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What can I say? It’s May. It’s time for the May Newsletter/Email.  Truth is -- I have been displaced and somewhat out of sorts.  May 3rd our City of Fort McMurray was evacuated due to a Wildfire.  Now, I know many here reading this were also part of this evacuation, however many of my clients are not in McMurray - and yet I feel many still felt the impact of the Wildfires of Northern Alberta.  

So, I was displaced.  I am well.  My family is well.  As a matter of fact, our daughter, a week or so before the evacuation, announced her pregnancy. She and the babe are well.

Back to May.  Back to it’s time for the May Newsletter/Email.  The world carries on. Life springs up through the charred earth and we put one foot in front of the other.  The truth is, yes, I have been displaced, however I have been well cared for and I have been looking after myself too.  I have been sheltered by friends, slept in gorgeous guest rooms, been fed lovingly prepared meals and been cared for in all aspects necessary to carry on.  

In January I made a commitment to myself and to my business, I would send out a newsletter/email once a month.  So here it is the last day of the month and I want to honour this commitment to myself.  You may never read this - however, it is more important it is written; it is sent.  If you read it. Bonus.  Thank you.  

So briefly I want to share how I have managed to stay healthy while being evacuated.  I feel sharing this is helpful, because it may support you with something you are moving through. Years ago, this type of event would have done me in physically and emotionally.  I have been making great strides in my improved health, both physically and mentally in recent years and here are a few tips on how I maintained my health during this time. 

I stayed connected with gratitude - which was very easy to do with the generosity of the world around us, and the fact we were all fine.  

I kept moving.  I deliberately got on my yoga mat every day or I walked.  I moved.  Moving releases tension, creates energy and supports deep thought and a wandering mind.  I kept moving. We were evacuated on Tuesday, I landed south of town on Wednesday night and was on my mat by Thursday afternoon.  It called to me.  I began; and I have maintained it for all these 29 days of being evacuated.  Everyday.  I moved.

I stayed connected. I stayed connected with those who were willing to listen, to those who needed to share, to those who didn’t know me and to those who love me deeply.  It can be easy to disconnect and hide, to retreat.  Truly. My depression would love for me to feed it in this way. I did not feed it.  While I did carve out quiet time.  I also had to stay connected.  

I ate well.  I have a few things I am very specific about -- so I carried those with me as I traveled throughout southern Alberta between friends and homes.  I chose to eat as well as I could.  This was a conscious choice and a decision that supported my health.


I surrounded myself with beautiful things, books, words, flowers and items which brought me joy.  Simple things can be so supportive and nourishing to the eye and to the soul.  

I learned a few of these things back in 2013 while I was living in a hotel for 7 weeks while looking after my parents during my father’s cancer treatment.  I lived in a hotel room that I transformed into a space filled with beauty, great energy and love.  I ate well, I moved and supported myself with the rituals that helped me.  So this carried me through this time as well.  

Why am I sharing all this with you? It is, for me about choice.  Yes, I was evacuated. Yes, I was displaced.  Yes, I was living in world of unknowns and waiting. However, I only had control over a couple of things - me and my reaction to all that was happening.  The more I stepped into what I could do the better I felt. Maybe you find yourself in a situation which feels out of your control? “Ask, what can I control?”, “What can I do?”  -- You will know.  Support yourself.

Was I sad? Yup. Did I cry? Yup. Was I frightened? Yup. All of the things you would expect.  However, I still got up and kept myself going.  Even on the days I wanted to have a pajama day. NOW trust me. When all this is settled down and we are sorted, you can be sure, there will be an incredible Pajama Day, complete with Netflix Binge watching and popcorn. For now. One foot in front of the other.  Whatever you are facing, you can get through it.

So, I haven’t been ‘working’ in a traditional sense and I am unclear of when I will get back to a regular schedule for clients and workshops.  For now I am in the moment. I am where I am. That is alright.  AND having said that; I am still here:  The Happiness Studio (A FB Group) - join us!

Staying in the light.  Stay in the light my friends.  

May. Here is it. Gone.  <3  

Onward to June
This is from a beautiful book I found at a used book store. 
Gary Zukav: Daily Meditations. 
It seemed appropriate as I had to leave my physical home. 
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12 Intentional Actions to
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1. Count your blessings
2. Carry a smile
3. Speak daily affirmation into your life
4. Wake up on your terms
5. Hold back a complaint

6. Practice one life-improving discipline
7. Use your strengths
8. Accomplish one important task
9. Eat a healthy meal/snack
10. Treat others well
11. Meditate
12. Search for benefit in your pain

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