Welcome Spring!  Shine your light bright - be happy!
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Happiness; remembering & deciding 

Thank you for being here ~ it is a deep honour to be able to do the work I love - and I KNOW it is because of wonderful people such as you; which allows me to be in service. People, like yourself, saying yes to their lives, saying yes and answering the longing for the forgotten depth of life. Saying yes, to a richness of spirit and to a world filled with happiness, peace & joy.  In my work I use my training and skills I have been blessed to acquired from the past 25 years to fulfill my calling; supporting your happiness. 

My life's work is all about happiness, remembering to choose it, to be it & to share it.  And over the years, I have moved through different levels of happiness - and even found peace and happiness while moving through the depths of depression. You may have moved through different levels as well?  It's natural. Normal, and okay. 

One thing I do love while I move through my life, is ritual and routine. It has helped me when I didn't know what else to do. I would continue to do what I had been doing; I would continue to do what was working...I think recently, I sort of forgot this { -- see the blog post at the end of this newsletter --} 

Anyway...{deep sigh} -- Recently I was back on my treadmill for a 30 minute walk  and I was catching up on some wonderful podcasts -- I listened to this from Live Happy:  3 Steps to Lasting Change with Tal Ben Shahar -- he speaks about the benefit of failure, attaching our goals to our values (of course) and the benefit of rituals.  Love this. You may as well.  Enjoy.

In this newsletter you will also find

  • A blog post from Live Happy about Emotional Spring Cleaning -- nice!
  • The link for the Showing Up Radio Show, with Carla White.  I was a guest on this show back in February and I am happy to share it here with you.
  • Of course, there is a Journal Prompt - as you know I believe writing in a journal is a powerful tool toward happiness and self discovery. 
  • For those who have been asking;  the next Affirmation Workshop is coming up in May. The dates are set and registration is ready to go.  (Limit 6 people/workshop).  

    Just before the information on the workshop - please take a moment - well 3 min and 12 seconds to watch a lovely acceptance speech from Mr. Rogers. Yes. Mr. Rogers.  He asks us to remember people who have helped us, people who have loved us into being. Beautiful. Who has loved you into being?  Perhaps, this is another journal prompt, or an invitation to write a thank you card?

As always, I hope you find value in this newsletter, if you do, you are more than welcome to share it with your friends - there are easy share buttons included near the bottom -- I added this as so many people emailed me last month to ask permission to share last months newsletter; thank you. 

Enjoy -- Happy Spring!  

Radio Show
with my friend ~ 

Carla White 
Subject: Happiness
{The link below takes you off site to Carla's Site} 
Please note: during the breaks there is dancing in the studio; feel free to join us. 
Listen Now

From Live Happy  - 5 Steps to Spring Clean your Emotional Closet

Step 1: Take inventory
Step 2: Let go of what's not working
Step 3: Give back what you can
Step 4: Decide what you need more of
Step 5: Keep working at it
Read Now
From my Blog  

Journal Prompt

Is there something from your past, something from your wellness care that has worked and yet you have dropped it or it has slipped from your daily round?
Read Now
  • Do you have a desire for more life fulfillment? 
  • Are you ready to connect with your soul's voice? 
  • Perhaps you desire permission to be yourself {finally}, yes you are enough!
  • Do you feel unhappy with one or more areas of your life?
  • Are you unsure of where to begin? With regard to the path of self development?
  • Do you wish to enhance their own self awareness? 
  • Are you looking for or seeking inspiration?
  • Are you looking for support for a specific project or goal?
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Please watch this video 3 min. 12 seconds of love.  Mr. Rogers asks us to remember those who have loved us into being. Beautiful.  
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