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In this edition we have articles on the following topics:
  • Are we protected from Revenge Porn?
  • Social media and Family Law - just don't do it!
  • When do you need to review your Will?
We hope you find the articles interesting and useful.
From the team at RN Legal

Are we protected from Revenge Porn?

Posting naked or explicit photographs online without permission, or even threatening to, is a growing tactic that abusers use to hurt or control their ex partners. Are we protected, or does the law need to catch up with technology?
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Social media and Family Law - just don't do it!

Social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the like - can be a lot of fun and are an accepted part of modern life but what happens when people going through a relationship breakdown take to social media?
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When do you need to review your Will?

Most people know that a valid Will determines how their assets are dealt with after they are gone, but how do you know if your Will needs to be changed? Many life changes will impact on your estate planning - this article will help you decide.
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RN Legal offers personalised services and tailored solutions for individuals, small business and charities across a range of legal matters including:
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Some clients don’t realise the different areas of law we undertake and if you are not legally qualified sometimes it’s hard to know how to categorise a legal problem. Our dedicated team has knowledge across many practice areas and offers transparent communication and innovative solutions at a competitive fee structure.

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