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Ōmārama Gazette
Christmas 2022
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In this Christmas Issue

Christmas editorial 2022
Taking new directions in 2023
Summertime fun in the sun
New trophy hotly contested

From our 2022 album 
The Noticeboard 
The Community Reports
Christmas and New Year greetings, holiday hours and events
Christmas editorial 2022
by Ruth Grundy
And still we rise
I think my favourite bird is the Pīhoihoi – the Pipit
It lives dangerously, building homes in grassy nests in tussock on stony, rough ground  – yes on the ground.
This then requires an elaborate ruse to lure any threat away from eggs and chicks.
Stepping out into the dusty path just ahead, it will walk tantalisingly close then flutter skyward over it's home range with a sweet tzweeping call to draw you further and still further away.
So much courage, so much to risk, and still it sings

I swear after a long high-country winter the pipits and skylarks fly up, up and up to greet the spring sunrise over the reserve singing just for the sheer joy of being alive.
But then what would I know.
Mmm, I think my favourite bird is the Kārearea – the falcon. It has truly earned the descriptor ‘awesome’.
I watch from my kitchen window as it rises on the thermals above its range over Ladybird Hill to soar and then swoop to hunt and protect. 
But to paraphrase Cliff Jerrison* it is easy to have the courage of the Kārearea – those talons.
I wasn’t going to write an editorial this year. 
It’s been a tough year – take a look at our album below. 
We’ve been grieving the big and the little on so many levels, in so many ways.
And sometimes, just when we’ve hoped for calm, we forget that sailing through the doldrums can be the most soul destroying of all.
There have been times when we have wanted to snap back and times when we have snapped back and times when we've just snapped.
It is not an exaggeration to say it has likely been the toughest year for our businesses in living memory.
Getting through the pandemic was one thing – we’d hoped for a sprint, but it’s been a marathon.
Then what about those floods?
There have been challenges to all that we believe in.
We’ve been missing yesterday, and we don’t feel ready for this tomorrow.
A recession is coming? Seriously? We question if 2023 will be any better.
What could there be to celebrate?
I wasn’t going to write an editorial this year. Do we truly need to remember?
And then I saw the pīhoihoi rise from the dust, rise and fly with the sunrise, and sing
And I thought of us.  This is our story.
We can look forward.
Businesses are reopening, rebuilding, remodelling. We’re bustlingly moving forward.
Think about it. Arguably and almost overnight Ōmārama must have become the fastest growing town in the Waitaki District, spreading outwards in every direction.
With what we have learned we’re better equipped.
With what we have learned we have found new perspectives.
We’ve learned what truly matters – each other.
We’ve learned what to treasure and what is fool’s gold.
We've learned that what is worthwhile is never easy.
Our high-country poet Jim Morris says with his enduring wisdom.
To face the future takes two things:
“With some help from him above,
Are the good old twins of the mountains,
Hard work, and lots of love.
I wasn’t going to write an editorial this year. No-one will miss it.
And the I saw the pīhoihoi  rise from the dust, rise and fly up to the sunrise and sing.
And I thought of us.  This is our story. 
Wishing you all fun and love – that’s here in these pages too - this Christmas and in 2023.

Meri Kirihimete me te Hape Nū Ia
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

[I read these here:
*“It's easy to have the courage of a lion,
they're gigantic and have claws and no natural predators.
Have the courage of the guinea pig, a two-pound meat potato with zero offensive or defensive abilities, that will scream at an ape 100 times its size if their lettuce is too wilty.” - Cliff Jerrison, on Twitter
* from Twins of the Mountains, Different Worlds, Backcountry Yarns, By Jim Morris]

by April Soetarman
Taking new directions for 2023
2023 will see Omarama School – pupils, teachers and the board heading in new and “positive” directions.

At the end-of-year assembly on Wednesday Board of Trustees chairperson Jemma Gloag announced at  that board elections would be held at the beginning of the year. 
As well, a gathering is planned for parents and the community to discuss the school’s vision and values, and to set the direction the school will take.
Last month the Ministry of Education appointed a Limited Statutory Manager at the request of the board to carry out employment and communications functions and to advise the board on policies and procedures.

