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How KLM reached
1.2 million views

KLM wanted to engage a young, tech-savvy audience in Asia through online videos to let them know of its travel app that allows passengers to plan, manage and share their journeys entirely from their smartphones. But communicating solely on product features does not make for shareable video content…

We took a creative leap and invited eYeka creators on our crowdsourcing platform to show us extreme situations that could happen due to smartphone addiction, showing that KLM’s app can satisfy even the most demanding. We received 23 videos in 4 weeks with 4 videos selected for amplification. One of them was a zombie flick with a twist, filmed by a young Frenchman living in Singapore, Nirina Ragomaharisoa.

Not only is the video hilarious but what is incredible is that Nirina directed, filmed and edited the entire movie by himself, even playing both characters. When you see him approaching the zombie, clutching his mobile phone, he is actually dragging the camera along with a broom. He certainly compensated a lack of resources with a huge dose of creativity and ingenuity!
How did he come up with such idea? “After watching the movie The Conjuring, I tried to imagine how a phone addict would react when facing a zombie! I found the idea funny and surprising.”
The videos were amplified by a social video distribution agency on several video networks across Asia. The campaign achieved over 1.2 million views with 42% over-delivery on media. Including media and editorial, the campaign generated nearly 25 million OTS (Opportunities To See).

What’s more, the videos had a retention rate of 80% (people watching until the end of the clip) v. an average of 60% proving that eYeka’s crowdsourced content truly resonated with KLM’s young, smartphone–loving audience. And Nirina had the chance to see his family and friends in France courtesy of the free plane tickets that came with the prizes.

When you are looking to connect with the Youtube generation, it helps when you ask the very same people to create your content at the first place.
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