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term to know: fractional shares

summed up: You want to buy a pair of leggings for your friend's birthday but can't drop $98... what do you do?

Split it between 10 friends... right?!
 Always. That's essentially what a fractional share is (but no friends or Venmo needed.) Fractional investing is owning a slice of a company's share rather than buying the whole thing. So... if you can't afford a whole $3k share of Amazon... you can buy a fractional share to make it more affordable and start investing like you're  💸 Warren Buffett on a budget 💸

So can I invest in Amazon for $1?
YES!! Fractional shares are a game changer. If you're like us and just getting started, you probably want to test out the waters/not dive $3k deep. With fractional investing, the stock market is more accessible for us yungggg investors. We can now buy slices of expensive companies and get results that are proportional to the amount we invested.

Cool... Where can I start?

We use Public. This app is TRULY the shit and offers that goooood good (aka fractional shares). We've been using it for months and recommend it to all our friends that ask what the best app is to get started.

Okay... but actually?
YES and we wish we told you about it sooner. If you live for that casual Venmo scroll, you'll feel right at home on Public because you can see what other people are buying/selling. (side note: it also
may be more productive than looking at who your ex split dinner with last night... lmao)

P.S Public is being super cool and offering our community $10 in free stock 

Valid for U.S. residents 18+. New accounts only and subject to account approval. See
let's play rose and thorn

summed up: Last week, the CEOs of Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google had highs and lows.

Let's start with the thorn...
The kings of tech served us major eighth-grade drama vibes when they testified before Congress via video chat. The CEOs were asked about anti-competitive behavior and potential bias on their platforms... and began their responses with stories about their moms. (kinda like your middle school best friend who always blamed her mom for everything.) 

As one of our faves,
Scott Galloway, said in his newsletter, "CEOS of the largest tech firms were all under consensual hallucination that an emotional opening statement absolves you of monopoly abuse." go offfff, Scott.

 All four companies announced unbelievable earnings-- completely beating expectations. Oh... and watching some of the world's wealthiest men try to prove that their companies are not thaaat powerful gives us LIFE.

Read more here.
wanna learn a TikTok dance?

summed up: As US-China relations worsen, TikTok has become a focal point.

"Yes" -Microsoft
On Friday, Microsoft was in conversation with ByteDance to buy TikTok in order to save the app from Trump's alleged ban. Under this deal, Microsoft would take over the app and its 80M daily users. However... Trump heard about it and, as usual, has other plans.

"No" -Trump
Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo have cited national security and privacy concerns over Chinese social media apps like TikTok. According to CNN, "Trump firmly rejected the idea of a potential spin-off deal" between TikTok and Microsoft. We'll find out more this week and keep you updated. (rip Vine? rip Tiktok? 😔)

Read more here.
When it comes to investing... 

Listen to the pros (!!)
Warren Buffett and the CEO of JPMorgan Chase want investors to think long-term.

Here's the thing...
Focusing on short-term profits doesn't usually work... that's more like betting than investing. If you're going to invest (which you totally should), see it as a long-term commitment rather than betting on short-term success.

Here are some examples:
short-term thinking: "I'm going to invest in Apple because they're about to release a new iPhone that will sell-out. Once they do really well, I'll sell my shares."

long-term thinking: "I really think Apple will continue to grow as a company and succeed. I'm going to buy some shares and hold them for as long as possible, even ten years or more!"

Better yet, investing in ETFs can be a better move than investing in individual companies.
We'll give you more on that next week :)
In other news...

This company is valued at $1.5B and is being called the "Shopify of healthcare." 

Google gives it a year. See ya Summer 2021?!

Plz look at
Kendall Jenner's house

I found
this song on TikTok and I'm obsessed -Ilana
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