the latest updates, or check its site for news. Listen Live FM 97.3 MHz Omarama,  Ch-50 on Freeview TV, CH-421 on Sky TV, Via

*Our community 'lockdown'  recipe book is under way - check out favourite treats (below) to fill the tins. We'd love to have your contributions -  all that is required is for you to grab your phone/camera and take a quick snap of a favourite recipe and email it to - don't worry if there's a few buttery smears - all best-loved recipes have those!

*Please get in touch if you have a message you want to get out to the community.

*Please scroll to the end for email order instructions and forms for Four Square, instructions from Kurow Medical Centre and info from the Waitaki District Council.

Remember we'd love a diary entry from you for our community record about how you've spent your 'day in the life' in these extraordinary times.

Let's stay close whatever the distance
- Ruth
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Here is the link to the Government's
one stop shop for all things
An update from Emergency Management Otago
Travel and transport 
While we are in Alert Level 4, some people may need to travel outside their local area to support a loved one in need. People will only get permission to travel in rare circumstances. See here for more information. 
All travellers entering New Zealand from overseas from midnight 9 April 2020 are required to undergo fourteen days of isolation in managed isolation in government-provided facilities (hotel) in the city they arrive into, either Auckland or Christchurch. Visit here for more information. 
A significant number of foreign nationals remain within Otago. These people are able to use international air services to travel home and can access domestic flights in order to connect with  flights to their home country. Ritchies has provided bus transport from Queenstown to Christchurch for foreign nationals with connecting flights and will continue to provide this if demand continues. Criteria for taking a domestic flight to connect with an international flight
Travellers with a temporary visa due to expire between 1 April and 9 July 2020 will have their visas extended to late September. Confirmation of extensions will be emailed to all visa holders.
If travellers now wish to work while in New Zealand because their situation has changed, they must have the correct visa. Immigration changes because of COVID-19

Business and financial support

There are increasing reports of people facing financial stress as a result of COVID-19. Help and guidance is available - http://
Businesses too are reporting increased financial difficulties as the time at alert level 4 continues. Support remains available for businesses -
Scam alert: be aware scammers are posing as agents of organisations like Civil Defence and requesting bank account, credit card or PIN details. Please share this advice with those who you think might be susceptible to scamming activity. You can report any suspected scams to Police by calling 105 or report online at
Practical and free assistance for businesses 

The South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce has been running free webinars to help businesses cope with Covid-19 issues.
You can visit their Covid-19 business assistance page to find more resources and information. You can also view the previous webinars.

Finance and Cashflow Management
 9.30am, Wednesday, April 22, 2020.
One-hour online workshop on finance and cash flow management.
-Assists with bank lending requirements.
-Identifies ways to avoid late payment penalties and interest from suppliers.
-Gives you an understanding of cash and liquidity for better decision making.
For more info and to register please use this link.
Our Coronavirus Diary - Day Twenty-one
A Covid-19 refugee finds Omarama is not a bad 'Plan B'. 

By Bob Kirk, of Birmingham, UK.

