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Welcome to the June newsletter from RN Legal

In this edition we have articles on the following topics:
  • Splitting superannuation under the Family Law Act
  • Debt recovery basics for business owners
  • New compliance laws for swimming pools
We hope you find the articles interesting and useful.
From the team at RN Legal

Splitting superannuation - things you need to know 

Superannuation is different from other types of property under the Family Law Act because it is an asset that is held on trust, although it can still be adjusted, transferred or divided between parties when a relationship breaks down. 
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Debt recovery basics for business owners

If you are owed money for goods or services that is overdue for payment you might consider sending a letter of demand which sets out the amount owing and gives a defined period to pay what's owing or face legal action. 
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Swimming Pools - new compliance laws

The new provisions, to come into effect in NSW in April 2016, require that any property with a swimming pool will need to have a certificate of compliance before it can be sold or leased.
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Safe Custody for documents

We thought we should let you know about our free Safe Custody service that we offer our clients. In short, we provide a free service to hold your important documents in safe custody.

If you sell your property and cannot locate your title deeds when you need to produce them this can produce expensive and unfortunate consequences. Worse still, not being able to locate an original Will for a recently deceased person can have catastrophic financial consequences.

We suggest you avoid these issues by leaving these original documents with us.  We offer it as a free service as a matter of goodwill.

Naturally you should keep copies of these documents so you have a record yourself and we recommend you tell someone you trust, such as your spouse or adult children, where the documents are being held.

Many older clients can become forgetful and keep important documents in a “safe” place only to forget where that is. In cases where dementia is an issue it might not be possible to re-do a Will as they might not have legal capacity.

If you would like us to hold your documents, just bring them down to the office and we will provide you with a receipt for them.

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