Parents, caregivers and friends packed the school for its final assembly of 2022. 
Acting school principal Geraldine Sumner thanked the community for coming together to support the school and in particular thanked teachers, parents and the community for their work organising a successful and fun school camp. 
She will return for term one of 2023.
Mrs Gloag said 2022 had been a “tough year” and a “huge learning curve” but all were looking forward to moving forward in a “positive manner”. 
“Thanks to Geraldine for a well of knowledge, experience and a steady ship when we needed it.” 
And she thanked her fellow board members Nicola McKerchar and Ruby Milestone for their “knowledge, energy and a great deal of support”.
Friends of Omarama School chairperson Kay Mason thanked all who had contributed to organising and fundraising through the year including for camps, skiing, providing games and books, sunhats and sunscreen,
She made special mention of secretary and treasurer Carla Hunter and Kristy Zeestraten and also former chairperson Emma Moore for their help in the past year.
Athletics and tennis awards were presented and featured Ōmārama pupils who had achieved success at a regional and representative level. (More on this in the February Gazette).
Senior class teacher Clair Winslade led the farewells for pupils moving to new schools next year.
Hannariina Laukkanen goes to Mt Aspiring College, Arabella Thomas goes to St Margaret’s College and Lucy Radford and the Radford family are moving to Mt White Station.
The Thomas and Radford families were presented with a gift to mark the end of their long-time family connection with the school.
Ms Winslade urged the year eight leavers to face the future with confidence. 
“Fortune favours the brave... be brave, be fearless, be bold.” 
The graduating year eights will be treated to a helicopter ride provided by The Helicopter Line.
Two teachers are leaving – Luke Kelly is moving to Mt Aspiring College and Shona Denton is retiring from teaching after more than 20 years. 
“The fabulous Mrs D”, who began her career at Lawrence Area school, taught at Millers Flat School and the Roxburgh Health Camp before moving to Ōmārama in 2018. 
Tributes and tears flowed as she said farewell to “a true family school.”
Omarama School  2022 Term Four LIGHT awards, highlighting school values
Ahuriri – Teacher: Luke Kelly
Learner: Leona Leopold
Inclusive: Emelia Newfield
Growth: Carter Golder
Helper: Arlo Leopold
Truthful: Louis Aubrey
Huxley – Teacher: Shona Denton
Learner: Charlotte Hales
Inclusive: Sasha Tan
Growth: Eira Warnock
Helper: Jimmy Moore
Truth: Lockey Harding
Clay Cliffs – Teacher: Clair Winslade
Learner: Ella Lynch
Inclusive: Amelia Wilson
Growth: James Mason
Helper: Paige Doree
Truth: Jack Doree
Omarama School Year Eight graduating pupils
Ella Lynch, who will attend St Kevin’s College, Oamaru.
Miley Wilson, Jake McCabe , Hazel Mason and Lilly McCabe who will go to Twizel Area School in 2023.
Ōmārama School's Ahuriri class sings Pōhutukawa Tree at the
2022 end of year assembly
🎶🎶 Aroha, joy and singing… and a (Jimmy’s) meat pie! 😁 🎶🎶
Summertime fun in the sun
OH WHAT FUN ...🤸‍♀️🏄‍♀️🤸🏄🤸‍♂️🏄‍♂️
to slide and play under an awesome squirting spray.
With lights all flashy and siren going,
There’s laughter all the way.

Ōmārama school pupils, teachers, family and friends celebrated the end of a successful school camp with an afternoon of watery fun and games. 
With thanks to Chief Fire Officer Greg Harper of the Omarama Volunteer Fire Brigade for the general drenching and a wee turn with the helmet and hose.
New trophy hotly contested
Rumours of cheating abound

All you could say really about this field of players is we’re so glad you do ‘day jobs’ much better than you play golf!
Last week teams from the Emergency Services – Police, Search and Rescue, and Fire and Emergency New Zealand took to the greens for the inaugural, initial, first ever, foundational Omarama Emergency Services Golf annual tournament with a trophy, each vying for that new trophy and bragging rights For. Ever. And. Ever.

