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In this edition we have articles on the following topics:
  • Was it a loan or a gift to the newlyweds? Big difference!
  • Defending a claim in a deceased estate
  • Wills for blended families
We hope you find the articles interesting and useful.
From the team at RN Legal

Was it a loan or a gift to the newlyweds? Big difference!

Whether money received by a couple from parents or others is properly characterised as a loan or a gift could have a considerable effect if the couple separate, with signifcant effect on the final property settlement.
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Defending a claim in a deceased estate

If you are an executor or administrator of an estate you should seek legal advice immediately if you think that a claim may be brought against the estate as they can be quite complex and daunting in already difficult circumstances.
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Wills for blended families

Making a Will is important if you are part of a blended family. Careful estate planning now should ensure that your intended beneficiaries are provided for and that the potential for conflict within the family unit is minimised.
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Keeping your important documents safe

Did you know we offer a free Safe Custody Service to all valued clients? We will store important documents such as your title deeds, Will and Power of Attorney securely and maintain a register listing each document held on your behalf.

You can retain copies of your documents at home for convenience, with peace of mind that your originals are held in a safe and central location. 

Being unable to locate an original document at a crucial time is not only inconvenient but can be disastrous. Imagine being unable to find the Will of a loved one who has died. The grieving family is left with uncertainty, inconvenience and additional cost making a time of loss even more difficult.

If you are unsure whether we are holding documents on your behalf, simply arrange to call into our office to verify your identity and our friendly staff will assist.

If you would like us to store your documents for you, just bring them down to the office and we will register them in our system and provide you with a record of receipt. We recommend also that you let a trusted family member or friend know we are holding your documents, so they can be located quickly in an emergency.
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