SON of GOD Opens Big! Lets Push for #1!
SON OF GOD amazed Hollywood by grossing over $9.5 million at the box office on Friday, just behind the #1 movie, Non-Stop ($10 million). We’re only 5% behind the leader! We can overtake the #1 spot this weekend if we continue to push!
Check out this news coverage from opening weekend:
"Son of God Debut in Rocklin" (Bayside Church Takes Over Entire Theater)
Source: ABC News10 Click here to watch video
HELP US HONOR GOD on the Sabbath Day (Sunday) by asking everyone you know to see SON OF GOD. After church this weekend, let’s take our families to see SON OF GOD instead of going home to watch the Oscars.​
FORWARD THIS EMAIL to everyone you know and announce it from your pulpit (wherever your pulpit may be).

Let’s continue running this race, and God will continue to bless our efforts. To Him be the glory!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support,

Paul Lauer
Motive Entertainment

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More news coverage from opening weekend:

"Pastor Rick Warren Wants to Send Hollywood a Message With Son of God"
Source: CBS News Click here to watch video

"Son of God Movie Prompts Nationwide Theater Takeover
Source: Fox 5 San Diego Click here to read article

"Film About Jesus Has Followers Renting Out Entire Theaters"
Source: ABC News Click here to watch video

"A Jesus Film for a New Generation"
Source: CNN Click here to watch video

"Box Office: Non-Stop, Son of God Fly Past Lego on Wings And a Prayer"
Source: Deadline Click here to read article
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Witness #SonofGod with your family today! Get tickets:

Turn your local theater into a house of worship! Watch @SonofGodMovie this weekend! #SonofGod

Choosing to honor the lamb of God instead of the wolf of wall street. Skipping Oscars and going to see Jesus at the movies today. Watch #SonofGod

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From the producers of the record-breaking miniseries The Bible, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, comes SON OF GOD, the first major motion picture on the complete life of Jesus Christ in nearly 50 years.

SON OF GOD is released by 20th Century Fox and in theaters now, featuring powerful performances, exotic locales, dazzling visual effects and a rich orchestral score from Oscar®-winner Hans Zimmer.
"This epic masterpiece tells the world changing story of Jesus and inspires us to love and live for others just as He did."
Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado, President/CEO of Compassion International

"The best on-screen biblical account of the life of Jesus!"
Dove Foundation

"I believe the audience will be enthralled, encouraged and inspired..."
Bishop TD Jakes, Potters House

"Son of God is an engaging and compelling presentation of the story of Jesus, the Son of God among us. It is a joy to watch this film bring alive the pages of the gospel and help us see what those who lived at the time of Jesus experienced."
Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington DC

"Son of God proves that when talent and passion collide, the outcome is spectacular. Every aspect of this production from the acting to the poignant storytelling is accomplished with excellence."
Joel Osteen, Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church, #1 NY Times bestselling author

"Brilliantly produced with stunning cinematography, a Hans Zimmer score and academy-worthy acting... Not since "The Passion of the Christ" ten years ago have I been this excited about a movie."
Rick Warren, Senior Pastor of Saddleback Church and author of #1 NY Times bestseller A Purpose Driven Life

"A gift worth experiencing!"
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of National Hispanic Evangelical Association

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