At the end of a long and concentrated day of play the honour, for the first time ever, went to
🥁🥁🥁 Omarama Volunteer Fire Brigade - the 2022 champions! 🥁🥁🥁
With thanks to Omarama Golf Club Boots & Jandals Hotel Omarama, Johnny and Vanessa Anderson, Adrian Tuffley, and all who worked behind the scenes to make the afternoon a great success.

Omarama Emergency Services Golf Tournament  2022 Results: 
Longest Drive: Nayland (His arms are too long, It needs to be further away.) Smith.
Closest to pin: Maurice (Whose side are you on? ) Cowie
Straightest drive: Bruce (Can you do that again sober?) Dyson
Sportsmanship: Michaela (The only one who played nicely, she's new!) Kennedy. 
Perseverance: Jamie (God loves a trier) Reid 
No.1 Funny Man:  Michael (No, not him, the other one) Jackson
From our 2022 album ...
January 2022

In this first month of our year it rained, it flooded drains again and we complained, to no effect.
Youth Glide New Zealand once again held a successful soaring development camp at the Ōmārama Airfield Eight students made their first solo flights including Fred Grant, of the Ōmārama Gliding Club, who as tradition dictates was duly doused with a bucket of water.
Ōmārama Golf Club held its annual and very popular New Year's tournament with Paul Bowman (now Club president) taking the Junior men's title.

Photos: Ruth Grundy, Brian Savage and Christine Bowman

February 2022

You guessed it, more rain in more drains and more complaints to no effect.

But attention turned to bigger things as Covid-19 Omicron hit town. 
Our 'lucky' first case took it all in good fun as she was also presented with the first Community Care pack and medal  in honour of her status. Thank you so much Jill for your courage leading the way.
Many volunteers clubbed together to prepare for the pandemic and its various restrictions.
We're used to being self sufficient living as we do away from resources others take for granted so we just stepped up again..

Everyone's a winner at the Boots and Jandals Hotel Social Club's Spud in a Bucket competition (except, maybe Paddy 😉) 

There are sad sights in town as the pandemic's affect on tourism takes an economic toll.

But the rural calendar rolls around with another successful lamb sale at the yards.

Photos: Ruth Grundy, Heather Smith, Julie Dyson
March 2022

We celebrated special moments in the Gazette, this year.
Here are only a few. Rae Spiers of Lake Ohau Village turned 80, Ross Tangey celebrated at Boots & Jandals, and Shona Smith was a birthday girl in the pink.

Ōmārama juniors starred in tennis and made the headlines.
April 2022

After Covid cancelled the 2021 sale calves were back to the Ōmārama sale yards for 2022.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Ōmārama volunteer firefighters, who were first on the scene at the Lake Ōhau fire, were recognised with a Fenz symbol of excellence award; trophy and certificate.

The Ōmārama Model Aircraft club was also able to hold an Aerotow for the first time in two years.
And these high flyers - Disc Golf - came to town for the very first time in June. 

We said our final farewells to some very special people this year. Denise Tamati, Lindis Courtney and Colin Herd were three. Colin is pictured here at the Memorial Rock on Anzac Day with a precious momento, a leather belt used to display the military insignia awarded to his great grandfather who served in WW1

It was the last Anzac Day service to be held at the Memorial Rock at this location.

Photos: Ruth Grundy and supplied.
May 2022

These 'likely lads' of the newly-formed Ōmārama Shed group begin construction of a new 'bird box' for the Ōmārama Rodeo Club.

And the Care Group continues to work to help those isolating with Covid-19, supplying gifts to cheer and amuse. The whole town rallies, dedicated volunteers bake and cook and deliver, and help whatever way they can.
The shelves are never empty.
June 2022

The winter months arrive with the Pink Ribbon Brunch at Boots & Jandals Hotel, Community Housie at the Community Centre, and we celebrate the new holiday, Matariki ,rising over Mt Benmore Te Taumata o Patuki.

