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Friday 12th December
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Tuesday 27th January

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Asbestos Removal

Please note that the school will be closed on the following days for asbestos removal:
Wed. 17th Dec
Friday 19th Dec
Saturday 20th Dec
Sunday 21st Dec
Monday 22nd Dec

No one is permitted to enter the school grounds on these dates.

Student Absences

To report a Student absence please report online via our Website or phone Student Services on 8355 7014 or 8355 7015.

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Principal's Blog

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The end of the year always comes along so quickly while we are immersed in the ‘hurly burly’ of the end of the year. We have successfully negotiated the ‘awards season’ in which we acknowledge the contributions and achievements of the many, many outstanding students that we have the good fortune to connect with on a day to day basis.

The calibre of the Henley student was clearly evident when the year 9 students presented their Enterprise Project for judging on Thursday of week 8. The students showed themselves to be highly articulate, excellent team members and the ideas and concepts they generated for this project were unique and very well thought out. The members of the judging panel which included representatives from DECD and a business organisation were extremely impressed by all projects and in particular how well the students presented themselves.
Henley hosted the now traditional study tour for students from Ritsumeikan Junior & Senior High School who once again experienced a very successful and engaging two week cultural exchange. A big congratulations need to go to the “Team International” at Henley HS, led impeccably by Naomi Bond, for the development of programs and initiatives which promote intercultural understanding amongst both staff, students and the broader Henley HS community. It is also important to once again acknowledge the contributions of our loyal homestay families and the students who volunteer to be buddies for the programs we have throughout the year as they would not be a success without their support. Once again we call for families from our school community to consider the highly rewarding experience of hosting a student from one of the study tours we will be hosting in 2015.
At the end of each semester the Arts faculty at Henley present many outstanding events and performances. There have been highly successful Art exhibitions, Drama performances and Music Nights which have received rave reviews and have shown how skilled and committed our teachers and students are. The Specialist Sports exchanges culminated with the visit of Mount Gambier students in week 7 once again a highly successful tour with all 11 sports participating in the exchange with Mount Gambier over the two exchange events across the year. This program provides our students with excellent learning experiences and enables them to develop long lasting relationships with each other and students from the South East.
The Year 11s engaged in a highly successful transition program into their Stage 2 studies where they spent a full day in each of their Stage 2 subjects, starting their studies so they can hit the ground running in 2015. The students in years 8-10 have continued their learning programs until the end of week 8 with an alternate program of learning activities being offered to all students in week 9. All teaching staff need to be congratulated for their dedication and professionalism throughout the year as they endeavour to provide high quality learning activities that support students to achieve the best possible outcomes.
It is always important that we acknowledge the ‘silent partners’ that help the school leaders and teachers develop a learning environment and curriculum that is highly regarded and that provides excellent learning opportunities for all our 1300 students. We would like to thank
  • Peter Evans and the Governing Council for their support and guidance throughout the year.
  • Hon Paul Caica and Mr Matt Williams for their ongoing support of Henley High School in many different arenas.
  • The team from Western Futures that support us in sustaining valuable industry partnerships.
  • Chris Houltby who provides excellent support for our students as our Apprenticeship Broker.
  • Sports SA and our other Sporting Association partners who provide great support for the SSP and VET programs.
  • Our University partners for their contribution to enriching the learning experiences for our students.
  • Numerous other businesses and business organisations that provide opportunities and support for our students and our school programs which we would otherwise be unable to provide.
  • International Education Services for their support and the opportunities they provide our students and staff to develop their intercultural understandings.
We would like to welcome a group of new permanent staff members to Henley,
Laura Spagnuolo, Linda Emes and Sarah Spence to the English and HASS curriculum team,
Joanna Avetisian and Marina Bolic to the Maths and Science team,
Cat Callery joins the Languages team and
Chris Hamlyn the Arts team.
Many of these people have provided Henley with high quality teaching service as contract teachers over the past few years and have earned their permanent placement at Henley.
And finally we need to say some farewells. Jay Bennett, Ron Liddy and Barry Hank have all decided that this year will be their final year of service for DECD and we sincerely thank them for their years of service to educating students in the government education system.

Zara Anderson has won a leadership position at Glenunga High School for the next 5 years working in their Gifted and Talented program. We thank Zara for the energy and passion that she has brought to Henley and in particular in her work as Quality Teaching Coordinator in 2014. Graham Brooks has also won a teaching position at Brighton High School enabling him to continue to pursue his passion for teaching and learning once he returns from his exchange to Bear Creek in the US in 2015. We thank all these staff members for their outstanding contributions to Henley and wish them all well with their upcoming challenges in their new positions or as they move into retirement.

On behalf of the school community we would also like to thank our short term contract teachers and TRTs’ (relieving teachers) who have supported our students during 2014.

Our appreciation is also shown to the SSOs’ (School Services Officers) who will be leaving us for greener pastures, their support was invaluable.
We would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable Festive Season and hope the New Year brings you happiness, good health, and the realisation of your goals and aspirations.

