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August 2014

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What is a Deacon?

The word deacon comes from the Greek word diakonia and is generally translated as "servant leader".  The deacon is known as the icon or symbol of servant ministry.  During the ordination service for a deacon, the bishop addresses the deacon-to-be by saying, "God now calls you to a special ministry of servant hood directly under your bishop.  In the name of Jesus Christ, you are to serve all people, particularly the poor, the weak, the sick and the are to interpret to the church the needs, concerns and hopes of the world.  At all times, your life and teaching are to show Christ's people that in serving the helpless they are serving Christ himself."

Through our baptismal covenant, all people are commissioned as members of the Christian community to witness to their faith and to carry out their own ministry.  Deacons are charged with bringing the needs, hopes and concerns that we see in the world to the church.  Deacons also provide a gift of leadership to the lay community encouraging them to use their gifts where they spend most of their time - out in the world. 

Liturgically, the deacon's role is to proclaim the Gospel and set the table.  The deacon stands beside the presider as an icon representing the entire congregation.  When asked which liturgical duties the deacon does not perform, it is easily summed up in the ABC's:  Absolution, Blessings and Consecration of the bread.  These ABC's are the responsibility of the priest.

Besides this difference in roles, the education process is also different. The priest is required to have a Masters of Divinity from an accredited seminary.  This is typically a three year commitment.  The priest also works full time in their ministry and are compensated for their work.

The diaconate, on the other hand, does not require seminary training and is a volunteer or non-stipendiary position.  Many deacons work full time jobs in addition to their commitment to the church.  In the Diocese of Colorado, the academic formation process takes several years to complete and covers several canonical areas including:  Holy Scripture, Church History, Theology and the Diaconate.  Spiritual formation weekends are also integrated into the overall diaconal education process.  Once all of the academic work is completed and prior to ordination, each deacon spends 6 months serving at a parish completing their "field work".  The purpose of the field work is for a deacon-to-be to become integrated into the life of a congregation in a parish that is new to them.  They get the opportunity to help with the liturgy and find a way to bring their unique gifts into the life of that community of faith.

Beginning on August 10th, St. Brigit will be hosting a diaconal student for her field work.  Her name is Nancey Bookstein.  Nancey will be helping in many different aspects of the liturgy and she and her partner, Joan will be getting involved in the life of St. Brigit as the Holy Spirit guides them over the next several months.  Please welcome both of them with open arms.   

Hello, St Brigit!
My name is Nancey Johnson Bookstein and I am a Postulant for the Diaconate in the Diocese of Colorado. I will have the privilege of doing my fieldwork with you beginning in August and continuing 6 months, after which I will return to my home church in Broomfield to await ordination in June.  Mother Felicia asked me to tell you a little about myself.
I grew up in Albany, NY, went to college in Boston, and moved to Colorado in 1976. I worked at Mercy Hospital in Denver until I was recruited to CU to teach in 1978. I met my partner, Joan Johnson in 1977 and we were married in Iowa in September 2011. Joan had 3 daughters when I met her and we now have 2 grandsons and 2 great grandsons. My biological family lives in the Midwest.
I am an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora where I have taught since 1978. I teach anatomy to medical students, physical therapy students and to physician assistant students. I am also the Director of Admissions for the Physical Therapy Program and on the Admissions Committee for the Medical School. I am a physical therapist with a specialty practice for patients with osteoporosis and the physical therapist for St Benedict Health and Healing Ministry where I evaluate and treat some of the homeless in Boulder County.
Although I was born and grew up Jewish, I was baptized in the Episcopal Church in 1979 and confirmed in 1981 at Chapel of the Intersession in Thornton. I have been at Holy Comforter in Broomfield, and at Santiago and Church of the Resurrection in Lafayette. I was raised up for Holy Orders from the Church of Santiago and admitted to postulancy in 2008. I have worked with youth and adults, am a Stephen Minister, a Lay Eucharistic Visitor and have some experience with liturgy and music.
I look forward to meeting all of you and sharing our stories and our lives during the next few months. I can’t wait to join you! 

