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Welcome to the season of joy? 

I posed this as a question because, well, I see so many people actually in a joy less state. Truth. 
So, if you this is you - I ask what can you do to recognize and experience joy more often in your day or in your life? What about if I asked you this - 'what could you release, giving joy a place to land in your heart?'
Joy is described as: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
How often do you feel great pleasure and happiness in your daily life - AND - how can you bring joy into your life as you move through this holiday season.  
This may be a great time to re start or begin your meditation practice, your gratitude expression or you may have another self care practice. Now is the, my friends, is the time for your happiness, joy and pleasure.  Once you are happy - you are the best version of yourself - which is a true gift for the world. Thank you. Thank you for being happy, thank you for looking after yourself, thank you for being you. 
I look forward to planning 2017 - how about you?  You can join us for the Vision Board Workshop happening January 15 - and let the planning begin!  Info and registration here

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Learn about the happy, hygge state of mind:

"We take a few minutes to connect; asking how each other’s day has been. The house soon seems warmer and friendlier. ‘Hygge in all its forms is a brief moment of pause,’ says Thomsen Brits. ‘It’s not an escape; it’s small moments that make a big difference to how we live, feel and interact.’"
Read the full article here 
I have found a fabulous new person - Jay Shetty 
I love his language; it seems he speaks the same one as I do! One of choice, love and decisions.  One which speaks to the greatness of you.  

The willingness to learn is a choice
See the video here


My philosophy regarding yoga is this; yoga is about harmony, love, honouring & peace. 

With asanas {postures}, yoga is about being in love with the body you have. Allowing your love of self to move, guide and support you.  
I have experience through my 25+ years as a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, 25 years experience with body movement. 
I love working with people ready to embrace the body they have.
As someone who has moved through this world with a body in pain, through depression, back injuries, scoliosis and fibromyalgia.  I understand the honouring the body needs in order to heal.  I also understand movement is the way through to healing and being well.  

Currently I am working privately with a lovely group - and if you have a lovely group and would love to work together, I look forward to hearing from you - please contact me.  

{I was lucky to receive my training with SOYA}

Yoga Info
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The Happiness Studio 

Join like minded people who also know their happiness supports their families, loved ones and the world.  
When you are happy - you are able to give more fully and completely. Truth. 
Join us for a day where you cut and glue, words, pictures or items to a board, paper in a book or a canvas; and watch your dream life unfold. 
Jan. 15 2017
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Private & Semi Private Coaching
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