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Welcome and join us to celebrate the EEPA launch!

Nominations for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards open today (Thursday 23rd February 2017). The prestigious awards ceremony will take place this November in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, as part of the SME Assembly. Public bodies and public-private partnerships from across the EU Member States and COSME participating countries, will be competing for the coveted awards which go to the most imaginative and successful initiatives that support entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This year there will be one minor modification to the award categories: the ‘Supporting the development of green markets and resource efficiency’ category will be suspended for one year, as the number of entries was consistently very low; we are using the time of the suspension to review the categories.

Therefore the five active categories for 2017 will be as follows:

The key dates for EEPA 2017 are:

The secretariat looks forward to supporting you through the 2017 EEPA campaign. For support with promoting EEPA in your country (including social media and blogs) please contact Pavlina Dravecka for all other technical questions, please contact Andrew Dec, Secretariat Manager


The EEPA testimonials are interviews with all of the category winners and special mentions, and give an insight into what makes a winning project, the highlights of their EEPA journey and their advice for future EEPA applicants.

From anecdotes where a win was thought to be an administrative mistake, to the lasting impact that EEPA has made on projects and the opportunities available to them, the EEPA 2016 testimonials are varied, exciting and, most of all, full of reasons for participating in future editions.  


You can find all previous 2016 winners in the Compendium.

SME Assembly

Did you miss the SME Assembly, or just want to refresh your memory? Not only is there an SME Assembly video, but all the presentations are available on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal. If you were wondering what the young winner of the SME week youth essay competition has been up to, then you can also read all about Andri Pandoura on the portal.


Pragmatism: A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking

Pragmatism, knowing what works and thinking practically, all powerful tools for those in the world of entrepreneurship, startups, scale-ups and SMEs. This month’s featured book is Pragmatism: A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking by William James. The book explores the validity of ideas based on their experiential and practical consequences, as well as the philosophical concept of radical empiricism.
Part of entrepreneurship is looking at existing problems and finding solutions, which can also mean defining the problem itself, something that William James explores in this collection of essays. Using a simple yet entertaining anecdote, Does a man go around a squirrel that is on a tree trunk if the squirrel keeps moving on the tree to keep the trunk always between himself and the man?, James demonstrates that an important distinction must be made and defined, ‘what constitutes ‘going round’ the squirrel?’. While abstract this principle can certainly be applied to entrepreneurs, who re-define ideas and concepts through innovation and in turn find effective solutions.


Event calendar

February 2017

●   23-25 February: The Institutionalization and the Internationalization of the Social Sciences and the Humanities, Paris, France
●   28 February: European Industry Day, Brussels, Belgium
●   28 February: Horizon 2020 – Performance and Further Simplification, Brussels, Belgium

March 2017

●   2-3 March: Successful R&I in Europe 2017 - 8th European Networking Event, Düsseldorf, Germany
●   7 March:  Developing the next Research Excellence Framework, London, United Kingdom
●   8 March: The Future of European Steel Industry, Brussels, Belgium
●   8 March: 2017 ERTRAC annual conference: ''Digitalisation and Decarbonisation -Towards the future European Transport System', Brussels, Belgium
●   16-17 March: SEFORÏS Final Conference: ‘Social Entrepreneurship: Inclusion and Innovation in Society’, Brussels, Belgium
●   17 March: Malta Presidency Business Transfer Conference, Malta
     This conference is open to SME Week & EEPA partners. Please feel free to register.
●   22 March: From Advanced Materials Research to Innovation and Growth, Brussels, Belgium
●   29 March: Opportunities for a Knowledge and Innovation Community in Urban Mobility, Brussels, Belgium

April 2017

●   26 April: Launch of the next round of Ideas from Europe. We will inform you about the launch at a later stage. Please watch our social media channels and @ideasfromeurope

From the Promoting Enterprise News Portal

The Promoting Enterprise News Portal (formerly the blog), has been helping you all get ready for EEPA 2017, by keeping you updated on national coordinator meetings and interviewing EEPA 2016 winners. There have also been interesting posts about preparing for SME Week, including looking at the successful 2016 Portuguese strategy. Finally, there is lots of exciting content from the world of entrepreneurship and enterprise, such as a look at some JADE (The European Confederation of Junior Enterprises) entrepreneurs and the top 30 entrepreneurs under-30 in Europe.


SME Week

National Coordinators this is for YOU! Get inspired by Portugal's 2016 SME Week strategy!


Fast fact

One in five small enterprises in the EU is involved in organisational, marketing, product or process innovation, according to information from Eurostat.

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