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Wednesday 29th October
Governing Council Meeting

Wednesday 29th October
Finance Meeting - Governing Council

Friday 7th November
Old Scholars Morning Tea & School Tour

Wednesday 19th November
Governing Council Meeting

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Principal's Blog 

To members of our School Community

It was with delight that I saw the recent television story that indicated Henley has the third highest waiting list in the State.  We should be very proud of our reputation. We are a really great school!

I will be spending term 4 working in our Central Office on the DECD ICT Master plan, which is an important part of the new DECD Strategic and Business Plans.  This is a good opportunity for us to learn from other schools as we continue to pursue quality ICT processes and tools to support our administration, teaching and learning. In my absence, Anthony van Ruiten will be the school’s Principal.

Unfortunately, my new position required me to be working in New Zealand on the night of the Graduation. I do congratulate each and every one of our year 12 graduates and wish them well in their exams and in whatever post school pathway they have chosen to pursue.

Liz Schneyder
Dear Parents and Caregivers,

On Thursday 23rd October the school community filled the Henley High School, School Hall to share in a wonderful celebration of the achievements of our Year 12 students, at the Year 12 Graduation Evening. I would like to once again congratulate all our graduating Year 12 students on the impending completion of secondary schooling and hope they achieve the rewards they deserve for their efforts in their exams and beyond. I would especially like to congratulate those that earned the Top of Subject awards and the students who earned special awards for their outstanding contribution to the Henley High School Community over the past 5 years of their schooling. The special award winners were

SLC Outstanding Commitment to a Vocational Pathway - Abdul Sheriff  
SLC Outstanding Commitment to the School Community - Benjamin Conlon
Australian School Based Apprentice of the Year Award - Zoe Anastasiou
Governing Council Award - Kelly Ross
Josiah Mitton Prize - Marie Andrea
Henley & Grange RSL Award - Shannon Harris
2014 Sportsperson of the Year - Sam Durdin
Paul Caica Award –  Erica Ghezzi
Matt Williams Award –   Jade Robertson
ADF Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award - Shanna McGrath
Principal’s School Spirit Award –  Jessica Gibbons
The Principal’s Team Award – School Choir
CALTEX Best All-rounder – Rian Pate
The Year 12 Graduation is the first event that signals that the end of the year is fast approaching. Year 12 students, however, will need to remain focused for the next few weeks while they prepare for exams and / or finish their remaining assignments or externally marked work. This is a stressful time for students and their families and people should be mindful of maintaining their physical and mental health over this time, seeking assistance when needed.

For the remainder of the school year it is full steam ahead and students and parents need to be aware that there is full program of work scheduled until the end of the school term on the 12th of December and that students’ attendance during this period is as critical as it is for the remainder of the year to support student achievement and success. We look forward to the next gathering of the school community for the Years 8-11 Awards Ceremony on the 3rd of December and also to welcoming our 2015 Year 8 students during their Orientation Visit on the 27th and 28th November.

Anthony van Ruiten

MSC 2015

The Materials and Services Charge for Henley High School for 2015 has been approved by DECD (Department of Education and Child Development) and bears  the official watermark verification for complying with the Education Act  1972, Section 106A.

This will be tabled at the next Henley High School Governing Council meeting for approval. This is an open meeting where parents are able to express their views, or in lieu of attendance at the meeting, parents can express their views in writing to the chairperson via

The Henley High School Governing Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 29th October 2014 at 7pm in the Conference room.
Jane O'Callaghan
Business Manager

Old Scholars Morning Tea

We welcome all Old Scholars to attend the Morning Tea on Friday 7th November.  If you are able to attend, please RSVP by clicking here or via our website.

Sammy Nutt
Promotions Coordinator

2015 Year 12 Jackets

  • Fittings for 2015 Year 12 Jackets will commence at Henley High School Uniform Shop and at Hambours starting Monday 27th October and concluding on Friday 7th November 2014.
  • Fittings at Henley High School will be Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 3 - 4pm and Wednesday 8 - 9 am in weeks 3 (Monday 27th - Friday 31st October) and 4 (Monday 3rd - Friday 7th November).
  • Fittings at Hambours will be Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm, again in weeks 3 and 4.
  • Orders for Year 12 2015 Jackets are required by 4.30 pm 7th November 2014 if ordering in-store, or midnight Sunday 9th November 2014 if ordering online.
  • Price of the Year 12 jacket is $90.00 and sizes available are 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26.
  • To secure the order, the minimum deposit required is $40.00 per Jacket.
  • In order to receive delivery of the order, it must be fully paid for prior to or at the time of collection.
  • There is a discount available in the Henley High School Online Uniform Shop if customers are ordering online. Garments will be available to order online from Monday 27th October 2014 until midnight Sunday 9th November 2014.  We do suggest customers wishing to order online still come in for a fitting.
  • When students are being fitted for their garments, our staff will ensure there is sufficient growing room in the garment for the students.
  • We cannot guarantee that any orders received after November 7th / 9th will be able to be filled so it is really important that parents and carers order in the specified time period. Orders after this date may incur up to a $20.00 surcharge for printing.
  • The expected collection date of the Year 12 Jackets for the students is Thursday 12th February 2015.

