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Monday 4th August - Friday 15th August
Koishikawa Study Tour

Monday 18th August - Wednesday 20th August
Year 12 Exams

Tuesday 19th August - Saturday 30th August
Ushika Study Tour

Wednesday 27th August 
Governing Council Meeting

Monday 1st September - Friday 5th September  
Ski Trip

Friday 5th September  
Student Free Day

Monday 8th September  
Whole School Closure Day

Student Free Days 2014

Friday 5th September

Monday 8th September
(Whole School Closure day)

Monday 13th October
(1st day of Term 4)

Student Absences

To report a Student absence please report online via our Website or phone Student Services on 8355 7014 or 8355 7015.

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Principal's Blog

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The commitment made in 2013 to continue to invest in the International Program at Henley High School has proven to be very successful. Term 3 continues to be a busy time on our International schedule with a record number of international student enrolments into our Graduate and Study Abroad programs bringing our current enrolment to 84. We now run 2 ISEC (Intensive Secondary English Classes) due to the increase in our numbers.

The International Program is diverse and wide reaching. Over the next 9 weeks we look forward to hosting in bound study tours from;
  • Koishikawa Secondary Education School (Japan) - 2 weeks
  • Ushiku High School (Japan) – 2 weeks
  • Noumea school Music Tour (New Caledonia) – 1 week
We have 2 outbound study tours for students to;
  • Kofu Daiichi HS (Japan) – 2 weeks
  • Noumea school Music Tour (New Caledonia) – 1 week
This year marks the 10th anniversary of our relationship with Kofu DHS which has recently been granted the title ‘Super Global High School’, an initiative by the Japanese government to develop well-rounded, global citizens of the future. Given that Kofu is in the wine region of Yamanashi Prefecture, they invited HHS to collaborate on a project which we envisage having strong links to our STEM program.  The aim of the program is to improve and develop students` communicative competence in the areas of:
  • Using culturally- and situationally-appropriate language
  • Powers of persuasion and negotiation
  • Logical and critical thinking
 Mr Anthony van Ruiten and Ms Zara Anderson will be leading the 2 week study tour with 8 student participants.  The students are either Japanese Language students or, they are an integral part of the HHS International team by being actively involved as a school buddy or homestay host to visiting students. 
We have previously hosted a number of teachers from New Caledonia as part of our teacher training program, and as a result of this relationship, an invitation was sent to have a reciprocal Music Study Tour with Noumea. 11 Music students will be participating on the tour lead by The Arts Coordinator, Ms Tania Madigan and Music teacher Mr Gavin Cox.
Team International at HHS includes both staff and students however, the success of our International program relies on the involvement and support of the whole school community, if you are interested in hosting a student either long term or for a short term 2 – 6 week Study Tour please don’t hesitate to contact Yuka Asano (SSO International Program) either by email or phone our International office on 8355 7007.
Ms Naomi Bond
Assistant Principal ISP/LOTE

2015 Subject Selection & Course Confirmation Important Dates

Week 3 Monday 4th August Year 8/9/10/11 Draft Subject Selection sheet signed by Parents and returned to PLP/Mentor teacher
Weeks 3-4 Due Mon 18th August Parents & Students enter Course selection information online through the Enrolment Wizard.
Print off 2 copies, sign and return to Mentor Teacher
Week 5 Tuesday 19th August,
Year 11 Course Confirmation Parent meeting
Appointments made online through Appointment Wizard
  Wednesday 20th August All Year 8,9,10,11 Course Confirmation closes

Parent Information for Year 8-11 2015 Course Selection

Over the next 3 weeks Year 8-11 Students will finalise their Subjects for 2015 in collaboration with their Parents, PLP/Mentor and Subject Teachers and enter them online through the Enrolment Wizard.
Log on for students is: User name – firstname lastname eg. Sandra Moran Password – (date of birth) dd/mm/yy
  • Year 8/9/10 Students will work through Subject Information in PLP with their PLP Teachers and Sub School Managers
  • Year 11’s will work through a similar process to PLP with their Year 11 Mentor teachers, 3-4, Term 3.  Sub School Managers and the Senior Team have met with Year 11 students to discuss their Year 12 Subject choices for 2015 and their post school Career pathway plan.
  • Year 8/9/10/11 Parents who have any questions regarding Subject Selection should contact with their child’s PLP/Mentor Teacher or Sub School Manager to discuss these.
  • PLP Teachers work with Year 8/9/10 Students, their Parents and Sub School Managers to complete an appropriate Course selection and approve it on-line by Monday 18th August Week 5, Term 3. The PLP Teacher approves final subject selection online.
  • Year 11 students should enter their course online by Monday 18th August and then Parents and students come in for Course Confirmation on Tuesday 19th August, 1.30-8pm, Week 5. Appointments can be made online through the Appointment Wizard (log in same as above). Course Confirmation is done in Sub School groups with Sub School Manager, Senior School team and Admin.
  • All Subject Choices for 2015 must be entered online and approved by Wednesday 20th August, Week 5 Term 3.