If everything had gone to plan, I would be back home in Birmingham now, downing a few beers at my local pub on a sunny Spring afternoon. Instead I'm sitting here gazing across to the snow capped mountains, counting sheep and pouring a couple of Colin's stubbies down my neck.
It was Phil’s idea. We’ve been friends since Sheffield university days. He lives in San Francisco now but for six years  he’s come over from the States for a week’s cycling tour with me somewhere in the British Isles. Usually it's one of the C2C routes (sea to sea: get it?)
Then suddenly in January I get a phone call. He came up with the crazy idea of doing this year's ride in New Zealand. What caught his eye was an ad for the  A2O.
"I've enough air miles to pay for your flight so it won’t cost you a penny” he says.
I jumped at the chance.
So this was the plan.
Phil would spend a few weeks touring NZ with his wife Patricia and then do the A2O with me before going home to San Francisco. I would fly in later, do the bike ride first and then some touring to finish the trip. It was going to be an adventure.
Phil and I met up in Twizel for Cycle Journeys to transit us and the bikes to Mount Cook.
Electric bikes cause we’re both old - 74 years old.
We stayed in the Village for a couple of nights.
On the second night after hiking (ok, tramping) to the glacier we went to the bar. There was talk of the virus on the Telly, something about Stage 2. But there were plenty of foreign tourists on the trail. We figured biking on dirt trails was remote so we set off on our week long journey to Oamaru. Then on day three of the ride we arrive at the Sierra Motel for an overnight stay.
Game change.
First thing Pam[Young] says to us when we check in is, our trip is cancelled and NZ was moving to level 3 response then to level 4 at midnight Wednesday. No non-essential travel, us tourists were definitely non-essential.
We had 24 hrs to come up with Plan B.
Phil's plan was clear. The US was in chaos with no coherent policy. He had already booked a motel room in Davenport so he decided to stay in NZ until things become stable at home. Patricia was cooped up in a Christchurch hotel so Brian [Hammond] drove him to Christchurch, picked her up and dropped them both at the airport to get one of the last flights to Auckland.
My plan B was to stay here in Omarama, at least for the lockdown period. It wasn't a difficult decision. I liked the wide open feel of the place and the seclusion ...and the situation in Britain was dire. Omarama seemed like the safest place to be right then, and still is I reckon.
Pam and Brian were very supportive and made the decision to stay a lot easier.
As the outsider I was uncomfortable about how I would be treated in this crisis. I needn’t  have worried. Sue and Colin [Harvey] have looked after me so well that any fears I had soon vanished.
My plan B has worked out well. This is is without doubt the safest place in the world right now. Long may it stay that way.
An update from Dr Tim - Gardner Medical
We have now reached day 20 of New Zealand’s lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus.
Time, perhaps, to cement what we already know and comment on where we may be heading.
COVID-19 has paralyzed the world economy, travel and overwhelmed several supposedly advanced countries’ health systems with, to-date, nearly two million infected (reported) and 125,011 deaths (so far). The international incompetence displayed by Trump in the USA demonstrates how NOT to tackle this pandemic, where one state (New York) has more affected and more deaths than virtually any other country in the world – except the rest of the USA. 
We get daily updates from Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, and Director General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield: our collective efforts so far have been nearly exemplary to identify, track, contain in our attempts to extinguish this virus. Compared to other countries we have done well to ‘live in our bubbles’, practice safe ‘social distancing’, and learn new terms like ‘CBAC’
(Community Based Assessment Centres), ‘cytokine storm’, ‘PPE’ (personal protective equipment) and ‘flatten the curve’. The idiots who flout the lockdown do risk undermining the efforts of the rest of us and lengthening our time in isolation.
The interweb abounds with personal stories of the heroism and loss by frontline medical and nursing staff at the forefront of this epidemic – and of patients and their families affected by loss - oft younger victims with no pre-existing illnesses. We have no defense against this virus – though youth appears to be the safest group. The interweb also spawns great humour and demonstrates our ability to laugh in the face of adversity – to be recommended!
While it is expected that the toll of this virus will continue to increase for a time world-wide, let’s put it into context alongside other threats (source
Deaths this year so far:
COVID-19                                125,011
Flu                                           140,220
Malaria                                     282,784
Suicide                                     309,154
MV Crashes                             389,171
HIV/AIDS                                 484,641
Alcohol                                     721,055
Smoking                                 1,441,200
Cancer                                    2,367,745
Communicable disease          3,742,602
Testing has largely shifted from overseas travel history and is recommended for those with symptoms: cough, fever, sore throat, off food, loss of sense of taste and smell, diarrhoea, breathlessness. Do contact your health provider for testing should any of these affect you. Even in the case of contacts with those who have contracted the virus, testing when asymptomatic is NOT recommended unless requested by the local Medical Officer of Health (current advice). We have increased our use of video conferencing with tools such as, facetime, zoom and skype as well as the phone. We use e-prescribing and email our scripts to the chemist. We discourage routine screening, and too many face-to-face consultations -  though encourage everyone to consider the flu shot this year (eligible are >65, pregnant and a raft of health problems – it will be later this month before we can open up to the rest of the public) – and our under four-year-olds need a full complement of their immunisations.
Social distancing, hand washing, and cough etiquette works to prevent spread and to limit the risk to especially the vulnerable elderly and those of us with underlying medical conditions. PPE gear and use of proper masks (N95 are best, there is some benefit from surgical masks and virtually nil defence offered by home-built cloth ones, sorry, folks.), and gloves have become the norm both in medical centres and the wider public. The world has been swift to stomp on unfounded claims of cures - there are none! The search goes on, however, evidence is lacking. For most of us this is a mild illness – but for those unlucky enough to get the severe version – ICU care, oxygen and ventilators are the best bet –the reason we try to ‘flatten the curve’ so as not to overwhelm our limited resources.
We have every faith that collectively we can ride out this virus until a suitable vaccine is developed and deployed to us all – though at this point 12-18 months seems a very long way away.
Let us not forget that the looming recession is inevitable and will take time - perhaps years to recover from. This will affect us all – no matter how successful we are at rebuilding: numerous businesses have and will fold, unemployment inevitably increases – added stressors due to lack of income and purpose will increase family violence and be a big driver in increasing problems with mental health and risks escalating our suicide rates. These are our fears for the immediate future – potentially a bigger risk than that posed by this blasted COVID-19! So please be kind, reach out when struggling , check on those who are lonely or at risk, make contact with HelpLine and your health professionals when in need. Network with your friends and loved ones  - albeit virtually: SnapChat, Skype, Facetime your besties as much as you can.

