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Monday 13th October
(1st day of Term 4)

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Thursday 25th September
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Friday 26th September
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Monday 13th October
Student Free Day

Tuesday 14th October
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Thursday 23rd October
Year 12 Graduation

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Principal's Blog 

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
Henley High School embraces multiculturalism.  The Australian Professional Standards for teachers, outline, in one of the many standards, the expectation for all teachers and leaders to support multiculturalism. The basic requirement is spelled out as such:
“All teachers create effective teaching and learning experiences for their students.  They know the unique backgrounds of their students and adjust their teaching to meet their individual needs and diverse cultural, social and linguistic characteristics. They develop safe, positive and productive learning environments where all students are encouraged to participate.”

A recent audit this year of our student profile indicated that over 1/3 of our total number of students identify with another culture other than Australian.

Our enrolments for International students continue to increase. As of Week 1 next term we will have 93 International students form 8 different countries. We take pride in our International Program and celebrate the diversity that this program brings into our school.

In addition to this we have a further 374 students in our mainstream classes who identify with a non-English speaking background. This number does not include international students or students form English speaking countries (such as New Zealand, England, Scotland or USA). These students identify from a range of 47 cultures from around the world including students with an Aboriginal background, as well as students from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

The School Leadership team embraces this diversity of culture and supports all staff through ongoing “Training and Development” ensuring all teachers and support staff know the student profile of their classes, are aware of significant cultural events, are familiar with cultural norms which may impact on the learning environment . Staff are also aware of the complexities of the various languages spoken in the home environment and how that may impact on learning.
An extensive process of measuring “Literacy Levels” for all of these students takes place each year so that students who require additional support in Literacy are given that support and able to access all components of the curriculum equitably. This support is funded by DECD for students who are identified as having English as an Alternate Language or Dialogue (EALD students) and those who have Literacy levels below an expected level.  Student data is tracked each term and support is available to students both in the classroom and also in the form of tutoring and mentoring which has supported quality outcomes for all of these students. Currently 263 students are identified as EALD students.

Support staff are provided with ongoing training and support the classroom teacher to cater for individual needs and celebrate important cultural events relevant to all of our class members. We are proud of the knowledge and experiences this multicultural student profile brings to the entire school community enriching our priority for quality teaching and learning at Henley High School.
Deborah Carey
Assistant Principal: Inclusivity

Term 3 Reports

Your child/s report will be available online via the Parent Portal after 2 pm Friday. Below is the path to access your child/s report.
2.       Scholaris Portal Login
3.       Login using Username and Password provided at the end of Term 1 & used in Term 2
4.       Click on My Child
5.       Click Progress Tab
6.       Select 'Student Report Term 3 2014'
Please email  if you have any issues at all with this process or if you require your passwords.

Please note Passwords will not be distributed over the phone, only via email due to the sensitive nature of the information.
Please be aware that it is school holidays and most staff will not be available immediately. Your queries/concerns will be attended to as soon as possible.

Year 12 Graduation

Thursday 23rd October

Please RSVP by Wednesday 15th October 2014
to Michelle Taylor via email

Please advise student name and how many Guests will be attending with the Student

Student Illnesses

Anyone who has a student with a Healthcare Plan that is older than 12 months we ask that you complete a new one, (you can click here to access form). Also if your child did have a Health care plan but now no longer requires it because they have either grown out of the condition eg asthma, can you please email the school on, to advise us of this.

To help prevent the spread of illnesses throughout the school could we please ask that you do not send your child to school if they are unwell. If your child is unwell you can use the online absence notification on the top right hand corner of the home page of the Henley High School website, or alternately ring the school on 83557014 or 83557015.

Thank you 
Chris Gardner
Student Services

Caica Cup

Friday 12th September saw the fourth running of the Caica Cup, a whole school sporting event run with St Michaels College. The competition is tough but all the events are played in great spirit, which underpins the success of the event. The results were tight in many of the matches throughout the day, but this year Henley was able to come away convincing victors overall 11 events to 6.

This makes the overall tally 2 each, over the four years, which is a true reflection as to how close the events have been.

A big thank you to the Sports Coordinators at SMC, Sally Nicholson and Jess Fanto, for helping to coordinate the event, and Mr Paul Caica for his on-going support of both schools.