Anthony van Ruiten

Student Laptop Pick Up and Information Evening for
2015 Year 8 Students

Students in Year 8 will be issued with a personal laptop for use in lesson throughout their schooling at Henley High School. The laptops will be available for collection in the staff room at Henley High School on Tuesday 27th January from 2pm to 6pm. Laptops will only be distributed to students with parent accompaniment. Please refer to the website for detailed information about our 1:1 laptop program and payment options.   

Enquiries relating to Laptops only can be directed to Nat Harrison via email 
A Middle School parent meeting will be held on Tuesday 10th February 2015 at 6pm in the Middle School. This evening will provide you with an opportunity to meet Care Group Teachers, Sub-School Managers and the Middle School Assistant Principal. 

Laptops 2015

If students are looking at purchasing a new laptop for 2015, please contact Nat Harrison via email in Media Services to obtain information, forms and options that are available with purchasing.

We encourage enquiries to be made well before 27th January to avoid any possible delays.

Please note the school does not support Private Laptops.

School Bank Details

Henley High School is changing banks from Bank SA to the Commonwealth Bank. All  parents/caregivers who make direct transfers into our bank are now required to use the following bank details:
Name of Bank  -  Commonwealth Bank
Address  -  Cnr Tapleys Hill & Valetta Rds
BSB  -  065 152
Account No.  -  10276374
When making direct transfers please use the family code on your invoice (eg ABCD00) as this identifies the correct student.

Jane O’Callaghan
Business Manager

Polling Result for 2015 Materials & Services Charges

We are pleased to advise the result of our recent poll of parents and caregivers for the Materials & Services charges for 2015.  The poll gave clear support to the fee structure approved by the Governing Council for 2015.  Accordingly, pursuant to section 106A of the Education Act, the legally recoverable prescribed fee for 2015 is $725.00, plus any applicable subject charges.  School fees will be invoiced in January 2015.

Bus Service Changes - Student Travel, Effective Term 1, 2015

Please click here for more information about the changes to Bus Services


We would like to seek your continued support on ensuring that our students are in correct Henley High School uniform at all times, this includes the journey to and from school.

Girls Skirts and Dresses
Girl’s skirts and dresses are required to be knee length. If you purchase a new uniform, we ask that you do not make alterations to the length of the dress or skirt, as it has been manufactured at the correct length we require. Some students may need to have their skirt or dress let down to their knees over the summer holidays in order to conform with the school uniform requirements.
We also ask that you do not make alterations to either grey or PE/sports shorts as these have manufactured at the length we require them to be worn.
All students are required to wear the correct footwear: "Plain black, flat-soled, leather, lace-up school shoes, plain black, flat-soled leather, lace up sports shoes or plain black, flat-soled, leather T-bar shoes (optional for girls)”. Students may wear either white or grey socks or black stockings with the girls winter skirt.

Interstate and International Excursions

Henley High School provides opportunities for students to participate in a number of Interstate or International excursions.  These excursions are to give students an educational experience outside of the mainstream school programs and encourages intercultural understanding. To view the opportunities that are currently available, please click here

Supported Learning Centre Senior Dinner 2014

On Thursday November 27th SLC3 was invited to attend the SLC Senior Dinner. It was held at the Lakes Resort Hotel (West Lakes), we arrived there at 6-6:30pm and some were late because of the traffic. Our special guests were Helen and Andrew from Western Futures and the rest of the staff from the SLC. Before the presentation started Alyssa sang a beautiful song called Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. After that I ordered a Chicken Schnitzel with Chips, Gravy and a Green Salad, I thought that my dish was very nice. For dessert I ordered a Lemon Torte with Passionfruit Ice-Cream, I thought that the Lemon Torte was absolutely delicious. After we finished our presentation and meals, we ended up dancing until our parents came to pick us up. I had an awesome time dancing with everyone and taking lots of photos with Alyssa, Sarah, Stephanie and Alicia. Next year there will be eleven year 12 students from the SLC. For a treat all of the year 11 students got a picture of us and a certificate to say congratulations.
By Isabella Ivancic-Holland (Year 11)

Australian All Schools Athletics Championships

Congratulations to all of the Henley students who represented South Australia at the All School’s National Athletics championships at SA Athletics Stadium from 5th -7th December.

Our best result was Declan Carruthers with a bronze medal in the U18 Pole Vault.  Henley Results -
George Panagiotidis U16 Hammer 12th 22.22m, Discus 17th 42.32m, 15th 12.37m
Declan Carruthers U18 Pole Vault 3rd 4.75m
Nick Blum U16 1500m 15th 4:27.12mins, 800m 14th 2:06.24mins
Ryan Russell U18 Discus 15th 31.92m
Aimee Whibley U14 7th 9.98m

See more results by clicking here

Home Economics

The learning area of Home Economics aims to develop students into critical thinkers and lifelong learners. We provide a balanced curriculum; catering to the diverse needs of all learners. They are encouraged to work in groups, pairs and individually to evaluate the relationship of the individual in relation to Health & Wellbeing, nutrition and food trends locally and globally whilst fostering respect, responsibility and equity. Students are challenged to be reflective, demonstrate autonomy and work collaboratively with their peers and local community. The diverse Home Economics curriculum provides students with the skills and knowledge to achieve positive outcomes and be active local and global citizens.

Please click here to read more

Mount Gambier Exchange

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Middle School Enterprise Education

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