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term to know: retirement

Let's start here...
Isn't it hard to imagine an older version of yourself? I'm not even talking about picturing yourself as a fully-responsible, thriving adult— I mean old old.

Don't get me wrong— I am so excited to be old, wrinkly, and a chill grandma who gives no foooooks. Will I be living in a cool apartment filled with plants? Will I drink tea from a mug handcrafted in my home ceramics studio? Will I compost my leftovers?!!?!

I really have no idea... and never have leftovers so, that part is settled. 🥞

Here's what I do know...
The cool apartment, houseplants, and in-home ceramics studio all require one thing: money. In ye olden days, many American workers
relied on monthly pensions to support them through retirement. That's not exactly the case anymore and— long story short— we gotta rely on ourselves now.

The saving and investing we do throughout our 🌸youth🌸 will determine much of our financial lives during retirement. Don't freak out. You don't need to have your entire life planned out yet— just read this, stay informed, and make some small (but impactful) adjustments to your money.

How to do it...
There are so many different ways to start— I'll be breaking them all down for you in the next few weeks. My number one tip?
Take advantage of all the tools out there.

For example...
I try to automate everything so I don't ever have to think about it. One of the things I do is play around with what automations my bank app offers. Last year, I set up a weekly $10 transfer from my Checking account to my Savings account through my bank app. It's not much— but
those $10 will be so much more valuable when I'm old. Start small and increase as you go.
Here's me in 50 years btw
When it comes to investing... 

⌛ patience ⌛ is 🙅 a virtue 🥴
and remember:

A tweet by someone smarter than me.

Do you ever find yourself trying to find quick solutions? It's something I definitely struggle with so... Lmk :)

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I read the article so you don't have to...

21 Savage wrote an essay about the importance of financial literacy for Time. 

Here's what 21 wants you to know:
"Finances are deeply connected to every area of our lives, especially when we talk about access to resources. That’s why we need to talk about finances and how they encourage or break cycles of poverty—and it’s why I started the “Bank Account” financial-literacy campaign in 2018. I want the next generation to have a head start and the knowledge on the value of making good financial decisions so they have a clear path to achieve success and financial security."
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