Be safe out there, people.
My faith in us all getting through this challenge is strong. Kia kaha.
Yours in health,

Directors, Gardner Medical Practice Ltd

Kurow Medical Centre and its satellite clinics in Twizel (Mackenzie Health Centre Private Clinic) and Omarama (Community Hall)

8 Wynyard St, Kurow  
P: 03 4360760  F: 03 4360780 

The Mackenzie Health Centre is our Twizel Satellite Clinic at:
3A Benmore Place, Twizel. Phone: 03 976 0503 Fax: 03 436 0780

Omarama Clinic at Omarama Community Centre, Chain Hills Highway, Omarama.
Phone: 03 4360 760, Cell: 027 434 7464.

Opening Omarama's recipe book 

Our most treasured recipes,
as contributed by the cooks of Omarama, the country's finest!
Edwena and Jack Maley retired to their Omarama Ave property well before I came to live in town in 1986. 
Edwena was a wonderful gardener and equally great cook.
During the early 1990s she and Jack hired me to help with the gardening work. I was always given a 'proper' lunch - often hot soup and these bran muffins. It was the chopped glacé  ginger which set them apart - fortification for the afternoon's work.
Together at home
How long is it since you made a volcano?



Home schooling in New Zealand's outdoor classroom

The Longest Walk
Last October, Chris and Jorinde Rapsey and their two children set off from Cape Reinga to walk Te Araroa, the 3000-kilometre track that runs the length of New Zealand. They lived outdoors for five months and walked an average of 20 kilometres a day. For nine-year-old Elizabeth and six-year-old Johnny, it was an immersive education—a form of learning increasingly absent from the lives of young New Zealanders, even as international research affirms the importance of children spending time in nature.


Lynda's teddies have been up to more tricks...
Here's a bit of the 'back story' to Teddies Antics

By Lynda Allen.

Here's a poem I will share to explain why and how this began
When I heard about this bear
hunt thing
All the joy that it would bring
Toys at the window, to show we care
Smiles on faces, by the humble
Teddy Bear
So I had these ideas, a few I
would say
Just for you grandkids, to brighten
your day
But you will never see them, you
live too far away
In our own wee bubble world we
now have to stay
'Cause your Nana misses you so
very, very much
It will be a while before we next
hug and touch
Sadly, not meant to be
Ryley, Jermaine and Bradley
You'll never get to see
Teddies Antics Nana planned
for thee
And the tales behind each scene
Done just for you three
Made with love from me
Then I thought, why not still do this
For all other Nana's and grandkids
we miss
Family, friends and neighbours kids
So Teddies Antics I will still do
Still for my grandkids, but also
for you
If they made you smile and happy too
This will make it worthwhile
And for that I thank you

