TEXTILISATIONS - Pleated Sound, Woven Light
Sound performance by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay 
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TEXTILISATIONS –  Pleated Sound, Woven Light
By Cecilie Bendixen & Astrid Mody


Composing the Psychogeography

Sound performance by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

1. August 2014, 16.00 - 20.00
Venue: LETH & GORI , Absalonsgade 21B, DK -1658 Copenhagen V


The sound performance Composing the Psychogeography by Budhahity Chattopadhyay completes the exhibition TEXTILISATIONS - Pleated Sound, Woven Light.

As the exhibition, the sound performance is investigating how space can be constructed through the perception of immaterial phenomena. While Pleated Sound and Woven Light focus on, how the phenomena light and sound can be implemented in textile logic and materiality and this material body can construct space, in Composing the Psychogeography conversely spatial feeling is constructed by implementing a material aspect in the sound.

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay is an artist and PhD student primarily engaged with sound and listening. Working at the intersection between cinema, digital media and sound art, and interpenetrating research, artistic process and practice, he incorporates audio, video and text generating a diverse range of sound-based artworks for exhibition, publication, installation and live-performance.


About the exhibition:
TEXTILISATIONS - Pleated Sound, Woven Light explores the immaterial phenomena light and sound and how both phenomena can construct spaces that emerge from textile logic and materiality.
Pleated Sound by Cecilie Bendixen uses concrete textile material to construct a space composed of auditory sensations and visual associations. Pleated Sound is a wall panel of sound absorbing textile, folded and fixed with stitches to a three dimensional fluttering banner, frozen in the middle of a movement.
Woven Light by Astrid Mody explores the spatial implications of textile logics applied to LED technology and suggests a flexible plug and play system, consisting of only two components: LED nodes and varying lengths of connective silicone tubing.

Cecilie Bendixen is an architect and PhD. She runs the office Textile Space (, which develops and manufactures architectural spaces of textiles, both sound absorbing and visually constructed.

Astrid Mody is an architect and PhD student. The PhD project “Textilisation of light – operationalizing textile thinking and materiality to develop the potentials of media facades” is a cooperation in between Philips Research (Netherlands) and KADK, Institute of Technology.

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