The Ice Queen pays a visit to etch out the landscape in sepia tones and hoar frost.
Then snow creates a stunningly beautiful landscape and havoc.
Say again, how many times did you have to dig yourself out, Chief?

Photos: Ruth Grundy
July 2022

A monumental shift takes place when the Memorial Rock is moved to the Ōmārama Memorial Hall for future Anzac Day commemorations. NB it did take a bit more effort than just Maurice Cowie on the end of a shovel. Thanks to Grant Hayman of Headford Propagators.

Ōmārama Search and Rescue conduct a training exercise set around the scenario of a magnitude 8 earthquake on the Alpine Fault.

And then real life scenarios hit town.
The event began with - you guessed it - blocked drains. We complained, no-one came.
Our volunteers stepped up to do the work.
The flood of July 18/19 2022 made the history books with record rainfall and river flows.

The most watched video of 2022 on the Ōmārama Gazette Facebook page - with 23K views - was the one taken by Jevon Zeestraton of the bridge washout at Clearburn on Lake Ōhau Rd.

Photos: Ruth Grundy
Click the photo to view video by Jevon Zeestraton of the bridge washout at Clearburn on Lake Ōhau Rd, July 19, 2022.
August 2022

And then more rain plus snowmelt. We grew weary but can still laugh. 
Here's the newly created "Mick's Pond". 
We get the bigger digger to clean up and it rains some more.
Some big questions are asked about why help from authorities was not forthcoming.

On a different topic, many, some travel distances, to attend a Public Forum held by the Ōmārama Residents' Association to discuss the response model St John is using to deal with medical 111 calls in Ōmārama. 
The community and our First Response want to be called to every call because medical help can be at least 20 minutes away. Many come to support us and some want the same for their towns.
If signing the petition is still on your to do list visit:

🔷 Boots and Jandals Hotel Ōmārama
🔶 Four Square Ōmārama
🔷 GlenCraigs
🔶 Heritage Gateway Hotel
🔷 Mobil Ōmārama
🔶 Ōmārama School
🔷 Ōmārama Veterinary Services

Or go online now to:

And on a brighter note the Ōmārama Hotel makeover begins.
September 2022

The Shed Group hit the wall and in the process build some pretty darn fine storage for the Ōmārama Sports Courts.

The world comes together to mourn Queen Elizabeth II and Lex Perriam wears the commemorative medal produced for her  visit to New Zealand in 1953-54 in tribute.

In another golden moment Ōmārama Fire Chief and wife Adrienne are honoured by Fenz for 25 years service.
(Yep, that was him pictured earlier digging out the work van stuck in snow. How many times was that, again, Greg? 😆 )

Guess what? it rains and floods the drains.
October 2022

In remembrance; a new plaque is installed at the Ōmārama Memorial Hall.

Jack Zorab makes it official - he's now a Kiwi.
It's goodbye and all the very best to our favourite barman Ronnie. (Sorry, Bruce)

Ōmārama Golf Club secretary Christine Bowman congratulates the winner - Phil Jackson, of Waimate - of the Club's flood fundraising tournament held at Labour Weekend.

Caught red-handed taking candy from babies - or ice blocks from children - Senior Constable Nayland (Bean) Smith helps himself to a sweet treat at the community picnic-come-barbeque held to share flood stories. But could it be a set-up?
Here is the link to the collected footage compiled from the clips which were brought to show at the event. 

Two legends -  Wingy (Pat Leopold ) wanted one last photo outside the old hotel where he toasted  the late great Woodsy - Eion Woods. 

Photos: Ruth Grundy and supplied.
November 2022

It wouldn't be November without the Melbourne Cup and it wouldn't be  the Melbourne Cup without a pub crammed full of Ōmārama punters
These ladies and one gent are dressed to impress to watch Gold Trip charge home to take the Cup.