Here's today's adventure...
Teddies Update
They decided to steal (sorry borrow)
my car
But without key, couldn't get very far
Thought they would just tow it, how
P.S even in your disguises, I know
who you are
Wanted to get out and go for a ride
But realised, none of them could
Let alone, reach the door handles
to get inside
Wanted to set off, see all the sights
Heard about Mt Cook, heard it's
quite a height
Would go for a stroll up it, they
thought they might
Geez Teddies, none of you's are very
You'll only get wet and cold and
Wanted to set off, see all the sights
Heard about Ohau, heard it's snowy
and white
Would go snowboarding, they
thought they might
Geez Teddies, none of you's are
still not very bright
You'll still, only get wet and cold
and frostbite
So don't run away, that's not very
Let's stay at home, keep us all
'Cause telling Teddies Antics, has
been a pleasure
I've still got ideas to work on,
They still need planning, I'm trying
to endeavor
Putting words in place, as the job of

(Lynda Allen has kindly allowed the 'Daily Wire' to share her bears' adventures. Thank you Lynda.)
See if you can puzzle this out...
(Click on the photo to do the puzzle)
The answer - We're Better Together.
Painted rocks line the path through the Reserve
The Noticeboard

Mobil Omarama will be open from 8am to 6pm 
seven days a week including the Easter weekend.

Stay safe and be kind 


Challenge Omarama - the store is closed.
Fuel is available 24-hours via the pump pay station.

  We're in for some cold weather over the next few days, with the possibility of snow on the Lindis and Crown Range roads. Remember, if you're in need of essential winter supplies like heaters, blankets etc, you can still purchase these from online retailers during Alert Level 4.

"To ensure that we can keep the power flowing safely and reliably, we need to get back into essential maintenance and equipment replacement to ensure our network remains safe and reliable.  Like any system it needs maintenance and attention so it doesn’t break down.
Over the coming weeks, you’ll start to see our crews out there getting back into work.  Some of the work we do means we can’t keep everyone two metres apart, but they are working in their own extended bubbles and we have health and safety measures in place to minimise the risk.  
Where possible we will do the work in such a way that we keep the power on, but there might be some work we have to do where we need to switch the power off.  
We’ll let you know well in advance if this is going to affect you - we know the timing isn't great but with enough planning we hope to minimise the disruption to your household.  We apologise in advance for the inconvenience."

Network Waitaki ask that you refer to its Facebook page for regular updates 

People are advised to put on disposable gloves before moving bins and to wash hands thoroughly afterwards. The handles can be a coronavirus hot-spot and must be treated like any other surface, doorknobs, stair rails etc, collectors say.




Omarama open: Wednesday and Sunday – 9am to 11am
Otematata open: Wednesday and Sunday – 1pm to 3pm
Household rubbish: Only bags of household/domestic waste and essential commercial waste will be accepted. There will be no charge for bags, however, there is a limit of two bags per car, per week (car registrations are recorded to monitor this).
Commercial rubbish: commercial waste from current account holders will be accepted with no gate charge, and invoiced later.
To safely manage these facilities under current circumstances and to protect the facility operators’ wellbeing, please note the following conditions for using this service over the next four weeks:
• No recycling (either clean and store at home, or dispose of as rubbish)
• No green waste
• Place all waste in the marked area
• One person out of a car at any one time only
• Please do not talk to the booth operator
• Please leave promptly

And please, do not enter a recovery park  if you are unwell, have travelled outside of NZ in the last 14 days; or have been in close contact with someone with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19. Thank you!

Essential services operating in Omarama

Omarama Four Square (see below for how to place an order)

Risks to veterinarians and questions over what essential services they should offer. Read more here

Omarama Veterinary Clinic - please phone ahead. 03 438 9868
" The veterinary professional has been given an official ‘essential service’ status and therefore will continue to be able to supply seasonal requirements. We have had assurance from suppliers that there will be no issue with supply (or logistics), so we would urge everyone that there is no necessity to stock up or forward purchase.
When you do visit our clinics you may be met at the front door to ensure that we regulate the number of people in the building at any point in time. Phoning ahead can allow orders to be prepared in advance and these can be brought to your car.