Of course the biggest thank you must go to the staff and students involved. We had over 200 students and 15 staff involved in the day, and if it wasn’t for their assistance and the support from the school’s administration then the day wouldn’t go ahead.
Golf – Win: 3-2
8/9 Boys Basketball – Win: 81-32
8/9 Girls Basketball – Win: 42-30
Open Girls Basketball – Win: 37-32
Open Boys Basketball – Win: 43-34
Lacrosse – Loss: 17-14
8/9 Girls Soccer – Win: 9-0
8/9 Boys Soccer – Loss: 5-4
Open Girls Soccer – Win: 3-0
Open Boys Soccer- Win:3-1
8/9 Netball – Loss: 22-21
Open Netball – Win: 48-17
Tennis – Win: 17-1
Surf Life Saving – Loss: 5-2
Girls Football – Win: 38-28
8/9 Boys Football – Loss: 56-40
Open Boys Football – Loss: 71-40
Total Wins – 11
Total Losses - 6

James Treagus
Sports Manager


Soccer Success

Term 3 has seen the culmination of this year’s Soccer and Indoor Soccer Knockout Competitions. The results by all teams have been outstanding with Open and Year 8/9 teams in the boys and girls indoor soccer competitions all advancing to their respective state finals. In the outdoor competitions, the Open Girls advanced to the Semi-Finals and the Open Boys to the Quarter-Finals. During this last week, 3 outdoor teams have played in the Grand Finals of their competitions at Burton Park. The Year 8/9 Girls began with a narrow loss in their Grand Final to St. Aloysius College to finish the year as state runners-up.
The Year 8/9 Boys then triumphed in their competition, overcoming a 2-goal deficit against Trinity College in the Semi-final and then defeating Sacred Heart in the Grand Final 3-1. This was the first time a boys soccer team from Henley HS has won a State Title which was an added motivation for the team. This win was followed this week by the Year 10 Boys, who also recovered strongly from a half-time deficit to defeat Blackfriars College in the Semi-Final and then back-up with an exciting 4-3 Grand Final victory against St. Ignatius College.
The 8/9 girls indoor soccer team won the state final narrowly defeating Gleeson College in the final 2.1. The girls were undefeated in the qualifying tournament and in the state finals despite being down in all but one game at half time. This is the first time the 8/9 girls have won the final since 2007, which the girls should be very proud of. The 8/9 boys are playing their state finals today - fingers crossed for another success. 
Filipe Nogueira and Alice Gorman 


Japanese Student Study Tours

In weeks 3 to 6 of this term, we welcomed 2 Study Tours from Japan. It was our 5th Study Tour visit from Koishikawa Secondary Education. 20 students were accompanied by their teacher, Ms Kaoru OCHI. In week 4 Mr Iijima and 20 students from Ushiku arrived for their first Study Tour to our school.  

The aim of a Study Tour program is for the students to become more independent, to learn about Australian culture and way of life and to improve their English. All of the students must be commended on how they have embraced the program. They have been wonderful ambassadors to both their schools and Japan.

Staff from Koishikawa and Henley High Schools are currently developing a cooperative STEM project for students which builds on a "Learning Science using English" program at Koishikawa HS.

A special thanks to Carolyn O’Reilly and Astrid Eacott for mentoring the students. The HHS buddies must be commended on the way they supported and interacted with our visiting students.  Our Japanese Language students, many who were buddies, also enjoyed the opportunity to practice their speaking skills. The buddies will be recognised formally and awarded a certificate for Global Citizenship. Our sincere thanks to all homestay families. We hope you have enjoyed sharing your home and family life and in return gained a lot from the experience.
Naomi Bond
Assistant Principal ISP/LOTE

Student Projects at the Royal Adelaide Show

2014 celebrated the 175th. Anniversary of the Royal Adelaide Show and the initial time our Design and Technology faculty submitted student projects for exhibition.

Abbey Lukosius 
Christy Ferguson
Congratulations to the following students who were successful and won awards in the following categories:
2nd Place: Ruby Bishop

3rd. Place: Tayla Bickley

1st. Place and Best Exhibit: Jack Lewis
2nd Place: Finn Martin

These students received a winning certificate and prize from the show.  We hope to build upon this success and include more entries into this event in 2015.
Angelo Piantadosi
Design & Technology Teacher

Year 11 Alpine Tourism Mt Buller 2014

This program brings together a mixed group of 24 Year 11 students that participated in a week long snow experience at Mount Buller Victoria. The student’s personal reflections on their physical challenges will form the basis of the Personal Development learning experience.

Alpine Tourism comprises a series of meetings and fitness sessions at lunch times for 20 weeks prior to the week long trip to Mt Buller. Upon returning the students complete a debriefing exercise in the week following the experience.

The students will use focus questions to reflect on how they deal with the challenges of learning to ski or board. They will develop social skills from learning and living together in a chalet environment well away from the classroom. There was time for the students to examine their learning and ability to cope with the physical nature of 6 hours a day on the snow.
Student responses
What have your successes been today?
Today I learnt how to successfully do parallel turns, which is what you do to stop. Knowing this, it immediately made me feel safe. So whenever I go too fast, I now know that I have to do a parallel to slow my speed down. During our first ski lesson, we have also learnt how to successfully put the ski’s on and off. Also making sure that the skis are on the right way and they are clipped in right.