Congratulations HHS - Most Outstanding Tennis School Finalist

(Newcombe Medal, Australian Tennis Awards)

Henley High School has been selected as a finalist in the most outstanding school category for the Newcombe Medal, Australian Tennis Awards 2014.

The most outstanding school award category recognises the role schools play in the tennis community by providing links to local clubs and coaches and supporting students through their sporting pathway.  Henley High school through the Specialist Sports Program has been able to achieve this by providing access to high quality opportunities for students to achieve their sporting and academic goals.  Congratulations must go to the highly talented and dedicated students involved in Tennis at Henley for their ongoing efforts.  This has been reflected with Knock Out Sport success winning Yr8/9 KO boys and girls in 2013 and Open boys KO this year.  Coaches Jason Kempf and Sharon Hambly have also had a significant influence on the groups success and must also be thanked.

In recognition of the achievement Jarrod Gillings (SSP Tennis Manager) and Tim Kloeden (Assistant Principal of our Specialist Sports Program) will represent Henley High School at the Australian Tennis Awards gala evening on Monday 24th November in Melbourne. 

For more information on the Newcombe medal please see the link below
Jarrod Gillings
SSP Tennis Manager


Success in the National History Challenge

Every year, all Year 9 students create an entry for the National History Challenge. This year, students created their own research questions, undertook historical research and wrote an argumentative essay based on the theme “Changing Perspectives”.

This year Henley High School has experienced extraordinary success, with Sahara Boniface (9Mi2), being awarded the State Award for Year 9, meaning that her entry was judged as the best in South Australia by the panel of judges. This is the first time a student from Henley High has received this honour in the National History Challenge, with Sahara receiving outstanding support from her History teacher Bonnie Churchett. In addition to this, Alyssa Krimizi (9Fl21), working with her History teacher Alex Glen, was nominated as a finalist in the same category.

Congratulations to Sahara and Alyssa, and to all Year 9 students for completing the Challenge!

Zara Anderson
Quality Teaching Coordinator

Girls in Technology

This year’s Arts festival provided a great opportunity for the Girls in Technology Class to market some of their jewellery to the wider community. The night also was a chance to complete a unit of work that focused on developing a product ready for sale complete with promotions, costings and management of point of sales.

Alice Miller, Chelsea Albenese and Olivia Armitage did a terrific job spending much of their recess and lunch times preparing for the night. As it turned out sales were better than imagined with the profit margin allowing the group to expand the range and sales opportunities into bigger enterprising opportunities. A big thanks to our principal Liz Schneyder for her continued encouragement and to Promotions and Tania Madigan for including the Class in such a successful event. 

Alex Pindral
Design & Technology Teacher

State Winners of the AFL Mathletics Challenge

As part of Literacy and Numeracy Week, our middle school students were involved in an AFL Mathletics challenge. Mathletics is an online educational program that incorporates a games-based approach to learning mathematics. Students competed against other schools from around the country earning points to propel their favourite team to the top of the AFL Maths Challenge ladder. During this week, maths classes were full of some very competitive and engaged student who were madly trying to prove their superior maths skills to their challengers!

Five of our students ranked within the top twenty of South Australia. They are: Dylan Goudis (3rd); Anderson Chin (6th); Jacinta Venditto (9th); Jake Kolm (11th); and Brandon Ninnes (16th). We are very proud of these students and their commitment to improving their mathematics. The winning students each received an AFL football and a letter of congratulations from Mathletics.

Sonya Arnold
Mathematics Coordiantor

Pictured from left to right: Anderson Chin, Brandon Ninnes, Jake Kolm (absent Dylan Goudis  and Jacinta Venditto)

HHS Girls Soccer

Girls soccer at Henley this year has taken great leaps forward compared to previous years with strong performances in both the indoor and outdoor state schools competitions as well as strong individual performances by a number of girls making state teams. Individual results that I would like to recognise are the following:
Mel Wilmot (year 11) – NTC Challenge Winners
The NTC (National Training Centre) Challenge was held at the Australian Institute of Sport from 25th-29th of August.   NTC runs annually as a talent identification and player development program, which each state competes in as preparation for the under 17 and 20 National teams. SA was undefeated, winning the prestigious tournament for the first time. Congratulations to Mel Wilmot (bottom left of picture) for being part of the winning team!

Meleri Mullan (year 8) – FFSA Under 15 State team
Meleri Mullan was selected as a member of the South Australian under 15 FFSA team for the National Championships held in Coffs Harbour from the 10th to the 16th of July. 
Courtney Mitchell (year 9) – State under 19 Schoolgirls
Courtney Mitchell was selected to be part of the SA Schoolgirls Soccer team who participated in the National Championships in Sydney in August. Unfortunately results did not go SA’s way, however it was a great learning experience for Courtney being the youngest member of the team. Girls are selected from both private and public schools and Courtney was selected from over 50 girls who nominated to be part of the team.

STIC (State Team Identification Championships)
Meleri Mullan (year 8), Trinity Tytler-Kelly (year 8) and Courtney Mitchell were all selected to take part in the STIC challenge held at Burton Park in August.
Congratulations to the girls for all their individual successes.  Soccer at Henley this year was very successful!
Alice Gorman
SSP Soccer Manager

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