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Newsletter October 2018

Welcome to the October edition of the Biddulph & Salenger newsletter.

A newsletter for clients, friends of the practice and special interest groups.

This is a free service and in this edition we have some topical articles written in a helpful, no-nonsense style with plenty of practical suggestions along with some background information on the firm, our staff and our areas of practice. 

We hope you enjoy the articles.

Cyber Aware!

As the property industry moves into the digital world at Biddulph & Salenger we are taking the necessary steps to protect our clients and our business.

The highly publicized PEXA Conveyancing Fraud, whereby a Melbourne family was left homeless after the family conveyancer had their email hijacked by a cybercriminal, has triggered Law firms and Conveyancers to be Cyber aware although this is nothing new to cyber security experts.

At Biddulph & Salenger we have IT support and we pre-screen for phishing attempts and scams. We regularly update our system with the latest safe net and antivirus software.

As an additional security measure we confirm account details received by email over the phone and re-check bank account details when entering into the PEXA workspace. Rest assured that we are taking all possible steps to protect your property transaction.

Understanding Spousal Maintenance obligations 

If your marriage or de facto relationship breaks down are you liable to financially assist or pay maintenance to your ex partner? How far does this obligation go?
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Why strata levy payments are important

All apartment owners in strata schemes are required to pay levies and most apartment owners understand the need for these levies to ensure scheme related costs can be met on an ongoing basis.
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Do you know when to update your Will?

Most people know that a valid Will determines how their assets are dealt with after they die, but how do you know if your Will needs to be changed? Many life changes impact on your estate planning - this article will help you decide.
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