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Newsletter May 2018

Welcome to the May edition of the Biddulph & Salenger newsletter.

A newsletter for clients, friends of the practice and special interest groups.

This is a free service and in this edition we have some topical articles written in a helpful, no-nonsense style with plenty of practical suggestions along with some background information on the firm, our staff and our areas of practice. 

We hope you enjoy the articles.

Dragons Abreast

Dragons Abreast
Maryanne Ofner was recently invited to attend a presentation to a representative team of Penrith paddlers who will be participating in an International Dragon Boating Festival in Florence, Italy.

“Dragons Abreast” is the leader in the movement for people affected by cancer, spreading awareness and empowering people and educating them about the benefits of an active lifestyle after diagnosis.

About 20 years ago dragon boat paddling became a significant part of rehabilitation for breast cancer survivors, but since then has been embraced by thousands as one of the fastest growing sports in Australia.

As a keen paddler herself, and knowing many of these women, Maryanne arranged for Biddulph & Salenger to cover the costs of 30 pairs of shoes to the team members. She summed it up perfectly as being “just an inspirational story of how these ladies keep fit to assist in recovery and remaining well.”

We wish them success every step of the way and hope the shoes fit.

A dog day afternoon....liability for the actions of your pets

Where does the liability lie when your dog injures another person or animal? The owner of a dog is liable if the dog causes bodily injury to a person when that injury is caused by wounding or attacking. Will your insurance cover this?
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Dying intestate - the perils of not making a Will

Having a Will gives you a voice when you die. Your testamentary wishes can be made known and your beneficiaries clearly identified. Without a Will, the finalisation of your estate could be left to somebody you did not want or choose.
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Collaborative law - a new approach to Family Law

Collaborative law is a relatively new concept used to resolve legal disputes whereby the parties to a dispute conduct confidential and transparent negotiations to resolve a matter without recourse to litigation.
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