Firewood supplies:
SupplyMoore Yard

"Under current conditions we are still able to deliver your firewood if supply is necessary, we would like to do this without any contact so delivery instructions are important, post delivery we will text our bank details for payment, the yard will be closed for pick up so please text or message orders to us or Emma on 027 635 5664

Gas supplies:
Rockgas Mackenzie Country
From AA New Zealand

Effective from Friday, April 10, WoFs, CoFs and driver licences that expired or after 1 January 2020 will be temporarily extended.
Once we start adjusting back to business as normal, the New Zealand Transport Agency will advise of expiry dates for these documents, which could extend up until 10 October 2020. 
Vehicles are still required to be safe to operate on a public road.
If you're an essential worker, 15 AA Auto Centres nationwide can provide appointment-only WoFs and urgent vehicle repairs. 
We've covered the key info about the extension and all of our services at
Waitaki District Council update
The Otago Welfare Help centre operates 7am-7pm
on 0800 322 4000 or

Oamaru Hospital has released information about the plans it has in place to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Read about these and find answers to frequently asked questions here.

All boat ramps at the Waitaki Lakes are now closed, this includes those administered by the Waimate District Council.

The council has launched a ‘What’s open in Waitaki’ page.
The directory will be part of the Covid-19 Waitaki Response page and aims to list all businesses that are staying open during New Zealand's Covid-19 Level 4 alert.
The response page also includes information on council services and facilities, support for people and businesses.
At present, the list includes medical centres and  pharmacies, vets, food and service providers, service stations and transport options.
Council economic development manager Gerard Quinn said it was still working with local businesses to fill this list and encouraged everyone who wanted to be included to get in touch and register by emailing The council needs to know your location, contact details and a website link so people can check for any specific conditions.
Business owners are reminded that it is the business’s responsibility to ensure they are acting according to the law while staying open. If businesses are uncertain about whether or not they can continue to operate they are urged to contact MBIE by emailing or calling 0800 22 66 57 (9 am to 5 pm).

Waitaki District Health services
There is a bright green tent by the side door of Oamaru Hospital's Emergency Department. This tent has been supplied by St John.
It will 
provide a clinical space for hospital staff to see persons that may have Covid-19 or other infectious conditions.
There will be security presence around the tent and no one is to enter this tent unless directed to by an ED staff member. ED staff members will use this space to take history and swabs where this is clinically indicated.

The tent will be used to keep the  ED  Covid-19 free for as long as possible.
The public are to present to the side door of ED if unwell.
Staff will talk to you through the intercom and may either have you enter ED or be directed to the tent.
IMPORTANT: Unless it is an emergency - call your GP anytime if you are unwell.  There is a GP available at all times

HOLIDAY HOME? Thinking of heading to the crib for a change of scene during lockdown? Yeah, we're thinking of flying to Mars. Just in case you're wondering, Virus says NO. You can only travel if you’re accessing essential services of if you’re an essential worker travelling to and from your essential work..

DELIVERIES please have the necessary items left at your door. Avoid any physical interaction with the delivery person and keep a distance of two metres. This will protect you both from exposure to COVID-19. Wash your hands thoroughly after receiving anything.

COURIER or post parcels and packages.
You should only post or courier items that are essential to the provision of the necessities of life. the postal and courier service is busy helping society receive items and goods that are essential. Adding additional pressure and burden to that service may impact on society's wider ability to get through this period and stop the virus.

WET WIPES  Please pop them in the bin - don't flush them down the toilet. Wet wipes don't disintegrate like loo paper, so flushing them can cause major blockages and breakdowns at wastewater plants, and they'll break your loo, too. Do you really want to be stuck at home with your kids and a blocked toilet?