Important information regarding Year 12 entry for Students in 2015

Year 12 subject selections will be finalised Term 4 Week 2. At this time students’ enrolment in Year 12, 2015 will be probationary and will be confirmed based on the following criteria:
That students have:
  • Achieved a C grade or better in Stage 1 compulsory subjects – Literacy, Numeracy and the PLP.
  • Achieved a C grade or better in the compulsory Research Project in the term 3 2014 Report.
  • Successfully completed the Research Project at the end of the 2014 academic year.
  • Achieved passing grades in their ‘free choice’ subjects.
  • Successfully completed 1 task in each of their year 12 subjects by the end of 2014.
  • Attended Senior Week Session at Uni SA City West Campus – during Week 2 of Term 1 in 2015.
Where students have not met the following criteria a meeting with you and the student will occur to discuss options for 2015.

Homestays Needed

We are seeking Homestays for our visitors and would love them to be hosted by a Henley High School Family.  
Hosting an international student is a very rewarding experience, and gives you and your family an international experience without leaving home!  It also helps you make lifelong friends overseas.

We are seeking Homestays for the Ushika Study Tour, Tuesday 19th until Saturday 30th August. 

Homestay families are paid approximately $250 per week to host a student.  
If you can host, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Yuka Asano, International Office on 8355 7007 or via email 

Thank you 
International Team 

Student Absences

We ask that all Student absences, including early departures and late arrivals be reported directly to Student Services by 10am.

You can report via  telephone on 8355 7014 or 8355 7015 or via our website.

Please do not email Staff directly or reply to other emails sent (such as the Newsletter) as this eliminates any absences being missed should that email address be unattended.

We thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Student Services

SSP Applications 2015

Please be reminded that Applications for the SSP Program are currently open for Students who will be in Years 9 - 12 in 2015.

Application closing date has been extended until Sunday 10th August.

Please click here for more information or to apply.

Enquiries can be directed to Dian McMurtrie or Caitlin Carrol by phone 8355 7000 or email or

2014 SA Science Excellence Awards


Science Teacher, Mr Simon Brooks has been nominated and is a finalist for the Early Career STEM Educator of the Year - School Teaching.
About the Science Excellence Awards
Since the introduction of the Awards in 2005, the State Government has recognised the efforts and achievements of more than 50 scientists, many of whom are world leaders in their respective fields.
Researchers of this calibre continue South Australia’s long tradition of achievement in science, which began with father and son partnership of William and Lawrence Bragg, who jointly won the Nobel Prize in 1915 and Howard Florey who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1945 for his pioneering work in the discovery of penicillin.
Science and research development go to the heart of lifting the opportunities, health and skills of South Australia’s workforce and our social and economic prosperity.  The Awards showcase the critical importance of science and research to the development of industry and our society as a whole.
The Science Excellence Awards are the most prestigious of their kind in the State and complement the national Prime Minister’s Prize’s for Science.
Please vote for Simon by clicking on this link -

University of Sydney Winter Program

Rhian Miller successfully applied for and attended the University of Sydney Winter Program during the July holidays.
The Bunga Barrabugu (To make tomorrow) Winter Program hosted 42 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Year 12 high school students from all over Australia at the University of Sydney for a week of academic preparation leading up to their Year 12 senior trial and final exams. 
Students attending participated in academic exam subject-based workshops to provide opportunities to learn, revise and practice content with teachers and academic tutors supporting them to perform their best in their exams and also prepare for their higher education pathways.


