How on Earth Did That Happen??? $12,000.00 ???

In April of 2016, I stood in the corner of a wicked-hot, cement soccer court in Oratorio, Guatemala with a new friend. He was the director of a school for around 250 kids and was giving me a tour. This was our last stop on the tour of the school. Our team of 18 was there to spruce up with some paint and we were running a small health clinic.

I asked him what big thing he would like to see God do to help the children and his program. He said something about steel shutters on the glassless windows to keep the rain and dust out. I dared him to ask bigger.

He talked about the dusty, cement kitchen where they prepared lunch every day for all the children over open, smoky wood fires. It was bigger, but I wanted the crazy, big stuff that only God can do.

"I've always wanted a roof over this play area," he finally told me and laughed. "The children have no place to play during the hottest season or the rainy season."

"Now we're talking!" I thought. That's the kind of BHAG stuff I love to bring to my God. (It's a business acronym for "Big Hairy Audacious Goal.")

We laughed and I told him we could start praying but, in that economy and with us from a small church in Maine, the roof was quite a reach. (continued below)

In December of 2016, I returned to Oratorio to see a nice, blue coat of paint covering the formerly yellow, chipping walls of the play area. I took a pic and said, "someday, a roof!"

For the past three years I've prayed and posted things on Facebook. I explored the possibility of getting Rotary International involved but the project was too small. I wrote to a few corporations looking for sponsorships, but came up empty.

In December of 2017, I returned and saw a beautiful mural on the blue wall. We had accomplished remodeling the kitchen with enclosed, brick stoves with chimneys and tile floors. Shutters were in place, but the roof was still a pipe-dream prayer. It would take $10,000 USD to put a roof over such a large area. That was approximately 75,000 Quetzales. It sounds small to Americans, but that is crazy money to our Guatemalan friends.

But, it's nothing to God. He expanded the vision to some of his other followers on our team. A family with a small piece of land to sell committed those proceeds to the goal but it sat and sat without selling.

In April 2018 we returned with a team of 20 and discovered that much of what we began in 2016 was complete. The school looks like a different place with bright paint throughout and steel shutters ready to be closed within minutes of the next dust storm arriving. A platform stage area is now in the largest room where the school hosts community gatherings. But, while we ran games in the hot sun on the play area, we were again asking God for a roof.

Last Sunday, 3 years and 3 months after my BHAG conversation with the school headmaster, our little church presented the national AMG director with a $12,000.00 check and told him to raise the roof in Oratorio. God provided it through the sale of the land and a few other gifts from individuals.

We cried because we tend to do that when we see happy, amazing things happen that will have such a large impact on people. We saw no corporate sponsors, no international organizations writing checks, just regular people who God moved to work together for his purposes and in His timing. Just regular, non-wealthy people trusting God.

Our little church had a BHAG at the start of the year of raising $3000 for our City's program to answer the Opioid crises. Check! Done. God provided We've prayed, as a church, that God would help us see other ways to meet needs right here in our community and he's opened doors for feeding, furnishing and resettling.

On the hottest weekend of the year, we put his plan into action to bring relief to our school in Oratorio so the kids will have relief on their hottest days. Pretty cool, right?

So, there you have it. It's amazing what God accomplishes through His people trusting in Him and following.

Our God is amazing!
Scott Linscott
Lead Pastor

See you Sunday at the PICNIC IN THE PARK?

Things have changed a bit

  • NO COOKOUT. Pack a picnic lunch if you want to hang out and fellowship.
  • Relaxed, unplugged format. Bring blankets or lawn chairs.
  • Our African Congregation won't be joining us. We had a miscommunication which sometimes happens when we are working with four languages.

It's supposed to be a beautiful day. Join us if you can for a relaxed, laid-back time at the park at 10 and then stay and picnic if you are able.

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