Good morning, <<First Name>>,

Our goal is to try meeting virtually, online, this morning at 10 AM at . I say "try" because I will not be surprised if Facebook has difficulty live streaming with all the churches trying to stream this morning at around the same time. If it crashes we will try again at 7 PM tonight.

Our plans during this time of being apart:

- Regularly checking in and gathering online. I am exploring software programs that businesses use to host online meetings where we will be able to see each other and talk too, on phone, tablet or PC.
- Ed and I are trying to find the best option where we can share music, message, prayer and switch between people during the same broadcast.
- Leslie Kelly is putting together a buddy system where we can have buddies we call to check on every few days.

Lastly, I am very concerned about our older church family members who are totally cut off. I am wondering if some of us have tablets sitting around, unused, that we could set up to be VERY SIMPLE so that Ruth, Sallie, Jill, Ann, and others might be able to connect better. I tried this with my mom before we passed but had no success because she would end up exploring and end up lost in cyberspace with no idea how to get back to the family feed.

1) Do you know of anything that could work?
2) Do you have a tablet you could donate so we could get them connected? (if they are in living situations with Wifi)
3) Are you a person who has the skills and time to take this on?

I hope to see you at 10 so we can talk further... or at 7PM if Facebook is overwhelmed.

LASTLY, I found this article in The Washington Post that was very helpful to me. It has animated illustrations that explain what we are trying to accomplish with social distancing.

Love you guys! Our God has this!

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