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ISSUE #2, MARCH 2017

Welcome and join us to celebrate the EEPA launch!

The 2017 edition of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards is now under way! The prestigious awards ceremony will take place this November in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, as part of the SME Assembly. Many of the national campaigns have been launched across all the participating countries and national deadlines have now been announced:

 National deadlines

Thinking about getting involved in the 2017 edition? As you can see as some of them are quite soon. If you are interested in participating or just want more information be sure to contact your national coordinator >>

EEPA 2016 winner Lyon on Euronews

EEPA 2016 Category 1 winner ‘Lyon Ville de l’Entrepreneuriat’, was recently featured on Euronews and described as ‘a stronghold for entrepreneurship in France’. Congratulations Lyon! 

 2016 EEPA winners share their achievements

The EEPA winners share what it was like to win their award, the exciting journeys that led each of the successful projects to that moment and what has happened since. The interviews are varied and exciting, from turning previous failure into European level success, to exciting international opportunities as a result of being an EEPA winner, the latest articles provide advice for future applicants and engaging personal stories to read.

For other exciting developments from previous EEPA winners be sure to read the testimonials on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal.


Inspired by their success and thinking about applying? Contact your national coordinator today!

SME Week - Secrets of Success brochure

What makes an entrepreneur successful? How do entrepreneurs define their success? What are the secrets behind their inspiring journeys? The ‘Secrets of Success 2016-2017’ brochure answers all of these questions and more. So, what is inside? This year the brochure features interviews with 33 notable business owners from across Europe, under the themes of: Concept/Idea, Drive, Leadership/Team, Success and finally Europe.

Look out for profiles on these entrepreneurs on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

 Ideas from Europe

Ideas from Europe 2017 is about to begin! So what can you expect and what are the key dates that you need to remember?

Ideas from Europe was launched in 2015 as a joint initiative of the SME Envoy network and the Dutch government, and will soon become a formal not-for-profit foundation based in the Netherlands in order to continue its activities at European level. The primary aim of Ideas from Europe, was to shine light on European visionary entrepreneurs – we believe that most of the solutions to our global challenges are already out there, in the hands of visionary entrepreneurs.

The 2017-2018 edition of Ideas from Europe will kick off on 6 April 2017 in Malta, and marks the start of a new search for potential solutions to global challenges. Find more >>

New approaches to innovation:
         Avoiding innovation stagnation 

In this month's featured publication Zero to One entrepreneur Peter Thiel challenges the reader to think outside of the box, and create something new rather than compete with the products and systems that already exist. He presents alternative ways of thinking designed to stimulate new approaches to innovation, a key skill for innovators and entrepreneurs alike.

 From the Promoting Enterprise News Portal

Throughout the month of March, the News Portal has continued to be a source of information on everything EEPA, SME Week and exciting developments and events in the world of entrepreneurship, startups and innovation.
This month, along with the continuing EEPA 2016 interviews, we have brought you exciting news on the future of digital innovation, the JADE Spring Conference (where the young minds of the future came together to share and learn from one another) and the Secrets of Success brochure, inside of which you can discover innovations and entrepreneurs from across Europe.


Event calendar

April 2017

●    5 April: WATIFY Matchmaking Event on Biotechnology in Healthcare, Zagreb, Croatia
●    5 April: WATIFY Technology Compass at Open Innovation Summit, Turin, Italy
●    6 April: Ideas from Europe 2017 - 2018 kick off. Please watch our social media channels and @ideasfromeurope
●    6 April: Seed Stars Summit, Lausanne, Switzerland
●    13 April: EU-Startups Conference 2017, Berlin, Germany
●    19-20 April: Mission Start-ups 2017, London, United Kingdom
●    24 April: EqUIP Showcasing Event: Research with Impact, Brussels, Belgium
●    26-27 April: Startup Olé 2017, Salamanca, Spain
●    28 April: WATIFY Matchmaking Event on ICTs applications in Tourism and Cultural Industries, Lisbon, Portugal

May 2017

●    3-5 May: Arctic15, Helsinki, Finland
●    15 May: WATIFY Matchmaking Event on Internet of Things for SMEs, Brussels, Belgium
●    15-18 May, Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship, Maastricht, the Netherlands
●    16-17 May: Thinking digital, The Sage Gateshead, United Kingdom
●    16-18 May: Business Beyond Borders matchmaking event at African Utility Week,Cape Town, South Africa. Read more>>
●    18 May: Fast Growth Icons, Berlin, Germany
●    19-20 May: EURINT 2017 European Union at cross-roads: building resilience in time of changes, Iasi, Romania
●    22-23 May: BioVaria 2017, Munich, Germany
●    25-26 May: LOGIN 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania 

Fast fact

European businesses are increasingly adopting digital technologies, such as the use of a business software for electronic information sharing (from 26% in 2013 to 36% of enterprises in 2015), sending electronic invoices (from 11% in 2014 to 18% of enterprises in 2016) or using social media to engage with customers and partners (from 14% in 2013 to 20% of enterprises in 2016).
According to European Commission - Fact Sheet on Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2017.

Tell us your stories

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you’re doing in your business. Submit an article on a topic that you think would be of interest to the European enterprise community. Tell us who or what you’d like to see featured. Submit a business book or podcast review. Send us a photo of you and/or your team at work for our “Enterprise @ Work” feature, where we highlight entrepreneurs in their own domains.
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