The Waitaki District pandemic response information page is here:

The Waitaki District Council facebook page is here
Omarama Four Square | 10 Chain Hills Highway | Omarama 9448 | Phone: 03 438 9895
 Open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm  

While New Zealand is at Covid-19 alert level 4 and in our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of our local and wider community, and our staff and their families - we offer the following options regarding your grocery requirements – should you be unable to, or simply prefer not to shop personally during this time of  uncertainty.
1.       Email order - and collect
2.       Email order - and delivery (within the township). 
This service is available Monday – Friday
Please send orders to -
Emailed orders need to be received by 4pm (Sunday – Thursday) for delivery/collection Monday-Friday between (10am-12pm).  Please email if at all possible and refrain from phoning through orders.
Please find attached a template grocery order form to be completed, which on receiving – our team will put together for you – for either collection or delivery. 
At this stage, communication indicates stock levels of core lines are being maintained,
however further updates may see some non-essential lines reduced - alleviating unnecessary pressure on deliveries/transportation of goods.
Options for payment:
1.       Charged to existing account
2.       Payment by direct credit
3.       Payment on collection
Any significant updates affecting this current service will be communicated.
Stay safe everyone. 
From Alona and Blair, and your Four Square team
There are two ways to access the order form...
(In both cases the completed form must be emailed

1. Click here to download the Microsoft Word form.
         * save it to your computer. 
         * type in your order, save it, attach it to the email and send.

2. Click
here to open the form as a PDF.
      * download the form and save it to your computer
      * print it
      *write your order on the form
      *scan it or photograph it, attach it to the email and send.

Shopping safely guidance now available

31 Mar 2020

Simple guidance is now available for people in New Zealand to keep themselves and others safe while doing their supermarket shop. 

The information covers:

  • how to prepare so you can get in and out quickly
  • tips to keep 2 metres away from other shoppers and supermarket staff
  • hygiene tips for while you shop
  • what to do with your groceries when you get home.

Find out more about shopping safely

Kurow Medical Centre and its satellite clinics
in Twizel (Mackenzie Health Centre Private Clinic)
and Omarama (Community Hall)


In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to protect our vulnerable at-risk patients we have been asked by the College of General Practitioners to only see patients at our clinics if they really need to be seen.
For all other appointments, we will now do these via telephone OR virtual Consultations (for this you will need a computer, laptop or smart phone so we can send you a link to download). All screening appointments i.e. Health Heart Checks, Diabetic checks, Cervical Smears etc. will be re-scheduled for a later date.


Call 03 436 0760 or 03 976 0503 to speak with the Doctor or Nurse.
Please be reassured you WILL be seen if your condition is urgent!

Our aim is to bring in patients one at a time from their cars.
Flu shots are now in and will still be given to patients who are eligible but this will now take place outside the clinics and preferably whilst you are sitting in your car.
Again phone ahead first to arrange a time with the nurse.
Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

Take care and keep safe, Juliet and Tim.

8 Wynyard St, Kurow  
P: 03 4360760  F: 03 4360780 

The Mackenzie Health Centre is our Twizel Satellite Clinic at:
3A Benmore Place, Twizel. Phone: 03 976 0503 Fax: 03 436 0780

Omarama Clinic at Omarama Community Centre, Chain Hills Highway, Omarama.
Phone: 03 4360 760, Cell: 027 434 7464.