Year 9 Ballarat Camp

Monday: Day One
After arriving at school at 7:30am, we boarded the bus excited (and slightly tired) to head out and start our camp. We made 3 stops along the way so the 5 hour bus ride didn't seem as long. We then arrived at Cave Hill Creek and settled in quickly. Everyone had the opportunity to explore the area, people went for bush walks and sat around the lake, and as it got darker some of us enjoyed a friendly game of table tennis. Everyone enjoyed the food and after eating we all had some much needed sleep.
Tuesday: Day Two
After waking up and having breakfast at the camp site, everyone boarded the bus and we drove in to Ararat where we split into two groups to enjoy the local attractions. The groups both had tours of the J-Ward Asylum for the criminally insane (which was no longer active of course) and the Gum San Chinese Museum, where we learnt about the Chinese and their part in the gold rush. That afternoon we spent our time doing various activities at Cave Hill Creek, these included archery, bush walking, a ropes course and a bouldering wall. After dinner we spent the evening around a camp fire telling stories and playing games.
Wednesday: Day Three
Wednesday was the biggest day, with an early start we headed to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. Here we time travelled and experienced life of the 1850s, the time of the Australian gold rush. We all went on tours of a mine to learn about what is considered Australia's biggest mining disaster. We also saw gold being poured and had an education session explaining some of the elements of life at the time. In the afternoon we had a bus tour conducted by the teachers and our bus driver Graham, in which we learnt fun facts about the town and saw some of the historical monuments. After a quick dinner we rugged up and headed back to Sovereign Hill for the sound and light show 'blood on the southern cross' which was simply brilliant. It was all about the Eureka Stockade, how it happened and what it changed.
Thursday: Day Four
Most of day four was spent on the bus to our next camp site, the Grampians Retreat. On the way we also visited an Aboriginal education centre where we watched a video, painted boomerangs and had an informative talk which included playing the didgeridoo and dancing like various animals. That afternoon we arrived at the new campsite and were given time to explore the area where we saw wild kangaroos. After dark we went to a clearing where we had a campfire enjoying toasting marshmallows and exchanging stories. We then splits into groups and went on night walks, exploring trails marked by reflectors. It was a challenge and a few groups got temporarily lost but everyone made it back okay and enjoyed the experience.
Friday: Day Five
Day five meant an early morning and travel back to Adelaide. Along the way we stopped at the Naracoorte caves where we went on tours of the Alexandra Cave and wet caves where we saw and learnt about stalactites and stalagmites as well as a fossil information centre. We all got to look at bones and what the different animals looked like before they became extinct. After that we once again got on the bus to return to Adelaide which for many people meant a chance to catch up on sleep and for others it meant watching movies.

Overall the camp was amazing we all had unique experiences varying from going on bush walks to waking up to the sound of a ukulele at quarter past six in the morning. We know that the memories made on this camp will last forever, as will the friendships.

Written by Students Alice Murphy and Helen Karakulak

International Student Rock Climbing Excursion

With some trepidation 17 international students stepped inside the indoor climbing facility, Vertical Reality, and craned their necks skywards.  The twelve metre high vertical walls are intimidating to even the most experienced.  After a brief induction session the students put on their climbing harnesses, tied onto the ropes, and commenced the ascent of the wall.

Initial nervous moments soon disappeared as the students gained confidence and reached the top of the climbs.  In between climbing the group interacted with many other students from Findon and Seaton High Schools.

With a couple of climbs under their belts the students participated in a climbing competition with the other schools.  This involved completing four climbs against the clock.  From a field of seventy students, the top six girls and six boys were chosen to participate in a final.  Tatsuya Kitano and Mina Aoyagi did HHS and themselves proud with their exceptional performances in the preliminary and final duels.

This is only one of the many sporting activities organised by the Physical Education and Special Sport team being keenly taken up by our international students.   

Mark Blackburn


Students with Artwork on Display

Aden Beaver
Ahliyah Jennette
Alex Linz
Amy Iannella
Chloe Whitfield
Courtney Dawe
Dayna Easton
Emma James
Emma Perry
Ethan Beaver

Gemma Mellor
Georgia Evangelistis
Holly Brindley
Jazmin McShane
Kaylah Button
Kayleigh O’Donnell
Kristy Choi
Kristyn Jurrius
Melissa Garner
Natasha Woodall
Siobhan MacLaren

Watch the Footy with Ben!

Do you like Football?  Do you barrack for Port Power or Sydney?

We have a few remaining opportunities for people to attend the Port Power vs Sydney Swans game in a Corporate Box on Saturday 9th August at 7.10pm with Ben Everson.  Click here for more details

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