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Noteslate SHIRO Production unit


first let me apologize for the communication we had so far. Your interest in Noteslate product is really valuable for us and your support is truly essential for building Noteslate handwriting platform together. We really appreciate your trust in our brand and we know we made some bad mistakes.
Let me explain current status of our first product, Noteslate SHIRO which is on pre-order now and will be available soon. We finally finished pilot production test (PVT) and now we are really ready for mass production. Check out some photos of the first Noteslate SHIRO device. Hope you will like the product design. We're pretty excited about it.

Noteslate SHIRO - The first pure handwriting device
Inputs including SD card and Micro USB
Power button and Backlight button on the top
As you can see it has all the details, textures and colors as announced You will also get your unique serial number on the back of the device and genuine protective cover.
Noteslate SHIRO numbered edition for everyone!
SHIRO also comes with black satin cover and stylus tag, like your regular notepad.
Please pre-order your unique Noteslate SHIRO now and help us to scale up the production. This is an important beginning of building the handwriting platform together. You will recieve unique numbered unit with unique Noteslate interface.
Pre-order Noteslate SHIRO
Noteslate SHIRO for pre-order
Noteslate KURO for reservation
1-bit simplicity (... with grayscale readability for e-books :)

As you can see we are finally in the last phase of development. We are waiting for final confirmation with manufacturer to confirm lead times for mass production. Our best estimate is to deliver you your unique Noteslate SHIRO unit at the beginning of March 2017. That's our definitive promise to deliver you the device. We apologize for frustration and any inconvenience as you've been waiting for our product. We truly apologize for all the delays.

As we are bootstrapping our production, your support is really essential for us. We truly appreciate your patience. 
Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We will soon launch smaller crowdfunding campaign to scale up the production of Noteslate SHIRO.

Real pen to paper feel user experience.
Wi-Fi connectivity and specifications
We've been trying really hard to develop the product as promised and deliver you the ultimate handwriting experience, the future of pen and paper. SHIRO is the pioneering device of Noteslate handwriting platform. Through all the obstacles we are in final phase before shipping. We are bootstrapping all the development and operations so that's why it's not so easy sometimes for us to maintain our loyal community.
Watch our previous product demo video.
Check our our live drawing on Noteslate SHIRO
And this is just a beginning of a great journey to bring handwriting, pen and paper back to our modern society. Handwriting was always part of our culture or civilization, an essential part of any thought process. We left it behind as humankind. We are working hard on our long term vision to bring pen and paper back to our digital world, bring handwriting back to the roots of humanity.
Pre-order Noteslate SHIRO
Please stay with us on this difficult mission. It's meaningful and worth it. Thank you for your support.

Thank you for being with us.

Martin Hasek
/ Founder, CEO /
Simple. Personal. Sustainable. Noteslate handwriting platform.

Every bit is you. Please share our mission. Thank you.
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