Photo: Julie Dyson
December 2022

It's summer and Christmas time and holidays.
Time for sunshine, celebrations, and our visitors are back.

The flood fall out continues as debate over who should pay what for the stream clean-up continues.
And about those drains... the story continues.

Wow, that's been some year!
The Noticeboard 
To have your community notice included here email:

Sincerest condolences to Paddy and Katrina and other family and friends of Sally Galvin who died in Dunedin Hospital last week. Sally, who in recent years lived in Oamaru, was formerly of Otematata. Talented pianist, Sally taught many to play the keyboard. She was organist at St Thomas's Church Ōmārama for many years, performed in many of the valley's variety shows and concerts, and accompanied many other in their performances.. Staunch supporter of the Otematata Volunteer Fire brigade she was married to the late Otematata Fire Chief Mike Galvin and is mother to volunteer fire fighter Paddy.

Our sincere condolences to Glenys and Craig Dawson on the death Glenys's mother last week.

Happy (significant) birthday to Boots and Jandals Hotel Ōmārama's Julie Dyson We're not saying how old but she doesn't look a day over fabulous!
(Cake by Teresa Gallagher) 
Kurow Medical Centre  Ōmārama Clinic at the  Ōmārama Community Centre, is open Thursdays, 8.30am to 12.30pm. To make appointments for all clinics, order repeat scripts or make enquiries please contact Kurow Medical Centre 03 436 0760
(Monday to Thursdays).

The Ōmārama Community Library is open 9.30am to 11am,  Wednesdays and Saturdays. Library hours can change. Contact Yvonne: 027 476 7473.

The Ōmārama Shed Group meets each Saturday at 10am and at other times too.
For further information please contact Malcolm Cameron 022 476 2225 
St Thomas' Ōmārama Church Community: 
chairperson: Ven Dr Michael Godfrey, phone 022 342 9977 or  email; committee secretary (Presbyterian): Rev Lee Kearon, phone: 021 250 1060 or email:

The Ōmārama Golf Club  Saturdays cards in 12.30pm, tee-off 1pm.
Club captain Adrian Tuffley phone: 027 347 8276

The Ahuriri Community Catchment Group meets once a month. For time and place contact facilitator Nicola McKerchar. Phone: 022 612 7570; email:

The Upper Waitaki Young Farmers Club meets at 7.30pm on the first Monday of each month at the ‘Top Pub’ - the Blue and Gold pub, in Kurow. All welcome. Join the Facebook group.

Ōmārama Playgroup meets at 9.30am each Wednesday during the primary school term at the Ōmārama Community Centre.  For more information phone president Nic McKerchar 022 612 7570 or secretary Tarsh Bell  027 349 0016
Bridge Club - The Ōmārama  Bridge Club meets on a regular basis and would welcome new members. If you are interested please phone Sylvia Anderson 438 9784 or Ann Patterson 438 9493.

The Ōmārama Model Aircraft Club meets on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon at its flying ground at the Ōmārama airfield. All welcome - Contact Don Selbie on 027 435 5516.

FENZ Ōmārama Volunteer Fire Brigade meets 7pm each Wednesday and has its meeting at 7:30pm on the third Wednesday of the month. New members welcome. 

A gentle exercises and social afternoon group meets at the Otematata District Club at 1.30pm  Thursday afternoons. Gold coin donation and a cuppa after the exercises.
The exercises are run with the guidance of personal trainer Lauren Maree. Gold coin donation and a cuppa after the exercises. Contact Ethel Gray 03 438 7764.

Waitaki Newcomers Network: For more information about this group and to subscribe to regular updates send contact details to E:
W: F:

Plunket Line: 0800 933 922
Ōmārama Plunket Committee: Aimee Snelgrove 022 350 5536
Thank you to all who share your stories and contribute
in other ways to the Gazette.

We all really appreciate what you do.