Discuss and reflect on any TWO issues you encountered today.
The two issues that I encountered today while skiing was trying to turn. Our instructor took us on the magic carpet to practise our skiing skills. While we were at the magic carpet, there were so many people and it got quite busy. It was a bit hard to ski down slow, and to try and not bump into little kids or even people who are having their ski lessons, but I managed this situation and survived. The second issue that I encountered today was trying to move onto a flat surface. Luckily we understood what to do to fix this problem, we used our ski poles to help us slide down to a steeper section of the snow.

What did you learn today about Skiing or Boarding?
Today I have learnt many things, which makes me very happy and feeling incredible. I have learnt that in our first lesson, our balance helps us stay up on our skis. I also have learnt that leaning from side to side helps us to move left and right. Another thing that I have learnt in our lesson is by keeping the skis parallel to each other, this makes our speed go faster. If you put the tip of your skis closer, it will make your skiing a bit slower, so you can slow down.

How has the INSTRUCTOR tried to help you with learning a new skill?
The instructor has helped us by starting us off skiing down a small hill and practising our skiing skills on the magic carpet. He has made us follow each other in a line to emulate the same path that he has made, it also helps us control our balance and speed. This also helped us because he skied the best way we thought we would learn by, and he made sure that we were all comfortable with the path, before we tried learning some new skills. Our instructor taught us how to do the ‘S turn’ properly and remembering to emergency stop, it is always parallel to the hill and don’t forget to do the parallel turns.

Do you think you could work in the SNOW?
I think I would definitely love to work in the snow! I would love to teach little kids and adults! I would love to pass on all the tips and skills that I have learnt onto someone that is in the same learning position that I was in. I would definitely be learning new skills every day too, and it would help me learn and gain more confidence by teaching others.

Thanks to all staff that supported this class.
Ashleigh Noll
Digital Media Design and Visual Art Teacher  


Open Mixed Badminton Finals

On Monday 22nd September our Open Mixed Badminton team participated in the state-wide Knockout Finals and played against Glenunga High School, Parafield Gardens High school and Seaview High School.

In the round robin event we comfortably defeated Seaview and Parafield Gardens but lost to Glenunga. However, this was enough for the team to qualify for the Gold Medal play off against Glenunga which was going to be a hard ask.

The Edison brothers, Tristan and Keith, were outstanding winning both their singles matches and doubles while the girls, Claudia Gale and Emily Gray worked hard against some very good opposition.

It came down to the mixed doubles which were shared between the schools but unfortunately Henley lost on a count back system with Glenunga winning more points over the 8 matches. Some fantastic badminton was played throughout the day and as a school we can be very proud of this team’s achievement.

Trevor Cibich
Assistant Principal Middle School

Road To Nanjing – Declan Carruthers

In March 2014, I was surprisingly selected to compete for Australia in the 2nd Youth Olympic Games in the Men’s Pole Vault held in Nanjing, China. It had been a goal to compete in Nanjing for Australia wearing the Green and Gold and Olympic Rings for many years.

I had 3 months to prepare for the games and straight away my training picked up. I dropped everything, my part time job and social life, my mind was set on the games. It was a hard task for me to be vaulting at my best as it had been an extremely long season having vaulted for almost 12 months straight. It was also hard having to prepare in the winter as I missed many vaulting sessions due to rain. To be honest, I wasn’t very confident with how I was vaulting when I stepped on the plane for the flight to China. I hadn’t been vaulting anywhere near my personal best, but I knew with the warmer weather and the games atmosphere would give me the adrenalin boost that would enable me to step up to the occasion.
Getting to the Olympic Village was an amazing and a very proud moment of my life. Sharing this huge village with the best youth athletes from around the world is an experience I will never forget.
I had two training sessions before my qualifying and things were looking really good for me. The night of the qualifying came, I was pumped and ready to go, I walked in to the stadium with 20,000 people surrounding the pole vault pit and seeing my parents and coach in that crowd wearing the green and gold and waving the Australian flag was another cherished memory I will always keep. There were 15 of the worlds best youth pole vaulters and only 8 would go through to the A final. The bar was at the height of 4.80m which was only 5cm under my best. I had a clean sheet with no misses at the lower height. 6 athletes jumped 4.80 and 4 others jumping 4.90m, I jumped 4.80m on my last attempt which meant I was in tenth place due to count back and was not put through to the A final. This was a very disappointing moment but I took it as a remarkable learning experience and still had another vault on the world stage in the B final. I came out three days later in the B final jumping 4.75m coming in 2nd. I learnt so much from this single competition as I jumped on poles I had rarely touched before and jumped only 10cm below my personal best on them.
This was an unforgettable moment in my life where I have learnt 1001 new things and made so many friends around the world and I’m happy to have shared it with Henley High School. I would like to say a huge thank you to Henley High School for helping me prepare for the games letting me put a pole vault comp in the school gym and the support they gave me was incredible.
Declan Carruthers
Year 12 Student

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