If you have any additional questions about the diaconate, or the formation process, please feel free to contact me or Nancey.
Deacon Maureen


Part Time Child Care Provider Needed

St. Brigit Episcopal Church in Frederick is looking for a creative and energetic person to help us with our Sunday and other periodic childcare needs. Must be over 18 and must have reliable transportation. Pay is $12/hr with a guarantee of two hours each Sunday morning. Please send resume plus a cover letter with your qualifications to You will be required to take a 4 hr class, Safe Guarding God’s Children, as well as pass a background check.

"Save the Date"

St. Brigit's 2nd Annual
Silent Auction

Sunday Evening,
 September 28th
at Sun Rose Cafe,
379 Main Street, Longmont, Colorado

St. Brigit Shamrock Suppers Begin Again

Have you been looking for a way to get to know more folks at St. Brigit? Are you comfortable having people in your homes? Do you enjoy sharing meals with others?If so than maybe Shamrock Suppers are for you.

Each month four couples and/or a mixture of singles will have dinner together, plus the possibility of a couple of extra people who may be newcomers, or others who are not a part of the regular rotation. Singles may choose to take part alone or in pairs. The model will be adapted as needed for those who do not have room to host but would like to take part in the suppers.

Couples or singles that sign up will be put on a rotation schedule so that in the period of three months, each will do the following:

            Host and provide meat,
            bread, and drinks

            Bring a salad

            Bring an appetizer or vegetable

            Bring dessert

Eileen Bisgard will be starting a new schedule for Shamrock Suppers for the fall months of September, October and November. If you are interested in participating please send Eileen an e-mail of your interest by August 1st at or call her at 720-394-1525.

Contemplative Gatherings:
Thursdays beginning August 7th, 6:30 p.m.

We listened to your responses to the Contemplative Gathering we have had on Monday Evenings since February.   One day and time, it seems, will not fit all.   We have, however, attempted to offer something doable for most.
One of the most challenging things concerning any transformative spiritual practice is beginning to do the practice.   In silence, we experience, a deeper, more expansive sense of who we are in God and we feel God loving us just as we are.  We only need to show up.
Paul writes in his second letter to the church in Corinth, "But he (The Lord) said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (NIV)   When we feel a  pull toward contemplative practice, we can depend on God's Grace to give us the strength to do it, even in the face of weaknesses that tend pull us away. Then we watch in awe as that strength builds through the practice.
Join us on Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm beginning August 7th.  Begin your journey into Silence.

For more information, you can get the flyer here:
Barb and Phil


"Wonderful Wednesdays"
to begin at St. Brigit
August 27th, 2014

"Painting The Stars" is the Adult Faith Formation Program offered on Wonderful Wednesdays at St. Brigit beginning August 27th and continuing on Wednesday evenings at 7pm through October 8th. The title of this  7-week program is based on the quote by Vincent Van Gogh, "When I have a terrible need of – dare I say, 'religion'? – then I go outside at night and paint the stars."

Celebrating the communion of science and faith, Painting the Stars explores the promise of evolutionary Christian spirituality and features over a dozen leading theologians and progressive thinkers. The basic format for each 1-1 1/2 hour session includes conversation around the readings, a 20-minute video presentation and guided discussion. If you are interested in participating in this formation opportunity, and especially if you will need childcare, please send Felicia an e-mail at Click the link below to below to see the Painting the Stars trailer:

2nd Sabbatical Gathering
at the home of Jane Carlson,
August 12th at 7pm

If you were not able to attend the 1st Sabbatical Gathering we hope you will make one of the remaining three. August's gathering will be held in the home of Jane Carlson in Boulder, CO. You should be receiving an Evite to this event scheduled for August 12th at 7pm. At these gatherings you will have the opportunity to hear about the Christian history that gives rise to sabbatical and how its purpose and intent is meant, not just for the health of the clergy, but for the health of the entire congregation. We hope to hear your voice in this conversation and preparation time for sabbatical in summer of 2016. Hope you can join us.
September's Sabbatical Gathering will be held Thursday, September 11th in the home of David and Juanita Redfield in Brighton, CO. More information and your invitation to follow.



The Rev. Felicia SmithGraybeal, Pastor

The Rev. Maureen Beaty, Deacon

St. Brigit Episcopal Church
110 Johnson Street
Frederick, CO  80530

9:30 A.M.

Godly Play for Children
Nursery is provided


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