If you find anything amiss in the Ōmārama Gazette
please contact Ruth Grundy, 021 294 8002 or email
and I will do my very best to put it right.
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Care in the Community

Ōmārama Community Care Group

What's new...
Thanks to generous donations our group now has free emergency food supplies available - all the staples you may need to get you and your family through. Be assured all requests and referrals are made in confidence. Please contact Ruth 021 294 8002 to arrange delivery.
Covid Care
Our Covid Care group officially went into recess at the end of September and so we don’t have access to the same volunteer or other resources that we did.
But we are still able to help, so please do make contact if either yourself or a friend or neighbour need anything.
Up-to-date regulations and advice can be found on the  Unite against Covid-19 and the  Ministry of Health Covid-19 Health Hub websites.
We have - free RATS, free sanitiser, masks, gowns and face shields if you are caring for someone with Covid and need protection. Only a phone call away:  Ruth Grundy 021 294 8002 
The Twizel Community Care Centre offers the following services:
* Work and Income – assistance with applying for benefits, helping with queries regarding superannuation, and any other financial assistance you may receive.
* Printing and scanning of documents.
* Inland Revenue queries and forms
* Twizel-Tekapo Community Car bookings – this is a community car that picks you up from your house here in Omarama and takes you wherever you need to go such as Twizel or Timaru for an appointment.
* Assistance with finding jobs in the area.
* Foodbank – donations, and supply
* Any other Government services – ACC, Department of Corrections, etc
* Arowhenua Health Clinic – on the first Wednesday of each month.
* Computer/cellphone assistance
Twizel Community Care - Open Monday to Friday 9am until 2.30pm.
Kristin Murdoch (coordinator)
Mount Cook St, Twizel
Phone: 03 435 0687, email:
Age Concern (for people 65 and older)
Kathryn Bennett is the coordinator for Age Concern Waitaki, based in Oamaru.
From February 14 she will run monthly coffee afternoons at the Omarama Community Centre.
Kathryn’s contact details are:
03 434 7008
027 4347 089
Hours: Mon-Wed 9am to 4.30pm  /Thurs to Fri 9am to12.30pm
Emergency home help – this is if you need cleaning done or the like in the short term, for example, if you are recovering from an illness - contact your GP for a referral.
The Community Reports
Upper Waitaki Police news 
Hi everyone.
Well almost another year through, jeez where does the time go?

It has been a fairly quiet year for me. I guess COVID has a lot to do with that. Hopefully we’ve just about seen the last of it.

I’ve noticed that the roads are definitely a lot busier now and speeds are beginning to creep up again, as are driving complaints (*555). I'm still not getting the crashes that we used to but no doubt they will come with the increase in tourist numbers.

Crime wise there's not a lot to report, but please remain vigilant and still ensure you lock your doors etc when you leave your house.

Over the course of the holiday period my key focus will be about road safety, checking seatbelts, using cellphones and drink driving. Don’t think just because you're a local that I won’t stop you to check for alcohol because I will.

I don’t know how many car crashes I've attended in the 20 odd years that I've been in the police but it would definitely be in the hundreds if not thousands. With the majority of crashes I've found the main causes are fatigue and distraction, and a close third, not driving to the conditions.

For you local folk I know I don’t have to go on about driving to the conditions, you all know that already. But fatigue can be one of those things that creeps up on you. If you're planning a trip make sure you plan an early night prior, if you're feeling tired or note you're starting to drift off, for god's sake pull over and take a break, even try to get a quick snooze in if you can. Whatever you do don’t try to keep going. The amount of crashes I've been to where people are only 10 minutes from their destination and they’ve fallen asleep is quite staggering. Distraction - yep talking about cellphones mostly. It may not be talking on your phone, it can also be changing the music either on your phone or your car's display. Pull over and do it. Don’t have a crash because you wanted to change over from Johnny Cash to a bit of AC/DC.

A quick note about Search and Rescue (Sar). We have recently purchased a generator and have the capability to plug this into the mains so that the Sar base can still function should we have a power cut. This means should we have a large scale event such as an earthquake etc we will still be able to coordinate an emergency response. A huge thank you to Meridian who contributed over $3000 towards this!

