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term to know: ETFs

summed up: ETF = Exchange-traded fund

Wanna go on a field trip?
Picture this: you're a sweaty fifth-grader at the zoo and its lunchtime. The chaperone is passing out boxed lunches. You love those because they include lots of options within a single box (hello sandwich, fruit, granola bar, AND juice box!!)

You're next in line and finally choose between a meat, vegetarian, or gluten-free box. You sit down and open your box BUT instead of food, it's filled with stocks! Surprise!! It's an ETF 😉or a pre-packaged set of individual investments within a single entity.

But I was hungry???
It's okay bc ETFs are soooo much better lol. Like pre-packaged lunch boxes with lots of options, ETFs have benefits like built-in diversification. That means there's reduced risk (like losing all your money) because it's a diversified, balanced investment.

Although it can be fun, investing in an individual company's stock is risky and more like betting. Yes, high risk = high reward... but high risk also = high chance of losing everything. Because we are intelligent! responsible! investors, we're going to stick with the reliable, time-tested stuff like ETFs. 🙂

Ok... So how do I start?
1. Pick a theme
Instead of choosing from a meat, vegetarian, or gluten-free lunch box, you can pick an ETF theme. There are ETFs that reflect entire industries (like tech or finance) and ETFs that reflect a benchmark, like the 500 largest public companies in the US.

2. Pick an investing platform
We use Public! We love it and always recommend it to our friends. It's really easy to use and has a familiar, Venmo-like feel where you can see people's investments with captions/explanations.

3. Buy an ETF and hold it for as long as possible
Which one is totally up to you. BUT just a heads up... the most heavily traded ETF in the world is the SPDR S&P 500. It reflects the 500 largest public companies in the US and has a ten-year average return of ~10% (aka, don't touch it for ten years)

P.S We're officially cool enough to be sponsored! We luv Public aaaand they're offering our community $10 in free stock to get started investing. 

Valid for U.S. residents 18+. New accounts only and subject to account approval. See
(three) million dollar baby

summed up: Erica Chidi, co-founder and CEO of Loom, just raised $3M in funding to build a platform for reproductive education.

yesssssss. This is exactly what I mean by socially-conscious investing/voting with your dollars/intentional spending. Loom is building an entirely new, digital approach to an empowered sexual and reproductive education. ALSO, Chidi, Loom's CEO, is one of 34 Black female founders that's raised over $1M in funding. This is big.

Why does this matter?
Oh BABY (pun very much intended.) We're living in a ~femtech explosion.~ Generations of moms, grandmas, and great-grandmas have dreamed about this. Because sexual and reproductive health has been seen as taboo for so long— finding investors for this kind of thing is tough. That's why Loom is a big deal.

Fingers crossed, this news signals big things are coming— Black women are reportedly the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs. Despite that, they're receiving just .0006 percent (not a typo) of total funding. So, that's where we come in!!

We need to spend, invest in, and seek out businesses that actually bring about change. Well... because I don't really need any more FB ads for another fancy toothbrush. ☕

Read more here and let me know what you think of Loom and the femtech explosion

When it comes to investing... 

When I first started investing, I anxiously checked my $50 portfolio everyday and continuously asked my dad/brother for "good companies to buy." I was nervous, excited, and empowered by investing... I was also looking at it all wrong.

Turns out...
Warren Buffett didn't become a billionaire by anxiously checking his portfolio. To be clear: I don't really aspire to become a  billionaire. I do, however, aspire to grow my wealth in order to take care of myself and be able to adopt lots of dogs. (anyone else?)

So... What's the point?

Warren Buffet has some hardcore yoga teacher vibes. 🧘
(and invests like a girl) 

Hear me out... his favorite holding period is forever and he only invests in things he deeply knows and understands. His investing strategy is almost... meditative? 

My conclusion?
Warren Buffett grows his wealth by sitting calmly, quieting his ego, and trusting himself. Doesn't that make investing way less intimidating than the suit-dudes on Wall Street make it seem? 

p.p.s. Warren, if you're reading this..... Namaste, dude.

Lmk what you think about Warren Buffett as a yogi... Or tell me about your own investing strategy. Do you have one yet?

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