Hi <<First Name>>,

Some have asked for the complete list of items we are collecting for our crisis kits through the end of the year so I am sending it out. You can bring in your items and add them to the pile at the front left of the auditorium.

REMINDER: Danielle Rideout, the director of the Westbrook Recovery Liaison program, will be our featured speaker at a potluck lunch SUNDAY AFTER CHURCH. Bring a dish to share if you are able. I hope that you stay regardless of dish or no dish since we always have plenty!

We will also divide our Thanksgiving Special Offering 50/50 between our annual gift baskets thanking our public servants and the crisis kits.


Adult Kits:
Pens/gel pens
Throw blanket
Hard Candies (a common replacement tool for someone
who has used opiates)
Dry shampoo
Sanitizing wipes (for personal care, not the cleaning product)
All-in-one shampoos/body wash
Bath towel(s)
Toothbrush/toothpaste (brush is most important, because it's easier to get toothpaste for free)
First aid supplies (many people are doing wound care from prior use sites or infections and open wounds are tempting for folks to use for easy-access, therefore are relapse triggers unless they're tending to them/covering them, and hospitals/doctors offices usually only give patients enough for 1-2 days)
Quality water bottle you can use for hot/cold beverages
Herbal teas (w/o caffeine)
Shelf-stable, microwavable food (think food items you'd be able to cook in a hotel room)
Snacks with nutritive value (kind bars, fig bars, larrabars etc., if they have kids with them: Annie's fruit snacks, goldfish, etc)

Child Kits:
Stuffed animal/comfort object
A book (rehab emphasizes the importance of normal child/parent bonding activities like reading to your kids before bed)
Simple games (go fish, old maid, regular deck of cards, Yahtzee-to-go version, etc. Things you could play with a child anywhere without a lot of mess or space)
Coloring book/book of mazes or word puzzles for older kids
Crayons/markers (depending on age)
Kids' toothpaste

Thanks so much for loving our community!

Scott Linscott

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