I’d also like to congratulate Ōmārama Fire for winning the new and hotly contested Ōmārama Emergency Services Golf champs trophy. Don’t get tooooo used to it being on your shelf Fenz, the Sar guys 'n' gals have already started planning a comeback for next year!

Ange and I would also like to thank you all for the support and messages we recently received when Ange wasn’t feeling well. It really is appreciated and we both know how lucky we are to be living in such a great community full of good bastards.

Have a great Xmas, stay safe and don’t eat too much.

Senior Constable Nayland Smith 
Sole charge Constable / Omarama / Po Box 101, Omarama 9448.
Phone:  (03) 438 9559 / Ext:  34580 /
FENZ Ōmārama Volunteer Fire Brigade
Merry Christmas, everybody!
How fast has 2022 gone?
I hope you all have a nice relaxing break for those lucky enough to be having some time off.
For the rest, try to enjoy the time you get to spend with family and friends.
Let's hope we get some good weather so we can enjoy the time off.
If you are travelling please be patient. Better to be 10 minutes late than not arrive at all.
Last Friday the Ōmārama fire brigade and Sar had our annual golf day with a slight twist.
This year there is a trophy up for grabs.
Well done to the fire brigade team as they were victorious winning the inaugural match for this impressive trophy.
You may ask yourselves why long standing fire brigade member Maurice Cowie is not in the team photo.
Unfortunately for Maurice he decided give his loyalties to the Sar team so he was not able to celebrate with the rest of the fire team.
There was some suggestion that he may have been crawling around the local Sar head (Bean) but I’m sure that is only a rumour.

Once again well done Omarama Fire. We may need a larger shelf for our trophies.
Stay Safe and we will see you in the New Year.
Greg Harper and the team at the Ōmārama Volunteer Fire Brigade      

Greg Harper
Chief Fire Officer 
021 293 1171
Facebook: /Omaramafirebrigade
FENZ Ōmārama Volunteer Fire Brigade meets 7pm each Wednesday and has its meeting at 7:30pm on the third Wednesday of the month.
Toot for tucker, Ōmārama 2022

Ōmārama Golf Club
Ōmārama Community Library


The Library will be closed
Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24,
and New Year's Eve, Saturday, December 31.

The  Ōmārama Community Library  
is open 9.30am to 11am, 
Wednesdays and Saturdays, 
at the Ōmārama Community Centre.

Contacts: Georgie  027 486 1525 or Yvonne  027 476 7473
Ōhau Conservation Trust

Meri Kirihimete me te Hape Nū Ia
Merry Christmas and happy new year

from Viv, Helen and Katrina
Trustees of Ōhau Conservation Trust. Photo: 
We wish you all the best for the summer holidays. Thank you to everyone who has helped the Trust this year in our conservation activities at Lake Ōhau.
We’ve got some special planting sessions next year – on 9 April, 7 May and 21 May – to plant an area as a place of reflection and remembrance for the 34 brigades (including our special local brigades!) who attended the October 2020 wildfire at Lake Ōhau.  A plaque to acknowledge and thank the brigades will be in installed within the planted area.
We’d love people to come and help plant the 2000 plants. 
More details will be posted on the Trust’s website - and in the Gazette next year.
‘The Community Reports' is
dedicated to news
from clubs, groups and sports teams.

Contributions are welcome 
You make all this possible 
There’s one more thing… I say it every year.
It's still true and I don't know a better way of saying it.
Thank you for your contributions. Thank you all for sharing.
It can take a lot to put yourself out there.

It is a privilege to put the Gazette together.
Truly, I could not do this without you. 
We live in a truly beautiful part of the world and among a community that cares.
Let's celebrate our place.

A world of good wishes to you all ...the Gazette is back February 1, 2023. 😊

- Ruth Grundy, editor.
This video about our place made at the end of 2021
was the second most viewed of this year.
Ōmārama Gazette
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021 294 8002, 03 438 9766
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