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Thank you for being here with me on the journey through this wonder - filled life.   I have a great enthusiasm for happiness. I believe when we are happy, we can be our best selves for our family, our friends, our community and of course, ourselves. 

Lately, I have been blessed with business - supporting clients to create clarity for their lives - so they may begin each day with contentment and gratitude.  

Recently, I was thrilled to welcome 16 creative people into my home as they put their desires on paper in the way of a Vision Board. I have heard beautiful stories of dreams coming true, of successes being realized because these brilliant ones have become active with their dreams. Remember, it is one thing to dream, it is quite another to take action.  I heard something recently, which I loved; if you are given the dream, you are the given the way to achieve it; isn't this lovely?  I think so.  

With the public offering of Vision Boarding over, I am turning my attention to creating something wonderful wrapped around affirmations.  I believe affirmations are very powerful -- anything you say after 'I am...." is powerful, remember this. I post all events on my FB Events page; as well, I will send out an email with details - so watch for this.  I am looking at the first run near the end of February.  (Of course, this may change) 

I seem to be in a bit of an energized, reinvention phase of my life and in my business. I am working on updating my websitemy blog and of course, this email/newsletter commitment has been energizing my business in a big way.  I have been 'working' my own Client Attraction Plan, and I can support you with yours as well - this follows the adage: what you focus on, expands! 

I am glad to be back teaching & leading a yoga class. I was honoured to once again be working with a former personal training client, now as a yoga client. She, along with her friends, gather in her lovely home on Monday mornings.  This makes my Monday mornings gorgeous & heart filling; a lovely way to begin the week. Did you know I teach yoga?  Here is a bit of my philosophy.

So what will you find in this email?  Lovely bits of information & articles.  You will also find links to support you in your desire for happiness.  

I have included 15 lessons from Yoda -- wise, he is.  You will also find 3 journal prompt questions, as well as a FB follow suggestion.  

I have a few ideas for upcoming newsletters/emails; however, my main intention to share great content and information which will help you lead a fabulous life.  A life you love, truly love.  

You are the creator -- what do you choose for your life?

Decide wisely.  Decisions are power-filled! 

Enjoy the rest of this newsletter.  Thanks for being here. 

Want to Be Happy and Successful?  Science Says Do These 7 Things
Working harder & longer hours won't make you more successful.
Being happy will.   Here's how.
15 Lessons from Yoda

Did you see this on my FB Page? 
I think it's wonderful. Here's the full list - details in the article - here

1. Give Your Full Effort In Everything You Do
2. Size Matters Not
3. Unlearn What You Have Learned
4. Focus On The Moment
5. Leaders Get Their Hands Dirty
6. Patience Pays Off
7. You’re Never Too Wise Or Too Old To Learn Something New
8. The Best Way to Learn is by Experience
9. Sometimes What You’re Looking For is Right in Front of You
10. Death Is a Natural Part of Life
11. Let Go
12. Focus On Helping Others Succeed
13. Your World Is A Reflection of Yourself
14. Believe In What You Are Doing
15. Never Give Up Hope

Journal Prompt

What have you been putting up with? (think: draining your energy)

How long have you been tolerating it?

What needs to happen for YOU to longer tolerate it? 
FB Follow Suggestion: I think Panache is a beautiful hearted human and is loving and kind. You may find his posts soothing and yet, supportive. 

Panache Desai
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