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Welcome to the February newsletter from RN Legal

In this edition we have articles on the following topics:
  • FAQ on Estate Planning
  • Selling a house - the conveyancing process explained
  • Separated couples living under the same roof.
We hope you find the articles interesting and useful.
From the team at RN Legal

FAQ on Estate Planning

There are many things to consider when preparing a new Will or updating an old one that can help ensure that your Will is valid and that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes after your death.
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Selling a house - the conveyancing process explained

Selling a home is usually an emotional and stressful time, and can become a costly process if mistakes are made. A qualified lawyer or conveyancer can simplify the procedure and limit the risks involved.
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Separated couples living under the same roof 

Before a person can apply for a divorce they have to establish that their marriage has irretrievably broken down. So how do you establish this if you are living in the same house? 
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Welcome Back for 2017!

Rahul Nand
We hope you have had an enjoyable summer. The holiday period often provides opportunities for all of us to give thought about our personal and business legal needs and requirements for 2017. In our experience many people right now are looking for legal help.
We see 2017 as being a year of growth for our firm and we hope that for you, 2017 is a year for sound decision making, particularly all your legal needs.
For some people going to a lawyer can be hard but in our case it’s easy. If you think you have a legal issue and want to have a chat whether it’s for estate planning, thinking of selling or buying a property or more personal matters, just pick up the phone or shoot us an email…we want to help.
On behalf of everyone at the firm all the very best for 2017 and our warmest regards.

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