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ISSUE #3, April 2018

The future of European startup policy – Have YOUR say

Interested in finding out what the most innovative Europeans are up to? What about a chance to have your say in European startup policy making? Or perhaps you have an entrepreneurial project that deserves recognition on European level? You are in the right place!
In this edition of the 
SME Week Newsletter find out about the latest EEPA 2018 updates, the recent Ideas from Europe finals, an opportunity to contribute to EU startup policy and more.

Read on to find out more and don’t forget that we want to hear YOUR stories, so get in touch to see yourself featured in upcoming editions.


EEPA 2018 – Check your national deadlines

Have you applied for EEPA 2018 yet? Don’t forget to send in your application before your national deadline! If you need more information, or your national coordinator contact details, have a look at the EEPA 2018 factsheets here.

So, will you join the other EEPA winners? Apply today for your chance to be in the EEPA hall of fame…


Green Projects 

The European Enterprise Promotion Awards (
EEPA) are still open for nominations and entries, and this year with the
re-instatement of the ‘Supporting the development of green markets and resource efficiency’ category, which was temporarily suspended in 2017, there are even more prizes to win!
So what is this category about?
The ‘Supporting the development of green markets and resource efficiency’ category recognises initiatives that support SME access to green markets and help to improve their resource efficiency through, for example, green skills development and matchmaking, as well as funding.
Previous European winners of the category include:

Interested in applying for this category? Check your national submission deadline and contact your national coordinator today!
Read more on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal.

‘Excellent SME Certificate’ – How Montenegro rewards outstanding SMEs

How can strong small and medium sized companies be recognised and promoted? What actions are needed to promote good business practices and market transparency?
The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, in cooperation with COFACE, runs a program to award successful SMEs with the 'Excellent SME certificate'. The certificate serves as a reward for business excellence and an outstanding business record. Additionally it provides better visibility of excellent companies and easier access to new business partners and customers.
The certificate is issued on the basis of annual turnover and credit assessment set by credit rating agency Coface and SafeSigned™ technology, which prevents the certificates from being copied from the originating website. The certificate is valid for 1 year during which COFACE's monitoring provides credibility for the SME in both domestic and foreign business environments.
In Montenegro there are currently 262 companies that hold the certificate which in 2017 employed around 7 000 employees with a net profit of around 44,5 million Euro. The program is growing internationally and is now also implemented in Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia thus expanding the white list of companies that are safe to cooperate with.
To learn more about the certificate scheme and the awarded companies visit the website.

Ideas from Europe Final – Learning about solutions to global challenges

This week on 24 April in the Hague, ‘Ideas from Europe’ kicked off the joint development of shared purposes to take on global challenges. 12 inspiring entrepreneurs showcased their solutions and the audience, consisting of 500 European guests in the venue and many more watching via the livestream, elected the following three solutions as most relevant: Micreos, with the world’s first targeted antibacterial product; ApisProtect, using in hive-sensors, retrofitted into existing beehives to unobtrusively monitor honey bee colonies; and Too Good to Go, a smartphone application that helps restaurants and food sellers sell their surplus food instead of wasting it, thereby fighting food waste.

Find out more about this exciting event on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal.

Startup Policy Making – Have your say!


The European Commission's Start-up and Scale-up Initiative aims to give Europe's innovative entrepreneurs every opportunity to become leading companies. It pulls together all the possibilities that the EU already offers and adds a new focus on venture capital investment, insolvency law, taxation and more. The 46 different policy actions of this initiative are being implemented to make European policy for start-ups and scale-ups more effective. To accompany the policy work, the European Commission has initiated the EU Startup Monitor research project.

All founders and c-level employees of European Startups are invited to contribute; their participation will allow real life views and situations to be taken into account for policy initiatives. Make your voice heard & win great prizes, such as tickets to TOA, Pioneers, Bits&Pretzels and the by-invitation-only SME Assembly!

Spread the word, take part and help to support the creation of a globally competitive European Startup Ecosystem, where all are encouraged to start, scale and succeed!

Find out about the EU Startup Monitor on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal.

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In 2017 70% of European enterprises provided their employees with portable devices for a mobile connection to the internet, according to information from Eurostat.

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