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We sat down recently - over coffee, of course! - with our friend singer-songwriter David Newman. This autumn, we collaborated with David to develop a new Artist Signature Coffee, inspired by his 10th album Love is Awake. So grab your favorite cuppa joe, and join us for a chat with David...
Where there is delicious coffee prepared with love,
there are unlimited possibilities.

 - David Newman
What inspired you to collaborate with Chapín Coffee to create a signature coffee blend?
A deep respect for Chapín's service in the world, a desire to help feed the poor, a love for music and great coffee, and a creative impulse to merge these two passions of mine. 

You've been a musician, singer, and songwriter for many years, with 11 albums released to date. How did you get your start in the music industry?
After finishing college in 1986, I left Philadelphia for Los Angeles, and spent several years working as a songwriter and music publisher. However, for fifteen years I left music behind first to attend law school, and then to own a yoga center, and teach. My relationship to music blossomed again years later, and I found myself deeply inspired to make music, though with a spiritual orientation. I released my first album in 2003, and have been making music and touring ever since. My music 'career' really started full swing at the age of 40. So, you could say I became a musical gypsy later in life.
I wanted to make music that was spiritually uplifting, but also provocative to one's sense of what's possible in living a fulfilled life. 
The Love is Awake album has such an eclectic mix of sounds. We recognize influences of The Beatles, Paul Simon, and a world music flavor through the many drums and subtle accordion threads. How would you describe the album to someone who's new to your music?
My intention when making Love is Awake was to make a multi layered, genre-bending album. I enlisted two members of Paul Simon's band, Bakithi Kumalo and Jamey Haddad, and an
amazing cast of musicians. I wanted to make music that was spiritually uplifting, but also provocative to one's sense of what's possible in living a fulfilled life. I attempted to reflect that both lyrically and musically, and through a sonic landscape that includes a tapestry of textures, world music grooves, mantra chanting, and carefully crafted songs. I had a lot to say with this album, and wanted to create a wave of sound and energy that would inspire others to think about exploring new vistas in both their inner and outer life.

One of our favorite lyrics from the album is "A shift in perspective / in the collective." We love this because it paints a picture of what we're seeing in the conscious business movement and with people choosing to buy products that empower them to make a social impact. What's your current favorite lyric from the album and why?
I also resonate with those lyrics from 'Shift' as they reflect some deeply powerful and positive changes happening on the planet on many levels. Another favorite of mine is from 'Heart of Hearts': "In your heart of hearts, may you always be, here where you have all you need." I remember Philippo Franchini, my guitarist, coming up to me when I was singing this song in the studio, and saying: "When you sing this, think of Tulsi." Tulsi is my four-year-old daughter, and this is a message that I'd like her to always well as the rest of us!
My not-so-secret, secret is to always listen to my heart for guidance.
You have so many creative projects going simultaneously - writing, recording, touring, teaching, and you also have a beautiful family. What's your secret for balancing everything, and staying connected to your purpose and inspiration?
My not-so-secret, secret is to always listen to my heart for guidance, and to focus on using my creative gifts to uplift others and bring more beauty to the world. The rest is grace!
To listen to David's spirited and uplifting music, go to
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Children in rural Guatemala suffer from the 4th-highest rate of chronic childhood malnutrition in the world. For every bag of coffee sold, Chapín Coffee serves meals to the neediest children there.

To date, we have gifted over 11,000 meals.

Thank you for joining our movement to end the epidemic of childhood malnutrition in Guatemala!
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Image credits - First: Photo courtesy of David Newman. Second: Love is Awake album artwork by Jon Marro. Third: Photo courtesy of David Newman. Fourth: Photo courtesy of Pueblo a Pueblo.
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