How goes it today?
Other places to find support - click below to go to websites

- Police message to people facing family harm

The police are urging anyone with concerns or information about family harm in their community to get in touch as soon as they can, as level 4 restrictions bring new pressures to whānau and home environments.  
“We want everybody to know police will continue to prioritise family harm incidents and we will come when you call," assistant commissioner Sandra Venables said.
“We realise this is a hard time for some families and we want them to know police are there for them.
"We know that for some people, home right now may be an uncomfortable or scary place. 
“It may also be harder for some people to contact police or other agencies as they may not have easy access to a phone.  
“Let me be clear, if you are in immediate danger and you cannot call us on 111, leave your house and get out of harm’s way. Your safety comes first. Get to a safe distance and then ask a neighbour, or a passer-by (at a two metre distance) to call 111 for you.   
“We also urge neighbours and friends to contact police if they have concerns. If you think something’s not right, it probably isn’t. 
“It’s okay to call Police if you’re worried about someone as they may not be able to speak up for themselves. It’s everybody’s responsibility to help keep each other safe right now through this challenging time. You could be saving a life. 
“We know there are also people out there who don’t want to harm their loved ones but who are facing an internal struggle. To them I say: please stay strong, please walk away and take a moment so you don’t do something you’ll regret to someone you love.  
“You can reach out to us, or you can contact one of many support services listed on the Covid-19 website. They are there to support every member of your family and whānau.”   
The police have worked closely with Ministry of Social Development to ensure there is temporary accommodation for people under Police Safety Orders.
And police, the Joint Venture Business Unit, and MSD have also worked together to ensure 0800 Hey Bro (a number for men who feel they’re going to harm a loved one) has been able to operate nationally during COVID-19.  
“We know being around the same people 24/7 can be a challenge, and we know for some people this may make them fearful, at risk, or on the edge of doing harm. So if you feel fearful or threatened, please reach out." 
A list of support services is below:
211 Helpline (0800 211 211) – for help finding, and direct transfer to, community-based health and social support services in your area. 
Find your Local Women's Refuge by calling 0800 743 843 (0800 REFUGE) to be linked up with an advocate in your area. 
Victim Support – call 0800 842 846. 
Victim Information Line/Victim Centre – call 0800 650 654 or email
Shine domestic abuse services – free call 0508 744 633 (9am to 11pm) if you're experiencing domestic abuse, or want to know how to help someone else.  
Family violence information line – call 0800 456 450 to find out about local services or how to help someone near you.  
Elder Abuse Helpline – call 0800 32 668 65 (0800 EA NOT OK) - a 24-hour service answered by registered nurses who can connect to local elder abuse specialist providers.  
Tu Wahine Trust – call 09 838 8700 for kaupapa Māori counselling, therapy and support for survivors of sexual harm (mahi tukino) and violence within whānau.  
Shakti New Zealand – call 0800 742 584 for culturally competent support services for women, children and families of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin who have experienced domestic violence.  
Safe to Talk – sexual harm helpline. Call 0800 044 334, text 4334 or email  
Rape Crisis Centres – call 0800 88 3300 for contact details of your local centre. 
Male Survivors Aotearoa New Zealand – call 0800 044 344. 
Tu Wahine Trust – call 09 838 8700 for kaupapa Māori counselling, therapy and support for survivors of sexual harm (mahi tukino) and violence within whānau. 
ACC Sensitive Claims Unit – call 0800 735 566 for access to services related to sexual abuse or sexual assault. 
Hey Bro helpline – call 0800 HeyBro (0800 439 276). 24/7 help for men who feel they're going to harm a loved one or whānau member. 
Korowai Tumanoko – text or call 022 474 7044 for a kaupapa Māori service for those with concerning or harmful sexual behaviour.  
Need to Talk? 1737 – free call or text 1737 any time for support from a trained counsellor. 
Youthline – call 0800 376 633, free text 234 or email
Kidsline – call 0800 54 37 54 (0800 kidsline) for young people up to 18 years of age (24-hour service). 
Skylight– call 0800 299 100 helping children, young people and their families and whānau through tough times of change, loss, trauma and grief. 
Oranga Tamariki – call 0508 325 459 (0508 FAMILY) or email for concerns about children and young people.
Advice for Farmers
- from the Waitaki Emergency Response group
Otago Rural Support Trust: 0800 787 254 (0800 RURAL HELP) continues to provide its support service over the phone or on Skype/Zoom during lockdown.
They can help connect farming families with business advice, suppliers, financial information, health, and counselling services. Their services are free and confidential.
Guidance is going out to farmers about managing under meatworks’ capacity restrictions.
See for details.
Industry groups and MPI have launched a stock feed planning service for all farmers nation-wide.
Toll free numbers:
drystock farmers call 0800 BEEFLAMB (0800 233 352), dairy sector 0800 4DAIRYNZ (0800 4 324 7969), anyone can call 0508 AGFIRST (0508 243 477).
See MPI’s COVID-19 & Primary Industries FAQ webpage for more information:
Industry and MPI are also preparing advice about the 1 June dairy “Gypsy Day” changes, which will be promoted by industry groups and Federated Farmers.
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